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‘Hellraiser: Judgment’ Story Details; First Look at New Cenobites!

JUDGMENT concept art via Gary Tunnicliffe
All images courtesy of Gary Tunnicliffe

As part of a casting call out of OKC, story details have been revealed for the now-confirmed Hellraiser: Judgment, being filmed by effects guru Gary Tunnicliffe from his own screenplay.

In Hellraiser: Judgment, which is inspired by an older project by Tunnicliffe called Judgment, “Detectives Sean and David Carter are on the case to find a gruesome serial killer terrorizing the city. Joining forces with Detective Christine Egerton, they dig deeper into a spiraling maze of horror that may not be of this world. Could the Judgment awaiting the killer’s victims also be waiting for Sean?

The casting call also included a character breakdown, which all but confirms the connection to Tunnicliffe’s passion project, Judgment (read more about that here). In the call, we see a character named “The Auditor,” who is the main villain in Judgment.

His character is described as: “All business, very matter-of-fact. Clearly not of this earth. He learns of your sins, your transgressions, your evils, and takes careful note of them before passing them on to the Assessor for judgment. Think of him more as an accountant from Hell…”

This is a piece of concept art for The Auditor that was used to sell Judgment‘s crowd-source campaign back in 2013.


As for Pinhead, you won’t see him on the casting call as he’s already been recast. Tunnicliffe and Doug Bradley had a public spat about the role, which led to them casting “a classically trained stage and film actor who brings a great physical presence and more than a hint of Peter Cushing and Ralph Fiennes” to replace Bradley.

And while “The Auditor” acts as sort of a judge, the jury sure sounds excellent. The below call describes them as, “Three, naked, perfectly beautiful girls have faces that have been shredded away; blood, bone, muscle, sinew and teeth exposed. They pass the horrific verdicts onto all offending mortals.” Want to see what they look like? Just take a look at the awesome concept art at the top of this piece!

There’s all sorts of oddities in the below that really make me excited for Hellraiser: Judgment. They’re clearly injecting it with tons of “flesh” that would make Pinhead weep in joy.

Here’s everything made public via the above Facebook link. Anything stand out to you?

ALISON CARTER – Female, 28-35. Sean’s perfect, adoring wife. But something is missing. Her husband has been distant, even cold. He has forgotten her on her birthday. Alison makes it her mission to help her husband, but she hides a very dark secret. (TOPLESS/PARTIAL NUDITY. SIMULATED SEX.)

THE AUDITOR – Male, 40-60. All business, very matter-of-fact. Clearly not of this earth. He learns of your sins, your transgressions, your evils, and takes careful note of them before passing them on to the Assessor for judgment. Think of him more as an accountant from Hell. A great character actor with a great face is needed to bring this role from the other world to ours. SUPPORTING

THE JURY – Females, early 20s. These three, naked, perfectly beautiful girls have faces that have been shredded away; blood, bone, muscle, sinew and teeth exposed. They pass the horrific verdicts onto all offending mortals. They will also wear tight-fitting body suits and portray our “stitchers.” Dance experience might be fun here, but not required. (NUDITY REQUIRED) 4 SCENES

HODGES – Male, 50s. He is the rotund Medical Examiner; a Hawaiian shirt-wearing, basement-working bureaucrat with information on Crystal Lanning’s murder—but the information doesn’t come without a slimy proposal for Detective Egerton. 1 SCENE. 10 LINES, 3 SPEECHES

CRYSTAL LANNING – Female, 21. She is a beautiful socialite. She wears a black, designer micro cocktail dress, carries a Chanel purse, and barks into her bejeweled cell phone, wobbling out of her Uber Black on ridiculous high heels. She is also never far from her beloved little dog, “Baby.” She will suffer a grisly, horrific end, and it is her murder that sets our story in action. Must be comfortable with her body. Will be seen in a thong. 2 SCENES.

CLEANERS – Females, 65+. These terrifying, aging, naked women clean bodies for punishment by licking them head to toe. They tear away their victim’s clothes, not unlike a pack of wolves, forcing their tongues upon Watkins. (NUDITY REQUIRED)

VAGRANT – Male, 55+. Rough, disheveled, homeless man. Perhaps he is hairy, perhaps he is missing teeth. You can almost smell him through the screen. So it is odd and out of character for him to eloquently quote Charles Dickens in a whisper to Sean. 1 SCENE

LANDLADY – Female, 50+. A cigarette dangles from her mouth as she snorts obscenities to the police. 1 SCENE.

SOCCER BOY – Male, 8-11. A small soccer boy who’s ball clearly bounced in the wrong yard. 1 SCENE, 1 LINE.

