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George Romero’s “Empire of the Dead” Confirmed For AMC

Empire of the Dead” artist Arthur Suydam was interviewed recently at the Louisville Wizard World Comic Con where he announced that the Marvel comic, which is written by zombie king George A. Romero, is going to be an AMC program.

This just got signed to AMC. The new big zombie series on AMC is expected to be this one right here,” Suydam told WHAS11.

We reported that the comic was coming to the small screen back in May. Back then it was announced that the, “…series will be written by Romero and longtime partner Peter Grunwald, and executive produced by Romero and Grunwald with Demarest’s Sam Englebardt and William D. Johnson.

The comic series not only focused on the zombie plague but also introduced vampires into the mix. It took place mainly in New York City.

The mini-series took place over 15 issues, which were released starting in January 2014 and ended in August of this year.



  • Razor

    This seems completely unnecessary… 3 zombie shows on one network? Let’s work on getting The Walking Dead to be consistently good before we add yet another zombie show.

    • John

      Milk it till its dead. (Pun intended)

      • John Connor

        And then revitalize it until its undead.

    • CelticBull

      FTWD was constantly good over it’s first season and season 6 of TWD is brilliant so far. My opinion, of course.

      • Razor

        I’ve enjoyed this season of TWD, except last night’s episode, but the show has been wildly inconsistent its entire run.

        • CelticBull

          I agree.

  • J Jett

    so will this be live action or a cartoon zombie show?

    • huntermc

      If it was animated, then that might be interesting. Otherwise, it’s just AMC zombie show #3.

  • David Angle

    Just add a new genre of horror to this channel…Zombies are becoming overkill just like Vampires have became. You’re putting the nail in your own coffin AMC. This feels unnecessary to the max when you have not one but two zombie shows. A third is pushing it.

  • Hash-Slinging Slasher


  • ThunderDragoon

    Adding vampires to the mix will distance it from The Walking Dead stuff. It could be pretty exciting.

  • CelticBull

    I don’t now the comic, but from the above picture I assume Zombies are utilised in that world? Like Figo, or the Shaun ending? Don’t really like that kind of arc..

    • Michael Mc Carthy

      Not really, just for battles ala Land of the Dead. The artwork was just for a cover…

    • Jimmy McGill

      Zombies are used for entertainment in the Empire universe. Outside of that they are just killed off.

  • Bobby Jones

    i hope it’s controlled by different people so it doesn’t have the Walking Dead flavor, let Empire be it’s own entity

  • Michael Mc Carthy

    Has anyone read the comics? Romero essentially retconned the ending of night of the living dead and ripped off Max Brooks who also penned a comic with zombies and vampires. The source material is awful so I wouldn’t expect much from this.

    • Kathleen Duran

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      • Peter Preston

        Sod off.

    • Anthony DeRouen

      Extinction parade was good. Not great, but good enough to finish although the ending was strange. Big Romero fan here. I hope this new series never sees the light. AMC is stupid to create competition for TWD.

  • Jimmy McGill

    Arthur Suydam wasn’t involved in this comic. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    They are likely going to do another miniseries due to one of the characters being a newly turned vampire that was bit by a zombie, thus making them a hybrid.

    • Jesse Avard

      seriously, guy is a dick. met him at a con to buy some art and he just left a sour taste in my mouth

      • Jimmy McGill

        I’ve heard that a lot over the past few months. There are numerous stories of him hijacking other artists reserved tables at cons to put more of his stuff out. Supposedly he just shrugs his shoulders and says oops when creators confront him on it. Some pretty big names have called him out on it. He actually tried to hijack Walt Simonson’s table a few months back. Mr Simonson is an absolute legend & a class act, so it’s absurd that Suydam tried to do it.

    • Dave

      Suydam did the variant cover art for the series.

      • Jimmy McGill

        So? He did some variant art, he wasn’t involved in the creation of the series.

  • Vampire_Mistress

    I am interested to see if this will be any good. You can never have too many zombie shows (my opinion). I didn’t like Fear the Walking Dead at all, the only good episode was the last one and I didn’t like any of the characters! but that’s just my opinion, going to give the second season a chance but if it doesn’t catch my attention in the first 3 episodes, I am done with that show so I am all for another zombie series!

    • J Jett

      Vampire_Mistress, i feel the same way about FEAR THE WALKING DEAD.

      • Samuel Costa

        try Z nation

        • Vampire_Mistress

          I LOVE Z Nation…its so corny but so fun! I am glad they picked it up for a third season. The Characters are fun and really likable in Z Nation.

    • Jimmy McGill

      Fear the Walking Dead was terrible. The characters were irritating. Reuben Blades was great, as usual, but the kids were terrible.

    • Randall Flagg

      The characters were horribly written and they managed even make a great actor like Cliff Curtis boring, and unlikable.

  • Darby_Eternal

    This will never make it to air, sorry.

  • cynic44

    Bought to be shelved.

  • Bigfrog

    The original Dead movies were awesome but this sounds lame like the three Dead movies Romero was part of in the past 15 or so years.

  • More zombies……………………..great

  • Randall Flagg

    If it is going to be more taming zombies then count me out.

  • 1EyeJack

    Ugh. More effin zombies. Die already!

  • GinsuVictim

    Huge Romero fan, but I don’t think this sounds like a good idea.

  • Darth_Siskel

    I stopped reading Empire Of The Dead after the second trade paperback.
    It’s basically Land Of The Dead with a few vampires.
    You expect the guy who reinvented zombies to reinvent vampires. But, no. It’s exactly what you think it is.
    And the art is terrible.

  • Alanmac

    So the guy who hates TWD because it’s “just a soap opera with the occasional zombie” is now gonna have to put his money where his mouth is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Romero fan and have been since I first saw NOTLD back in ’77 but for the guy who made one of the most boring zombie films EVER, (Survival of the Dead), to trash talk someone else’s work, (especially Nicotero’s since he got his start with Romero’s Day back in ’85), is really irritating to me. Hope you can pull this project off the ground George but judging from your last few entries, I’m not holding out much hope.

  • Golic

    what a hack.

  • A.Stanton

    I have to say I am delighted to hear this news, for a couple of reasons. Firstly I love zombies AND vampires. I think they both offer interesting scenarios, come from different ‘worlds’ if you like, ie one from a post-apocalyptic dystopian nightmare, the other from a dark and gloomy underworld co-existing with normality. But also, to see the lone, typically suave vampire who normally sits happily at the top of the pecking (biting) order, unassailable and detached, for once having to consider his own survival, and perhaps being chased by a horde of crazed zombies, leads to all kinds of exciting new possibilities… Clearly a vampire would make short shrift of a single zombie, but a mob of them?
    And the second reason I am so excited is because that is the kind of thinking that lead me to write my own trilogy of post-apocalyptic, dystopian, gothic vampire thrillers / horrors. A nightmare setting with a group of survivors having to deal not only with the incognisant, wrathful infected, but also with a clan of hungry vampires. The first of my trilogy, “Once bitten, Twice Die” by Antony J. Stanton, has just been published on Amazon, straight into Amazon’s top 100, and is already being reviewed by a Hollywood producer with interest to make a film. The next two books due out in 2016. So I wait anxiously to see how George A. Romero will deal with the subject. Bring on the Empire!

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