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The “Wolf Creek” Series is Finally Coming to the U.S.

WOLF CREEK series via STAN

The six-part television event “Wolf Creek” (read our review) is finally coming to the U.S. and will be premiering exclusively on Pop on Friday, October 14 at 10:00 PM, ET/PT.

In conjunction with Lionsgate Television and Zodiak Rights (a Banijay Group company), the “Wolf Creek” television series on Pop stars John Jarratt, who reprises his movie role as the murdering psychopath Mick Taylor, wreaking havoc in the Australian Outback—except this time, things are different. The television series immediately turns the entire genre on its head when a 19-year-old American college student, played by rising star Lucy Fry, survives the massacre of her parents and little brother and sets out to hunt down the killer and avenge her family.

Based on true events, the original “Wolf Creek” movie was introduced in 2005 at the Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals before achieving global box office success and cult film status among horror fans around the world.

“”Wolf Creek” is holy !#@$! scary!” said Greg McLean, Executive Producer of the “Wolf Creek” television series and the writer, director and producer of the “Wolf Creek” movies. “The television series delivers the same pulse-pounding tension and terror of the films combined with a storyline that evolves into a suspense filled, character driven psychological thriller. In many ways, “Wolf Creek” is more like a Western—set in the untamed, desolate landscape of the Australian Outback, with gritty characters and an immersive story of revenge and good versus evil.”

The story of “Wolf Creek” begins when an American family is on holiday in Northern Australia and becomes the unsuspecting prey of Mick Taylor, a sadistic serial killer who hunts and kills tourists in the Outback. The sole survivor is Eve Thorogood, a college student, who vows to bring the killer to justice or die in the attempt. The story of “Wolf Creek” reveals her complex and extraordinary journey, traveling every step of the way as she evolves from child to adult, from prey to predator. But can she triumph over Mick Taylor, evil incarnate?



  • mbetz13

    Pop? So heavily edited and also with commercials?

    • Khy


    • JP Andrika

      Lol right? The channel that plays “90210” and “Dynasty”reruns? How random. Shit. May as well play it on Lifetime. Makes as much sense.

  • Matt

    Wolf Creek (the movie) was both classic and very disturbing at the same time. That ‘Head On A Stick’ bit really creeps me out. I will give this a chance.

  • Weresmurf

    Watched it day 1 when it hit STAN here in Australia. It’s really fucking good. 6 episodes long it really fleshes out the strangeness of the Outback. There’s plenty of red herrings, plenty of buildup of character and plenty of Mick to go around. However, be warned this is NOT a 4 hour long story about Mick Taylor, this is a story about his victims trek through the outback and all its weirdness to track down Mick and exact revenge upon him. It all culminates in something utterly fantastic and it’s Wolf Creek at its very best, through and through. There’s callbacks to both movies, some subtle, some as blatant as a knife in the back and it’s a damn lot of fun. I’m really hoping they do a sequel series!

  • Khy

    Trailer is stunning and amazing. Crazy to see what the original film has birthed

  • 1EyeJack

    What and where is Pop?

    • JP Andrika

      It’s a U.S. channel. Mostly plays comedies or Soap Operas or “90210” reruns.

  • I watched this series. Definitely good. It basically feels like a long movie.

  • JP Andrika

    So basically Mickey Taylor after dark? 😉

  • Frank Lloyd Jr

    “Brother Nero, I knew you’d come. Señor Benjamin has prepared the battlefield for massacre. You’re final deletion is at hand”

  • The Wolf Creek tv show starts well and gets worse.

  • Dan

    On Fox UK 30th August..

  • Halloween_Vic

    POP?? What TV network is that lol? Dammm they couldn’t do Starz or HBO? Hell even FX.

  • Baron Von Marlon

    Series wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either.
    But it’s always nice to see Mick Taylor in action.

    And the girl playing the lead is good actress.

  • ~Adam~

    If you’re the creator of this show, why would you want to distribute it to a network that will have to censor everything that makes Wolf Creek what it is out? It’s also not a good way to try and get new fans on board. It’ll just come off as watered down with no balls. Should’ve went with Starz!, Showtime or Netflix (which is basically what STAN is there) instead. Glad I saw it as it was meant to be seen because it’s gonna be heavily edited on Pop, for those who even have it that is.

  • Overton Green

    I had no desire to watch this anyway. The first movie is a classic and is totally scary, and disturbing. The “based on true events” also adds to the fear factor. The principle bad guy just isn’t that compelling however.

    I don’t get people’s love of this character. He is annoying and boring. What made the first movie so great is almost an entire hour is devoted to the vacation cast which were great. The killer shows up in pretty much the 3rd act and that is pretty much all you need of him.

    The sequel was completely bogged down by to much of him. He isn’t that interesting of a character. Oh my god and the singing scene in the second movie has to be one of the worst ever.

    Wolf Creek 2 was so bad and so ridiculous that it forever put a stain on how much I loved the original. I can’t imagine this TV show doing anything but making me hate the franchise that much more, especially with everything edited out and commercials in abundance.

    No thanks..

    • tbaio

      I totally understand/relate to your opinion. I too detested the sequel…..that torture porn sh!t is outdated & never was scary. For what is worth, the six part series is a better watch than the sequel (although not as good as the original movie). The villain is now for sure iconic…..he’s going to endure very much like Jason Vorhees. The people behind the series clearly realize this & as a result put strong emphasis on the lead female character which was nice to see; I’ll give it that.

  • Xmoritz

    I loved both the movies and the series too.. it has some boaring moments, but the whole product is GREAT!

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