There's an "Avalanche of Demons" in the New 'Doom' - Bloody Disgusting
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There’s an “Avalanche of Demons” in the New ‘Doom’



I can’t say that I’ve ever wondered what the official term might be for a group of demons. It’d have to be considerably more frightening than a murder of crows, more memorable than a prickle of porcupines, and more intimidating than a plague of locusts. If you’re thinking a legion of demons sounds about perfect right now, I’d like to toss out an alternative before we make it official.

How about… an avalanche?

I know, right? That right there is a terrifying combination of words. Don’t go repeating them until we know what kind of power they might have. I’m going to run at some people screaming “It’s an avalanche of demons!” with a horrified look on my face to see what happens. Stay tuned.

Actually, while you’re waiting for my very scientific experiment to run its course, you might be interested in learning more about id Software’s latest Doom reboot. For example, did you know the game displays the number of enemies on-screen not with numbers, but with terms like “avalanche” and “bloodbath”? You probably didn’t, but now you do.

You may also be interested in knowing that the iconic BFG isn’t being treated like the game’s other weapons, but rather as a “panic button” that can be deployed should you find yourself surrounded by an avalanche of demons.

These are just a few of the details we gleaned from the latest issue of Game Informer (made easily digestible by NeoGAF). Doom releases later this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.