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‘Death Race 2050’: Universal Remaking Roger Corman’s ‘Death Race 2000’

An “outrageous action-packed” film and reboot of the original Death Race 2000, Roger Corman’s Death Race 2050 began filming February 8 in Peru, Bloody Disgusting just learned.

G.J. Echternkamp, who starred in Lionsgate’s incredibly suspenseful Hard Candy, directs this latest reboot that’s said to be “filled with the full-throttle mayhem and black-hearted humor.”

This all-new film drops the flag on a phalanx of automotive gladiators who earn points for killing pedestrians — and their fellow drivers.

Roger Corman’s Death Race 2050 stars Manu Bennett (pictured in 30 Days of Night, The Hobbit franchise) as Frankenstein, as well as Malcolm McDowell (Halloween, A Clockwork Orange) as the Chairman, Burt Grinstead (“NCIS”), Marci Miller (Viper), Folake Olowofoyeku (The Beaver), Anessa Ramsey (Southbound, The Signal, Footloose), Yancy Butler (Hard Target) and Charlie Farrell (Cantar).

“In the not-too-distant future, America is controlled by an all-powerful corporate government that keeps the masses placated with violent virtual-reality entertainment. The event of the year is the Death Race, where a motley assortment of drivers compete in a cross-country road race, scoring points for running down pedestrians and killing each other. The reigning champion and popular favorite is half-man, half-machine Frankenstein — but little does he know he’s taken on a rebel spy as his co-pilot.”

The film is directed by G.J. Echternkamp from a script by Matt Yamashita (Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda) and G.J. Echternkamp, and produced by Roger Corman (Death Race 2000) and Luis Llosa (Anaconda).

In the decades since well-known independent film pioneer and Academy Award winner Roger Corman first put the iconic anti-hero Frankenstein into the driver’s seat in Death Race 2000, this over-the-top cult classic has hurtled headlong toward cinematic immortality. Among the most enduring of the prolific producer’s legion of memorable films, Death Race 2000 has inspired a growing fan base that continues to propel the popular franchise as it marks the 40th anniversary of its original release.

“This is an amazing opportunity for me and millions of Death Race 2000 fans to experience the intensity, thrills and dark humor of the original, fueled by a terrific young cast, spectacular vehicles and side-splitting action, literally” said Corman, the trailblazing writer, director and producer. “Roger Corman’s Death Race 2050 puts the pedal to the metal to bring this enduring franchise to a whole new level.”

Roger Corman’s Death Race 2050 is an original release from Universal 1440 Entertainment, a production entity of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. The film will be available exclusively on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD in 2016.



  • zombie84_41

    LOL ok. How about we start to remake all the sci-fi movies from the 50’s and 60’s that be great.

    • Rezzzz

      I totally agree about doing remakes from those era’s…..I really want a The Stuff remake or even better a sequel done!

    • Gadriel

      How about The Thing, The Fly and The Blob!
      No, wait….. 😉

      THEM! could possibly be reworked into a modern setting, perhaps set in the middle-east where a rogue terrorist organisation are experimenting with dirty bombs, and something goes wrong……

      Would I like a remake/sequel to The Stuff?
      Well, enough is never enough…..

      • the usual suspect

        I would watch a THEM! remake for sure, good call!

      • zombie84_41

        that would be dope though. i would like to see the stuff remade. or street thrash how about they remake Q or Super Mario Bros

        • Gadriel

          Q could be a good remake with modern tech.

          • zombie84_41

            i think it could given the right writers and director and not to much CGI and since hollywood loves to trend and be trendy it could be R too.

  • Khy

    I’m low key excited. I even liked the low budget DTV sequels from a few years ago and the 2008 movie.

    • Mightygil

      I’m definitely a fan of the Jason Statham one, haven’t checked out the sequels though

      • Khy

        2 was pretty enjoyable. I still need to see 3.

      • Gadriel

        You should – it’s a pretty good trilogy.
        I’m surprised that it wasn’t ever considered to be a tv show, as the concept could work.

  • Gadriel

    So this new one is a sequel to the original movie? Cool, why the hell not?
    If the original I Spit On Your Grave can get a sequel after it’s remakes had (at the last count) 2 sequels…….

  • Werewolf

    I wish the Paul Chihara soundtrack to the original would get a vinyl release.

  • TH3J4CK4L

    If its a sequel to the original then I’m on board . if its a sequel to the terrible remakes then I can’t see it being good. It needs to go back to its roots and involve a world race with Pedestrian deaths and dark humour.

  • alwayswipetwice

    The original is priceless, but the remake was great fun!

  • concerned citizen

    “violent virtual-reality entertainment” – in what way can the Death Race ever be described as virtual reality?

  • RawBeard

    As a Jason Statham fan I watched his take on Death Race and Transporter 3 as part of a double bill film night.

    Death Race was ok but lacking and Transporter 3 was rubbish but I liked the idea of him being bomb tagged to his car so he couldn’t be more than a certain distance away from it. This idea should have introduced in the Death Race remake and have the film go across America using Prisons dotted across the country as Pit Stops, if drivers decide to abandon their vehicles and escape they blow up.

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