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‘Halloween’: Could Michael Myers End Up On Television?!


Now that Dimension Films has lost the rights to Halloween, what’s next for Michael Myers and company?

We’ve been trying to find out where he may land, and have some ideas, but there’s also a potential television series in the works, an unconfirmed source tells Fangoria.

The site alleges that a television reboot of Halloween would be a “limited series event,” with the option being restricted to a 3-to-5 season commitment akin to Guillermo del Toro’s TV adaptation of “The Strain.”

Does this mean we shouldn’t expect a refresher of the Halloween film franchise? According to their source, things haven’t gone as planned, and that’s why a television series is the new focal point for the producers/rights holders:

“These developments are fairly new in nature, and Trancas International Pictures is still fielding offers from production entities regarding bringing Halloween to the big screen. However, as budget horror becomes a more and more of a rarity in Hollywood, Halloween‘s studio search might not have gone as smoothly as planned as Malek Akkad & Trancas still aim to keep up the franchise’s costly, old-school production value; in other words, a micro-budget, day-and-date Halloween film might be off-the-table, which could give way to a Halloween series that could carry that cinematic production value.”

Right now a “Friday the 13th” series is in development at CW, while MTV is now filming their second season of Wes Craven’s “Scream.”

And with horror taking over television, why wouldn’t a network or cabler take a chance on a franchise as huge as Halloween? The name itself has got to be worth millions of viewers.

But we shouldn’t get too excited, yet, as this has yet to be confirmed, not to mention nothing is imminent.

With that said, how cool would it be to see Michael Myers resurrected on the small screen? Or, what if they decided to take it in the direction of Halloween 3 and tell a different story each season?

No matter, the character of Michael Myers ended up being (overly) rich in mythology…and with the rise in popularity of true-crime television, doesn’t it make a lot of sense to do a series based on the most terrifying killer of them all?!

What do you guys think?




  • Dee

    Hell, why not.

  • Steve Dustcircle

    I say Go for it, but don’t do the Michael Myers’ adult perspective. Do the coming of age, inside the asylum all those years, or something different (like HIII)

  • Billy Muir

    While it’d be cool to see a genuinely scary horror tv show, I think they should just keep it as Michael. If AHS has taught us anything, it’s that anthology series can end up being both hit & miss and more hassle than they’re worth.

  • RidleyScott

    Nah. I got the solution.

  • If they need help with ideas, I’ve got a great one brewing in my head!

    • Meisha’s Taint

      Let’s hear it!

      • I can’t, afraid I’ll be mocked to death and it is a VERY, VERY unpopular turn of events. Mockumentary. Yep. Very unpopular but my idea needs to ‘horror legend’ to work

      • Hanzo Hasashi

        They need to give Michael Myers the batman treatment. No more back story’s, put us right into the middle of it. Have Michael Myers a full blown supernatural entity in haddonfield. The town will be in constant fear since Mike is always picking off it’s civilians and the law enforcement can’t ever get their hands on him.

        Dr. Loomis would be the only one who’s ever close to getting Michael Myers, but he’s constantly slipping through his hands.

        These are just the main points of what I think they could do in a reboot. Obviously it still needs a main group of people to focus on..(i.e, High school kids who can’t ever go out and party or have fun because someones always showing up dead.

        • Meisha’s Taint

          I love that idea. Not just Loomis or a handful of people that know about him, but rather the entire town goes to bed at night knowing that Myers is out there somewhere.

          Kinda reminds me of “The Son Of Sam” killer that reeked so much havoc women would dye their hear and change the way the lived their lives for fear they could be next.

          Kids have curfews at night, adults are scared to leave the house……only people out would be burglars, the homeless and stoned teenagers breaking curfew……a slashers smorgasbord!

          • Hanzo Hasashi


  • David

    Lame idea. Only way it’ll work is for Halloween is on Showtime, Stars, HBO (shit like that). If it goes to FX, AMC, or any other channels like that… R.I.P

  • The Almighty Foust


  • Hanzo Hasashi

    Perfect. It’s better than the sucky movie Dimension was about to put out anyways. Let Halloween have its own tv show on AMC or something until someone gets a hold of the movie rights. I see nothing wrong with this.