MORMON 1 – Male, 20-28. MUST SPEAK GERMAN. He shows up at the door on his bicycle, in typical black pants and white short-sleeved shirt. 1 SCENE, 1 LINE

BUTCHER – Male, 30-45. A huge, behemoth of a man. A huge bouncer/doorman type. With his giant scythe, in large, hack-like movements, he slices meat from Watkins’ back. 1 SCENE. NO LINES.

SURGEON – Male, 30-60. The skinniest guy we can find. A full or partial lower limb amputee. Either a dancer or martial arts expert, or perhaps even a full or partial lower-limb amputee, giving him a real ROAD WARRIOR feel. He is lowered on a harness, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE style. With surgical precision, he vivisects Watkins on the gruesome operating table. 1 SCENE. NO LINES.

Speaking of the Surgeon, here’s a piece of concept art from Judgment.

JUDGMENT concept art via Gary Tunnicliffe



  • DisqusRaider

    this is going to suck so bad!!! LOL at people who pay to watch this 😉

  • M. Knepper

    This is actually very uplifting. I’m interested to see where it goes.

  • Kori Batchelor


  • So where are the calls for the male partial or full nudity? All of these female descriptions sound like fodder for that twitter account about female entrances. “Will be seen in a thong”? Jesus

  • Hero

    Not happy that this is Tunnicliffe’s Judgment project resurrected as a Hellraiser movie. And considering the moral bent of Judgment’s plot, that means more preachy Pinhead. Whatever happened to “there is no good, there is no evil, there is only flesh”?

  • Lucca Cantisano

    It really bugs me that pretty much every female part involves nudity. ONLY the female parts, and almost all of them. If nudity really was necessary for the film it would surely involve the males too, so it’s not that crucial…

  • That is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen. This is looking more and more like what would happen if a college film student decided to do a budget mock up of Hellraiser.

    And this man is a MAKEUP ARTIST by trade? Seriously?

  • Betafett

    If they ever do the remake (and Doug Bradley isn’t interested/available) I always thought James Purefoy would make a great Pinhead. He has the charisma, the acting chops and a real predatory edge that would work in the role IMO.

  • Dillon Robinson

    Cringing hard at this. I know it’s concept art, but how cheesy!

  • Adam Clifton

    Oh man, I don’t know. This has Revelations written all over it. How do you recast the Pinhead character? Right there is a HUGE no-no. Nobody but Doug Bradley can do that role. It just won’t be Hellraiser without him and without the Hellraiser score which will no doubt be absent as well

    • Hero

      The Hellraiser score hasn’t been used at all since Bloodline, and I don’t expect to ever hear it in any DTV movie, especially not these uber-cheap ones because they’d have to pay royalties for it.

  • EricBasile

    It’s pretty obvious they don’t really care about quality, and just want to make a quick on demand buck. The director is probably just trying to push his own ideas into a Hellraiser story, and that’s just lame. What is he, The Cryptkeeper at this point?

  • Grandpa Fred

    This looks fucking asinine.

  • ~Adam~

    The true suffers here are the Hellraiser fans themselves who just want another real Hellraiser movie. At this point III & Bloodline are masterpieces compared to what has come since. That’s how hard up fans are for an honest to goodness decent attempt at another Hellraiser movie that isn’t some old script with very minimal almost nonexistent Hellraiser-esque overtones done basically to keep the rights and fool any unsuspecting fans into buying or renting it. Doug has once again made the right decision. A decision he no doubt at this point probably feels like he should’ve made starting with Inferno.

    • Weresmurf

      Yep I remember 4 being panned to fuck. Yet you watch it now, it’s great compared to some of the pieces of shit that have come since…

      • Aaron Fafalios

        3 and 4 are the best.

        • Weresmurf

          You mean 1 and 2 😉

          • Matheus Martins

            3 is my favorite.

          • Trevor

            Mine as well. ; )

    • DisqusRaider

      hell ya i would take anything close to 3 and 4 lol its a shame what they did to this franchise! doug is smart to not get involved in this shitwagon.

  • Stoibs

    Everyone please keep in mind that these pictures are from the kickstarter campaign that failed. All that makeup was done for pennies. I would wager that these will look at least a little better with a couple of dollars thrown their way. I’m not saying the designs are good. I actually think they are derivative as F*ck, but just want to make sure that nobody thinks these are official.

    • Adam Clifton

      After ‘Hellraiser: Revelations’, I guess fan expectations are REALLY low. Especially since once again, Doug Bradley is not involved and once again, this sequel is being rushed into production to stave off the death of a contract that Dimension has.

