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Producers Selling Rights to ‘Return of the Living Dead’ Sequel on eBay!

Return of the Living Dead 5 Rave to the Grave via Lionsgate

Someone forked over millions to be the sole owner of the Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin.

Surely nobody is willing to do the same for one of the god-awful Return of the Living Dead sequels.

The producers of Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave are selling the rights to their 2005 disappointment in an eBay auction, which is a great stunt for free press, but equally as embarrassing.

The filmmakers claim to be selling the rights due to their inability to store the 35mm film-materials, which includes all laboratory pre-print materials and including brand new prints.

If someone decides to purchase the rights to Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave it will be like purchasing several broken down 1992 Honda Civics and then figuring out where to store them.

In addition, the post hilariously points out that several international territories have been unsold – I guess they chose to not sell the territories in case they one day decided to sell the film on eBay?

For me, there’s a fun experiment hiding in this sale: if someone were to have expendable cash, it would be interesting to see if they could use the footage to edit together a better movie. Although, I’m not sure polishing a turd is worth the energy…

Anyways, the $50k asking price doesn’t include shipping, making this post even more comical. Tomorrow I plan on giving thanks for the eBay listing’s existence. It definitely made my week!

Oh, and if for whatever reason one of you dear readers buy this hunk of scrap metal, please contact us and explain why.



  • Sarah Parker

    Thanks for that hilarious trailer. Why oh why does anyone do drugs in a horror movie?

  • Df

    All I want is for scream factory to release rotd 2 and 3 on blu ray. That’s it

  • Dirk

    Great movie.

  • Doesn’t Lionsgate own the rights to this film,as well as Parts 3 and 4 ?

  • wehoaks

    Man talk about someone out to swindle…

  • Jeremy Wade

    that movie was terrible. 4 was ok but that’s it.

  • Brett Wolfe

    Part 4: Necropolis, is also for sale. Can’t see how that missed this article.

  • Brett Wolfe

    What pissed me off more than anything (I mean, let’s be honest, Part II was pretty pathetic as well) was that these parts 4 & 5 retconned the “unkillable” aspect, and said “shoot them in the head” and suddenly, that killed trioxin zombies, even when that was a clear no-no in the first three films. Made me wonder if dude even watched the first three…or even original.

    • Waveboy

      Agreed. That’s what made the zombies in ROTLD so unique, not even a bullet to the head could kill them, not even slicing off their heads. scorching the body until it’s nothing but ashes was the only way(unless you count electrocution in ROTLD II), but even then the smoke/gas/whatever from their ashes would resurrect the dead from a grave yard ‘if’ there was a possibility of rainy weather 😛

      Let’s face it, the zombies in ROTLD were BEASTS.

    • RawBeard

      I love the first two Return of the Living Dead films, yes the second one isn’t as good as the first but has some great moments. It’s 3 onwards that for me have bitterly disappointing.

      • Gadriel

        ROTLD 3 for me is the best of the sequels – and a fantastic stand alone zombie movie in it’s own right.
        I was a little surprised that the humour was gone in that one, but at least it still kinda followed the rules of the previous entries. Unlike the God-awful 4 and 5.

    • Gadriel

      I haven’t watched 4 and 5 in years, and that did piss me off that it seemed that the zombies could be killed so easily now.
      Was it a different version of Tri-oxin in the later sequels? If so, this could be used as an explanation.
      I do remember a few years back the writer, or director, came out and apologized about the mess the films turned into, and explained it was all down to studio interference that fucked the movies up – as he originally intended them to be more like the original movie.

  • i love this cheesefest

  • Waveboy

    1(especially), 2 and 3 are worth owning, but those other two sequels were garbage….But they were still more enjoyable than a lot of lame Hollywood summer flicks like world War Z 😉

    • Kaijudude

      Lol ! that’s actaully pretty true.

  • Kaijudude

    Honestly , i’d buy it just to say i own it . Owning one of the worst in the series has gotta be good for something.

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