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Tour a Murder House in the ‘P.T.’ Inspired ‘Visage’

As sure as I am that Silent Hills is dead, there’s still a whispery voice in the back of my head that sometimes wonders if all of it was another of Kojima’s elaborate ruses. When I write about P.T.-inspired horror games like Allison Road, I’m reminded of a line from the very beginning of P.T. that asked, “Are you sure the only you is you?”

That’s an existentially intriguing string of words to see in the teaser for a game that would get thrown away, then have its identity divvied up among a handful of spooky games I now refer to as “P.T.-inspired” because that’s fast and makes immediate sense, whereas “photorealistic first-person haunted house simulator” is like, four words too many.

The point is, I’d really like to tell you about this P.T.-inspired horror game called Visage.

Set inside a ginormous home with lovely high ceilings and woefully narrow hallways, Visage comes across as a more straightforward “successor” to P.T.. Apparently, a bunch of families were murdered in the house you’ve chosen to tour, at night, alone, and now it’s up to you to figure out why anyone would want to ruin those pristine walls with the blood of their loved ones.

It’s not the “first horror game in which most of the events are randomly activated” that it claims to be — Matt Cohen did it in 2012 with Paranormal — but I absolutely support their using it for inspiration. There’s room left for another Paranormal, especially when that game comes with virtual reality support so we can better appreciate the talents of Jarek Kubicki, an artist whose works will be featured in the game.

Visage is aiming for a release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, assuming the Kickstarter campaign its developer is about to launch ends up being successful.




  • SpaceManSpliffz .

    wow this is a gorgeous game. hope it supports psvr when it comes out!!

  • Brodequin

    Sweet, VR support. To enjoy it, all we need is to spent only €700 (plus tax and shipping) for RidOculus Rift and little bit more for essential PC upgrades. Cool, isn’t???

  • KLD

    Playstation VR would be great. When is the Kickstarter beginning?

    • SadSquare Studio

      Hi, KLD.

      This is Jonathan speaking, one of the developers at SadSquare Studio, the makers of Visage. The Kickstarter will be launching next week.

      Follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@SadsquareStudio) for the latest updates. We’ll be announcing the Kickstarter launch there, so you’ll know as soon as it begins.

  • Quackmaster Black

    As somebody who didn’t get all the love for Allison Road, for me this is how you do a PT love letter.

    • SadSquare Studio

      Hi, Quackmaster Black.

      This is Jonathan, one of the developers at SadSquare Studio, the makers of Visage. Thank you for seeing in our Visage preview “a PT love letter.” As huge fans of P.T. ourselves, we take this as a tremendous compliment. We’ll do our absolute best to live up to this expectation.

      We have a new extended gameplay trailer coming next week, showing much more of the game, so stay tuned! You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates.

  • You could say Amnesia Inspired, because that’s what this and PT are. And shame on you for no mention of Layers of Fear.

    • Brodequin

      And Silent Hill 4: The Room which was obvious inspiration for Silent Hills

      • Yup. This style specifically has been festering and improving on PC for years and other games fiddled with it. People need to stop giving Kojima and PT credit for something that had been done for years by others before PT and is being done by others after. Everywhere I look anyone involved with sony is getting undeserved credit and praise for being “new and original” when they are really just wallowing in mediocrity and copying things others already did. It’s silly.

        • Brodequin

          Well, i have to disagree. Silent Hills was very much new and original, in its specific areas.

          • No it wasn’t. The only thing PT did that others on PC before it didn’t was have the higher end graphics, and even that is just a product of timing as the games coming after it are catching up. Layers Of Fear is pretty close to that visual fidelity….but that’s a full size game that’s not finished yet, not a demo. PT was not original in any way gameplay wise. It’s likely he saw or plaued those kind of games on PC and copied it. Only ignorant people that have only experience PT and none of what came before can find it original. That or those willfully lying about it because they love PS/Kojima.

          • Brodequin

            That is your opinion. I have different one in this matter. It is not about graphics or fps game style.
            No game before have used looping as it was in PT.

            Btw: calling others ignorants only because of different taste and feeling about things is not ok…

          • #1: Being wrong is not the same thing as having a different opinion.

            #2: Vanish, SCP Containment Breach, Amnesia, and quite a few others have used similar looping mechanics in levels and experiences before PT, which was a single “level” demo.

            So no. PT is just the casual awakening to the kind of horror experiences that have been available for years.


          • Brodequin

            I rest my case

          • I would hope you rest it, since you’re wrong. It’d be silly to keep riding opinion versus reality. Good day.

          • Brodequin

            Good night.
            One thing: Opinion is like asshole and everyone has his own, not yours…


            Here ya go. Most of these came out before PT. It’s not original.

