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Freddy’s Glove Appeared in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’!

Remember in A Nightmare on Elm Street when Nancy was trying to stay awake so she watched Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead? Or how about when Freddy’s glove appeared in Evil Dead II. From what I understand and what I’ve heard, this back-and-forth between Sam Raimi and Wes Craven was essentially a game of one-upsmanship to try and create the scarier movie. Essentially, it was a dick measuring contest but in rather a friendly manner.

Well, it seems that this tradition has continued as the season finale of the horror comedy series “Ash vs Evil Dead” hid Freddy’s razor glove in the fruit cellar of the cabin where the last few episodes took place.

Below is a photo that shows the glove on the wall, although it seems to be missing the actual razors. Still, there’s no denying that what you’re seeing is the weapon of the Springwood Slasher!

"Ash vs Evil Dead"

“Ash vs Evil Dead”

'Evil Dead 2'

‘Evil Dead 2’

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  • Bobby Jones

    i saw the glove, but thought i was seeing things

  • Is it just me or are the knife claws missing?

    • Bill Agans

      That’s exactly what it says in the article.

      • Swear that was added in not long ago

  • TH3J4CK4L

    Of course they couldn’t put the claws or they’d have the stuffing sued out of them

    • GG

      copy/pasted from another comment: “AntmanX • 2 days ago

      The claw aopears a second time as Ash gets further into the basement and you can clearly see that claws are attached.”

      • TH3J4CK4L

        Is there visual proof? I wonder who put money into the show because isn’t the glove still trademarked by New Line Cinema or whoever owns it now.

    • GG

      and I confirm it’s true.

  • Blade

    Freddy vs Ash confirmed lol

    That would be really cool though, just imagine Bruce as Ash and Englund as Freddy having a back and forth lol these two would clash perfectly IMO. The Freddy vs Jason vs Ash comics were pretty cool but I think a Freddy vs Ash movie would be killer.

  • I have to admit when I saw Ash return to the cabin the first thought I had was I hope the glove is there! … they did such a great job re-creating the cabin set that I was sure it would show up, and it did! .. a moment of joy!

    The finale was pretty amazing.. best episode of the season.. I just wish the episodes were longer, or the season was longer ..

  • Frank Popp Jr.

    When Wes Craven made the Hills Have eyes, at one point you can see a Jaws poster in the RV. The Evil dead camp interpreted that as Wes saying, “As scary as Jaws is, it’s only a movie.. and this is the real deal”. So in Evil Dead, they had a “Hills Have eyes” poster torn in the basement… Then in Nightmare on Elm Street, Nancy is watching the trailer for Evil Dead… and the game continued between the two directors.
    It was really cool to see the Freddy Glove in the Ash Vs The Evil Dead season finale… but kind of bitter sweet as with Wes Cravens passing, the game ends with that episode.

  • The claw aopears a second time as Ash gets further into the basement and you can clearly see that claws are attached.

  • GG

    Saw it.

  • NYJ

    The Necrnomicon is in Friday the 13th pt 9

  • Dana Bowen

    Did no one else notice the bloated ghost that appears right before this looks an awful lot like a drowned Jason Vorhees?

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