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Neil Marshall-Produced ‘Dark Signal’ Gets UK Release

Produced by Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, The Descent) comes Edward Evers-Swindell’s blood-curdling Dark Signal on DVD and Digital HD in the UK on May 30th.

Described as part slasher, part ghost story, Dark Signal is said to create a spine-tingling atmosphere with shocking moments of brutality and jump-out-of-your-seat scares.

Deep in the heart of the isolated Welsh valleys, an eerie hush spreads throughout the deserted wilds. Stranded and terrified, single mother, Kate (Joanna Ignaczewska), finds herself entangled in an ill-thought-out plan: a midnight robbery about to take a dangerous turn.

On lookout for her boyfriend, and left trembling in the middle of a secluded forest, she quickly realises she is not alone. With her is the vengeful spirit of a murdered girl…

Meanwhile, across the valley at a local radio station, Ben (Gareth David-Lloyd) and Laurie (Siwan Morris) are midway through their last ever radio show. With the arrival of medium, Carla, and filled with determination to go out with a bang, Laurie and Ben are about to get much more than they bargained for.

Patching together fragments of ghostly sounds, they begin to unravel the clues to a frightening crime before doing do the unthinkable… making contact with the dead.

Siwan Morris, Gareth David-Lloyd, and Joanna Ignaczewska star. Here’s the first ever images!



  • Gadriel

    Oi Neil. Dog Soldiers 2. Now.

  • J Jett

    this sounds interesting!

  • Harbottle64

    Sounds really good!

  • Mehliens

    Neil Marshal is not a weak director but maybe his love for the genre works better when he is a producer

    • Yakushiji Tenzen

      you kidding me? He directed two of the best episodes on Game of Thrones to date, Blackwater and Watchers on the Wall. And say what you will but Dog Soldiers is still the best werewolf movie.

      • Mehliens

        I’m not disputing that he is loved by many genre fans. I’m pointing out that his directing skills are below average and so are his films. Blackwater for me is the worst episode of GoT and it will remain so. I saw Dog Soldiers and its on the level of a student film. Doomsday was an attempt at getting somewhere but thats where it will stop for him since he didn’t really achieve anything. I’m not even going to drag the two miserable Constantine Episodes through the mud since the whole show was abysimal. Don’t take it personally

        • Yakushiji Tenzen

          lol you are hating just to hate at this point

          • Mehliens

            Always hating. Seriously, his films and projects are vastly overrated. Dog Soldiers? Ok admittedly the effects are above average but that doesn’t make a good movie. Its basically Aliens with Werewolves minus everything that made aliens (partially) entertaining.
            Blackwater? Please watch this again. Its terribly paced, the action unconvincing and all in all terrible direction. Even the actors didn’t know what to do that episode. But that might be just the opinion of a hater 🙂

          • Yakushiji Tenzen

            thanks for being so civil. The effects were great in Dog Soldiers, the makeup and animatronics are incredible. And I love Neil Marshall’s pacing man I don’t know w0t you talking about. I’ll have to give Blackwater another viewing, but Watchers on the Wall was pretty brilliantly directed, at least admit that. Put that haterade down, stop drinking it. 😉

          • Mehliens

            He got better with the pacing bit but his projects are still messy. I will give you the later GOT episodes BUT that was at a point where it was basically on autopilot in terms of overall quality as most of the production is now controlled by a very experienced team. I have absolutely no love for Dog Soldiers though. Its just simply not my type of humor and I the film is just meh. If I want manly and silly stuff I’ll watch a Carpenter film which Neil kinda tries to emulate. He is just not hitting the right notes

  • Kim Morris

    I saw it on Wednesday it was good but it was also really really slow it’s a good story but with the level of actors in it could have been better

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