          • SdotJr

            So you say “shame on you” for no mention of Layers of Fear, then go on a rant about how PT doesn’t deserve its credit. You praise Layers of Fear, yet that game was a direct inspiration from PT; so inspired that it STOLE and used the exact same cutscene when the player gets “killed” by the ghost/villain. Even used the EXACT same camera work after the player wakes back up from the “kill”. Furthermore, what makes Amnesia an inspiration for PT? Two totally different games. Are you implying that because they are 2 horror with first-person view? I haven’t found much similarity between the two.
            PT deserves credit, not only for its visuals, but because it literally knocked players out of the box with its intriguing story-telling, puzzles, and “layers of fear” that it brought upon its players; all this in one little looped hallway of a demo. It was excited because it was a surprise campaign for one of, if not, the best horror video game franchises of all time; which made us crave for what’s to come in the future for Silent Hills.
            You may disagree, but don’t use bitterness as a means to prove that you and only your opinion are correct.

          • Maybe do a little more research and actualy see these games on PC before you make idiotic statements like that. PT fits directly in line with “defensless” horror games that involve running/avoiding threats and puzzle solving in first person as opposed to fighting. The “spooky place simulator” was not born of PT, as much as you want it to be amazing and unique it simply is not. Only a person ignorant of the long history of these games on PC feels the way you do.

          • SdotJr

            Ummm, I played PC horror games enough to know what I’m talking about. Once again, you have provided no examples of anything to prove your point; it comes off as bitter. So what, PT falls in line with other “defense-less” games; is that why you mad?? Lol. You’re still not giving any good reason as to why PT doesn’t deserve its credit, as I’ve already layed out several reasons why I feel it does. It’s okay though, I rest my case; your intellect level comes off as less than smart, with a whiney little-boy syndrome mixed in too. Carry on…

          • You typed this whole thing before you even went to that link I provided that proves me right, didn’t you? Idiot. STFU and go spread your ignorance somewhere else. Crybaby.

          • SdotJr

            I didn’t need to click on a link of a list of games that SOMEONE ELSE provided; of which, I either played or watched full playthroughs of 90% of those games, as I already stated. So that was what you came up with? You’re either lazy or cannot comprehend basic English language because you still FAILED to answer the original question, which was why do you feel that PT doesn’t deserve the credit it’s received? Pasting a link of games “similar” to PT doesn’t answer the question. As a matter of fact, the author of that blog article even praised PT and gave it an immense amount of credit; you’re making yourself look really “smart” buddy. There’s really no such thing as an 100% original idea. And no one even said ANYTHING about PT being the 1st haunted house game; it was you who brought that up. So what exactly are you arguing about? What PT did was take an idea, made a theme around it, and conceptualized it into a high quality product (like other games). I don’t understand where you’re getting this whole “PT isn’t the first” argument from. Duh, we know that. And it won’t be the last. If you don’t like the game, fine, but it isn’t correct to say that it doesn’t deserve credit or hasn’t made a major impact on horror gaming. PT made history as being one of the scariest, most exciting, horror games/concepts/demos ever. Deal with it!

          • You are completely delusional and full of crap. I don’t care what the developer says. If they are inspired by PT then they didn’t play those games either or are really just inspired by the interest PT brought by being a good example of an established gameplay style. You can bitch and cry all you want about wanting to pile credit on PT because you are a drone and ignore all the developers and games that put the real work into the genre, but facts are facts.

            FACT: PT was not original or any more incredible than similar games in anything but graphics and it doesn’t deserve to be treated like it is.

            If you refuse to accept that, sucks for you. All you are doing is making excuses for being a delusional fanboy…probably a Kojima or Sony humper.

          • SdotJr

            LOL ok so now the developers are wrong too, haha. You are hilarious! There’s no room for intellect in your little thick skull I see, and you’re the only one in this thread who has no logic at all. I’m done with entertaining you, bye bye!

          • Learn to read, idiot. I didn’t say wrong. The writer here stated it was out of laziness that PT is the main mention. The developer below said thanks to a fan, nothing about PT being the main or only inspiration. You can’t seem to comprehend anything you read, all you see is what you want instead of reality.

            Please, stay gone. You’re too damn stupid to argue anything.

          • Allan Edmonds

            Suck my balls, loser.

          • No thanks, I don’t like raisins.

          • Allan Edmonds

            My balls + your mouf = ecstasy

          • So, you’re so mad you want to be gay with me? That’s odd. Have fun with that fantasy.

          • Allan Edmonds

            Hold my L.

          • SdotJr

            LOL, says the dummy who’s on here arguing with everyone just to have the last word. You are digging yourself deeper and deeper. Keep it up, loser! Lmao

          • Two people is “everyone” now? You’re the only one digging a hole. For yourself. Because you’re stupid.

            Sucks for you, loser.


            You are wrong. PT is not original in anyhing but production value. Enlighten yourself and cast off the ignorance. My “opinion” is fact.

  • Call this genre Horror Simulation. It’s fitting and it’s nice and short for you lazy people. So you don’t have to continually bring up only one game (PT) and act like it’s the ultimate one and only.

    • Allan Edmonds

      Shut up, douche.

  • What other games were you inspired by? PT seem to be the token reference these days, but there is more out there. What else inspired you?

  • D R A G O N

    Is there going to be a Demo??

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