      • I lost all expectations after watching the third film. I honestly don’t feel like any Hellraiser film past the 2nd is worth merit, but that’s just me. A fresh, decently made sequel would be amazing!

        • Rob Christenson

          I liked the first four. By no means do I think 3 and 4 are great or even good, but I liked them. The rest are shit.

  • PsychoMantis18

    Designs look pretty cool. I’m hopeful.

  • concerned citizen

    Sounds like Inferno, doesn’t it?

    • THGrimm

      That was my exact my thought! Detectives after a serial killer named “The Auditor” sounds suspiciously like Det. Joseph Thorne after a killer named “The Engineer.” That being said, this still looks good and I like the graphic stuff described in the character breakdowns.

  • Adam Clifton

    Nudity required for 65+ female? There’s the horror aspect right there

    • Reptilegirl101

      there’s your ticket sales -_-

    • Christopher Michael Volosy

      Yes! And the females must be nude/partial nude. But no hot naked guys?! WTF?!

      • Adam Clifton

        Sounds more like heaven than hell

  • I’d say that it would be interesting to get the SLIPKNOT team playing cenobites or sadistic basterds !

  • Steve Brewster

    jesus wept

  • Max X kinght

    does this continue where other one call Hellraiser: Revelations

  • sliceanddice

    they look appalling. absolutely appalling
    but i know this is not the finished product so i will happily wait.

  • THGrimm

    I have quams about this, but it sounds intriguing. Too bad Gary isn’t just allowed to make Judgement and it’s own thing because everything in the character breakdowns sounds cool. Forcing other scripts into a Hellraiser format is what has screwed them in the past *cough*Deader*cough*
    Also, this sounds so much like Inferno. Even though, and anyone who has seen me post about Hellraiser on BD before will know lol, I love Inferno. I don’t know. We’ll see. I’m sad no Doug Bradley involvement.
    Whatever happened to that new one Clive Barker was doing??

    • I rewatched Inferno the other day after all the Judgement news started coming out. I have to say, I remember enjoying Inferno but was surprised at how well it held up. It doesn’t necessarily adhere to the mythos of the previous films but…whatever. It’s twisted, sexy, and disgusting just as a Hellraiser film should be.

  • Aaron Fafalios

    Sounds like inferno. Also no Doug Bradley or Clive Barker. Forget it. Apparently they didn’t learn anything from revelations. All they did was make excuses why revelations was so bad. I’m sure they’ll be doing the same with this after it bombs. Unfortunately hellraiser is dead. I have no plans to watch this and I’m a die hard hellraiser fan. I’m more excited about the new chunky movie, how pathetic is that?!

    • DisqusRaider

      couldnt have said it any better

  • DisqusRaider

    trash! studios fucking the fans over again! its all about $$$$$

    • marklola12 .

      doubt it lol the last few made nothing at all and this wont either
      pinhead and hellraiser was never and will never be a BIG franchise like myres, Jason and freddy
      you ask most people who are not horrid nuts more so people aged from 18 to 30 and they wont have even heard of pinhead

      • DisqusRaider

        im sure it didnt make much but i doubt they put much in to it either. point though is they could put some money in to one of these and make a really good movie but they would rather put as little as possible in to it and try to trick fans in to paying money for it.

        hellraiser had the potential to be as big as freddy and jason but for some reason the studios didnt want to take it any further. sure they had all those movies after bloodline but they were just half assed scripts.

        its really one of the oddest things ive ever seen. they are still trying to ride the wave of the early hellraiser movies not wanting to add anymore at this point. just use random scripts and low budgets. they havent really tried hard since bloodline not sure if they lost money on that movie or what but that was a long time ago.

        hellraiser still a great franchise if you stop at bloodline. im sure some younger kids dont know about him though and how could they with all the trash low budget turds they been pooping out for the last 20 years.

      • Reptilegirl101

        Yeah but that makes me sad and I don’t want them to call themself a horror fan if they only know your classic slashers.

  • Captain Spaulding

    Reboot the series you mongolids.

  • James Davidson

    No Doug = No Pinhead = No Hellraiser. Tunnicliffe is an asshat and his makeup sucks dick

    • DisqusRaider

      and he dont even suck dicks that well either

  • name

    this franchise is so dead.
    they dont seem to know what to do with it and they keep going back to repeating the same old tropes thinking if they alter a few superficial things it will seem new and interesting.

  • Darnell

    This franchise is so awful and has never been good if you ask me. The first was different and pretty disturbing and effective for the era as well as the second film (which i think is the best of bunch). The rest of the films have been utter trash with only the 3rd and 4th movies meeting the criteria of watchable but hardly enjoyable.

