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‘Five Nights at Freddy’s is Coming to Consoles

I’m asked the same question again and again: when will I, a lowly console owner with nary a modicum of experience with a mouse and keyboard, have the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be hunted by the monstrous machinations in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series of freakishly popular indie horror games? If you’ve been playing vicariously through the likes of Pewdiepie or Markiplier — or yours truly, since I have and never will be above shameless plugs, even if they only serve to remind me how I desperately need to return to the YouTubes — then I have some good news for you.

Five Nights at Freddy’s series creator Scott Cawthon recently, and quietly, confirmed the series isn’t merely coming to consoles, they’re being remade for consoles.

“Actually, yes! It will happen. I’m talking with a few companies who are interested in doing console remakes of the original games,” revealed Cawthon when a fan asked if there was “any chance one of your games may get ported to a console?” It sounds as if a console release isn’t likely to happen this year, but it absolutely makes sense for such a successful series to expand its platform support.

In related news, Five Nights at Freddy’s is getting a spin-off dubbed Sister Location, because duh?





  • Rohan Sorensen

    Lol. Hurry Scott! People are starting to lose interest! Make another game and say it’s a spin off so you won’t lie when you said the main story was told!

    • Weresmurf

      He charges bugger all for them, they’re inoffensive, fun little games that sell for what, 10 bucks each? Who cares. Keep making em.

      • Rohan Sorensen

        Yeah, they are okay. I think it’s FNAF world that pissed me off. He does a whole backstory in that where he’s like “Oh I’m so put upon to make these games, and you are all terrible people for making me” yet he’s pulling in millions of dollars on these shitty little flash games. I fucking hate people who do that.

    • LoveAnimation

      As long as the games are good, well made and popular there is no reason at all to stop making them and same with other game franchises, TV shows, Movies, comics and other stuf.

      • Rohan Sorensen

        Yeah, I just think that he wrapped up the story pretty well at the end of 3, and it would have been a happy end. Now there is the super complicated 4 and the just straight up stupid FNAF world that, like I said above, was an asshole maneuver.

  • LoveAnimation

    Very happy to hear that i will be able to play the Five Nights At Freddys games myself soon.
    I have seen plenty of videos about them but never tried them personally but soon i can.
    Really wish the Amnesia games could get released on the consoles too and i think thats the only big horror games that console players like me cant play yet.

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