  • wehoaks


    ALso MALEK IS A DOPE. I can only imagine what he is demanding from studios/production companies during negotiations.

    • Hanzo Hasashi

      I’ve heard about Malek; on the other hand I’m surprised you’re not condemning this news yet. Lol

      • wehoaks

        I think a show could be intriguing and excellent if handled absolutely correctly. With the series in Malek’s hand that is HIGHLY unlikely.

        • Hanzo Hasashi

          Agreed. I’m interested to see what they’re planning, if this is true.

        • Sweet Reaper

          I think a lot of the problems with the horror genre is that the studios get their dirty hands in there and try to change things during production which takes away from the directors/writers original vision, I will admit there have been a few times that the changes have worked for the better. There are many movies that could have be really great had the studio not interfered or changed the ending or pivotal scenes, or added lame jump scares, or even in post when the studio decides to cut out or totally transform scenes that are important to the plot. They will never learn and for some reason they seem totally blind to it and that hurts my heart as an avid horror fan.

          • wehoaks

            Well as long as Malek Akkad is in control of Halloween the series will most likely be shitty.

  • Geno1987

    It would be a lot more interesting if they did a tv show of Freddy Krueger’s life story.

    • Darth_Siskel

      Hmm…the story of a man who has to maintain a steady job, family life & being an upstanding member of the community. Whilst at the same time being a mass-murdering paedophile…COULD work, but I think it’d be too much for some.

  • Creepshow

    Yup Yup. This…sounds…brilliant!
    They can’t make a movie with any of these slashers. But they want to make a series out of it? Sorry, the math doesn’t add up. Can’t make a 90 min film, but someone thinks they can write a whole season for cable. I call Bullshit.

  • Nathan Bradley

    At least micro budget is off the table.

    • Meisha’s Taint

      Generally the more money that goes in, the worst the horror movie tends to be……

      • Bill Agans


  • Meisha’s Taint

    It all depends on what channel it’s on. HBO or FX then hell yeah bring it on they have a great track record, AMC…could be good maybe but MTV or CW like the new Friday the 13th than fuck off they will just mess it up and then it will be even longer till we get another Halloween movie

    Any channel that thinks they have any say in the finished product or will try to censor it and keep things PG-13ish will ruin it it’s that simple we will not support it.

    GIVE THEM 100% creative freedom or don’t bother! There is a reason why FX,HBO,AMC and channels like that have so many hits it’s because the let artists do what they want

    • Evan3

      Creative freedom isn’t always a good thing. Terry Gilliam to Steven Spielberg have all mucked things up with creative freedom.

      • Meisha’s Taint

        What does that have to do with study groups/censorship messing up horror movies?????

        I’m not sure if I subscribe to the idea that artist shouldn’t have creative freedom because Steven Spielberg once “mucked” something up……

  • Brey Compton Arriaga

    Jeez, if they’re telling a different story each season, that would be ok, but having the story of Michael Myers kept alive in each season, that would be harsh, so let’s see where this goes, I RATHER A NEW HALLOWEEN FILM, hope they won’t fuck it up (yn)

  • Khy

    I threw up in my mouth while reading this.

    • Gadriel

      I also through up in your mouth while reading it – sorry about that!

      • Khy


        • Gadriel

          Hey, we all how our thing.
          Mine just happens to be Japanese vomit porn.


          *****quietly backs out of the room, with finger down throat******


  • Evan3

    I enjoy TV. And it has done wonders for some horror. American Horror Story had it’s moments and really could only have been done on TV. Obviously, Walking Dead has ambled along generally well with the time TV affords. Penny Dreadful is dreadfully great. I have high hopes for Damien given that his lore, rise to power, etc. are all things that could be greatly explored with a TV series.

    But Halloween doesn’t need it. It simply does not need the fleshed out world that TV provides. Zombie essentially proved this with his well-intentioned (but horribly bungled) Halloween remake. Giving context to the Shape denies it the power that made it an icon in the first place.

  • Adam Clifton

    I’d rather a film series of Halloween. Get your act together Trancas

  • Flu-Like Symptoms


  • Stoibs

    Just please don’t.