    Pinhead was never interesting enough to make into the pantheon of great villains like Michael, Jason, and Freddy.

  • M.O.L.D.

    Ugggg. if they were going to do a new Hellraiser, do Scarlet Gospels.

  • marklola12 .

    what a crappy franchise, the 1st was OK a passable typical 80s gore movie, the 2nd was so so the rest so horrid

    • Darth_Siskel

      There was nothing “typical” about Hellraiser. At the time, it was a breath of fresh air.
      Please liken it to something which came befor…

    • DisqusRaider

      everyone has a preference on horror movies but hellraiser 1 and 2 are some of the best out there IMO

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      the first one is a great movie and one of the best horror movies made

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    lol, they look cheap, i guess it could be a good movie that happens to be called Hellraiser but it doesnt have anything to do with it really…

  • Jai

    Looks like he’s completely screwing with the Hellraiser mythology, turning it into a Christian version of hell, an afterlife where ‘guilty’ people go when they die. The ‘hell’ of Hellraiser is not an afterlife, the people there are not ‘dead’, and anyone can go there whether they be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – it all depends on whether you solve the puzzles.

    The ‘real’ Cenobites don’t give a crap what you did in your past, they’re only interested in what they can do to you in the future.

    • Joe438

      As I understand it Cenobites are the pseudo angels of hell. Yes, they take to hell those who open the puzzle box as well as occasionally granting certain hellish wishes, but they also continue their work on those who reside in hell.

      Hellraiser stories may be about those who reside in hell, but also may be about those that flirt with hell, but escape (or not) the puzzle box.

      Cenobites care about what a person did in their past as a way to inflict pain, or as they sometimes see it, pleasure on their victims/volunteers.

      Cenobites themselves are explorers in the furthest regions of experience both in pleasure and in pain.

      • That’s what I thought as well, and it seems that was what Clive was trying to get across in the first two films.

  • I Am Colossus

    Hey sounds cool

  • Matheus Martins

    I hate when directors or just “horror fans“ in general think nudity/sex-subtext is an essential thing for a horror movie…. H.P. Lovecraft didn’t need sexual crap to make his stories interesting and people mentally shit their pants.

    • Victor

      amen, brother.

    • Edward Elliott

      The problem with that in conjunction with Cenobytes is that they are creatures of pain as pleasure… they are sexual in nature, just a seriously screwed up sexuality.

    • Reptilegirl101

      I’m not a lovecraft fan, but I do agree that sex and nudity shouldn’t equal horror. That equals porn to me. I think of classics like the shining, the exorcist, halloween. And more modern things that I really enjoyed: the ring, the babadook, the visit, the haunting, etc. if any of those had nudity or sex, there was a point to it. It wasn’t just “look at all of these naked people”

    • David Downs

      But Hellraiser was always a series of eroticism, in fact a lot of Clive Barker is. they feature sex and sexuality. Horror in general may not need it, but it has always been an underlining aspect of the series. They are influenced by S&M and extreme sexuality, i mean read “The Hellbound Heart” which was the story that spawned the series, it is extremely and graphically sexual. That has always been something that runs through the series.

  • Justin McGill

    I was excited that Langenkamp was in the film. I thought it was the LEAD role. Now not so much. She’s the “OLD” landlady which according to the casting breakdown is one line, one scene. So from the writer of Revelations, no Bradley.. And Langenkamp in ONE scene my enthusiasm has ebbed quite a bit.

  • Trevor

    As someone who saw “Revelations” without any bias, and enjoyed it, this sounds interesting. If it’s anything like the former, it’ll be a good second entry in what I consider a separate series from the ones that starred Doug.

  • ZigZagWave

    Why the fuck are there 9 of these movies? The first two were good but the rest were atrocious pieces of shit.

    • Christopher Michael Volosy

      I think cause Clive Bafker only worked on the first 2.

  • Tori Dickinson

    mmmm they don’t really push the disgusting factor like the oldies, I’m not holding out hope for this one.

  • Viking Mana

    Sounds like it could be a somewhat interesting new horror universe – And by that I mean that it probably shouldn’t be a Hellraiser flick. I’d rather see this as an original idea, rather than having to compare it to the originals and have it ultimately fail.

    I’m sorry, but none of the movies have yet to match the feel, atmosphere and dark humor of the first two films, and I’m not convinced that this will either. Seems like it’s trying too hard to be modern and sexy, like most other old franchises modern iterations.

    Without Doug Bradley it seems like it just wouldn’t really be worth pursuing another iteration. It’s just kind of his role.

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