  • ~Adam~


  • John Connor

    All I know is that Halloween Returns sounded fucking awful and I’m glad that its not happening.

  • John Connor

    I wouldn’t mind if they brought Laurie Strode back after faking her death in Resurrection. She teams up with Tommy Doyle (Jamie Lee Curtis and Paul Rudd) to find and stop Michael Myers. Like Dr. Loomis before them, Laurie and Tommy track Michael for years, eventually creating a little cult/club of Myers hunters which might include her son, John.

    Suddenly she discovers her daughter, Jamie Lloyd, is still alive (Danielle Harris). The emotions for Laurie will be unbearable. Jamie might guilt trip her for leaving. But eventually, Jamie fudges details and Laurie realizes that its not really Jamie, revealing her to be a mechanization by Silver Shamrock, an android implanted to gain information from Laurie Strode, opening her up to trusting her deepest vulnerability.

    Silver Shamrock cult now has Michael and all of his remaining bloodline. They will be able to perform the ultimate ritual that will ensure their survival from the dark spirits once and for all.

    Something like that.

    (That Halloween movie in Season Of The Witch was just a film dramatization made to portray the events of that night he came home).

    I also have a solid, fleshed out summary for Halloween III (follow up to Rob Zombie’s Halloween II theatrical).

    • Evan3

      If you have a solid, fleshed out summary for a Rob Zombie film, it would be the first time such a thing ever existed.

  • Darth_Siskel

    I’m not sure if it’d work on TV.
    A little of Myers goes a long way.
    Recently we’ve found that television is best for things like superheroes. Because comics are all about long story arcs & character enrichment.
    But Michael Myers…I’m not sure if less is more with him.

  • Gadriel

    I immediately thought that if it were to be a tv show, then it would be better suited to a Tales From The Crypt style anthology show, but all based in Haddonfield.
    The cult of Thorn could be behind many different “horrors” aside from Myers, and could be linked easily to the events of H3, with Cochran being just one of many cult members with differing plans to being about a PERMANENT festival of Samhain.
    With an interwoven anthology series, Myers can viably show up from time to time – perhaps in some episodes hidden in the background, like in certain scenes from the original movie.

    No origin of Michael though – that’s been (badly) done.
    But perhaps have an episode showing how the Celts first arrived in what would become Haddonfield hundreds of years back fleeing persecution , and have some episodes dealing with them being accused of Witchcraft, and cursing the land forever…….

    • Darnell

      that just made me puke in my mouth..

      Please for the love of God, no celts, druids, curse of thorn, witches etc…I would rather have nothing than that shit again.

  • anthonyd1

    I want another movie!! I don’t want a TV Series. Please New Line Cinema, Lionsgate, or some movie studio please pick up this beloved franchise before it gets ruined on TV.

  • Graham

    A mini series might work. But otherwise, no thanks. I know that many consider us to be in something of a renaissance of horror on TV, but in my opinion, the horror shows that are actually decent are very few and far between, with most being convoluted and tonally all over the place (AHS, Scream Queens, Scream, etc.) Horror, especially a slasher, cannot be sustained for more than three or four episodes. And in that case, just make a movie.

    • Evan3

      Walking Dead? Penny Dreadful? Dexter? Twilight Zone? Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Hell man, Twilight Zone is probably the best show ever made (suck it Walt White).

      • Graham

        I was talking more about current shows, and Walking Dead and Penny Dreadful might be the two exceptions. Scream, Scream Queens, AHS…in my opinion, less than stellar writing. But I totally agree that great horror HAS been done on TV before (i.e. the Twilight Zone), I just don’t have much faith in contemporary producers to deliver it.

        • Evan3

          Fair enough.

  • Blade

    No no no no and no. The Scream show sucked to me, and I would hate to see Halloween get rebooted and turn it into some lame drama series with a hint of horror every other episode (Scream)

    I can see it working for FT13th and it still be good, but I don’t think it would work as well for Halloween. I can just picture it being way too drawn out, tons of filler, and not enough Michael. Just make another movie lol

  • Sir Sigh-A-Lot

    I don’t want this. I do want a Nightmare On Elm Street series, though.

  • diapers

    Hells no. Granted TV ain’t what it used to be, but screw episodic treatment of any of the greats.

  • Halloween_Vic

    HELL FUCKING NOOOO!!!!!! Why would you even consider this a good idea or something that could work??? NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Halloween is not meant to be on the ”small screen”, and why the fuck would you follow the direction of Halloween 3 which does not even include Michael?? This is bullshit and they are fucking stupid if they do this and I officially would be destroyed, being that Halloween is my most favorite franchise and Michael Myers is the reason why I love horror movies and this idea is fucking disgraceful. Yes I’m pissed about hearing this, even tho it’s not confirmed based on the lack of info lately and being that F13th has a series in the works I’m not surprised by this to be honest. But helll noooo fuck no!!! Make a new film, sell the rights to a company like Lionsgate, Blumhouse, New Line and deliver some new refreshing, amazing films to bring the franchise back to life!!! A fucking TV show? Is this really the new trend? I mean theirs just some things that don’t need to follow a trend and a Halloween TV show is definitely not the way to go. PLEASE GOD NO!!!!!! Who ever even considered this should get slapped because thats fucking dumb!

  • Маразм Клинический


  • Khy

    Ok, here’s what I really think. I do think the slasher formula CAN work as a series. I really do think it can. But mostly as a series that you binge watch like something on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime, but not as a weekly series. I just don’t think weekly series are the best way to go with these shows. It’s no wonder why both Scream and Scream Queens did terribly in the broadcast ratings but did almost 100% better On Demand or when the episodes went up online- People were able to watch them at their own leisure. With Scream Queens, I think I stopped and just waited until the last six episodes had aired and then I watched them straight through in one sitting. That’s for me is the magic right there. But watching once a week? Fuck that. I don’t think slashers are meant for that.

    Now, as far as Halloween goes…I just don’t really think this can be done correctly. I wouldn’t want an anthology series because to me- The Shape IS Halloween. If you just have a series that is only based around the holiday part of me will wonder what’s the point in the first place if you’re not going to go with the person who EVERYONE will be tuning into see- Michael Myers? You’ll just have an anthology series with the name of “HALLOWEEN” that probably won’t gather any interest from mainstream audiences that goes further than “Oh dude they made Halloween a TV show! Let’s watch! Oh, Nvm, No Michael, bye!”.

    But then doing it as a straight up slasher with Michael would be an abomination if put on a network like MTV or even CW. I mean the writers for the F13 show on the CW seem like great guys and the CW has come along way since their “90120, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill” days (Vampire Diaries and The Originals can get pretty nasty at times) but I still don’t think they’re the network for F13. I think if you want to make things like Halloween, or Scream, or Friday into WEEKLY SERIES then there’s a very long discussion that needs to be had- you have to find that right network that will let it be what it is and nothing more. Starz is doing that with ASH VS Evil Dead and while I’m not a fan of the show- I appreciate that.

    But I’m betting that long discussion won’t be had, and Halloween will probably be watered down and thrown on the Disney Chanel or something random lol . Hopefully this ship is abandoned before it takes off lol.

    • wehoaks

      Exactly right.

  • Jax King

    as long as it has michael myers in it and its dark as fuck then hell yah go for it

  • DarkBree

    No, I don’t want a TV show. I wanna see Michael on the big screen.

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    No. Scream was god awful enough

  • Captain Spaulding

    At least make it as dark as hannibal or something if you’re gonna do this stupid venture.

    • Evan3

      I wanted to thumbs-up you, but then I saw your whole avatar is an homage to Rob Zombie, the dude who ruined the living shit outta Halloween, and I couldn’t bring myself to praise your well-thought suggestion.

      • Captain Spaulding

        I was going with a halloween avatar/name but there’s too many. I liked rob zombie for his music years ago and house of 1000 corpses and devils rejects, and yes i agree about halloween but they arent as terrible as some make out. Hlloween and friday the 13th are my fav horror franchises btw.

  • Darnell

    just what we need…. Michael Myers doing a chase scene on TV and we hit a commercial break..

    Please God let this not be true!

  • John

    More commercialized PG-rated horror. No thanks.

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