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Clive Barker Had Spectacular Plans For ‘Hellraiser 3’!

It looks like Jon was onto something when he suggested removing Pinhead in order to fix the Hellraiser franchise. While it may have sounded blasphemous to many of us hardcore horror fans, it’s not far off from what franchise creator Clive Barker was planning way back during the filming of Hellbound: Hellraiser II.

Doug Bradley, who played Pinhead in Barker’s Hellraiser and several of its sequels, appeared on Brainwaves the other night. The conversation took an interesting turn when Bradley, who has always been incredibly honest and candid, revealed Barker’s shocking original plans for Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. Barker planned to forge a new path, which would eliminate Pinhead from the story, but also introduce the first ever Cenobite!

“Clive had a plan for a third ‘Hellraiser’ movie which he was working on while we were filming ‘Hellbound’ that didn’t involve Pinhead at all,” Bradley explained. “It was a story set in Ancient Egypt. The Great Pyramid was the first Lament Configuration that was built to raise the great Pharaoh, who was the first Cenobite.”

It’s hard to imagine them being able to pull off such a massive idea with a limited budget (the Hellraiser films were relatively cheap). But, it’s also one of the coolest takes on the mythology I’ve heard, and would do just about anything to see what Barker had penned (on paper, of course) at the time. Just thinking about the concept of the Great Pyramid as a Lament Configuration is beyond brilliant, not to mention injecting a real-world parallel that horror films so desperately need in order to add believability and horror to them. I also love how this would have set up Bloodline, which would have had the last Lament Configuration ever.

What do you guys think? I sort of feel robbed of greatness, even though I love the time Pinhead brought Hell to Earth…

Photo Credit: The National Galleries of Scotland

Photo Credit: The National Galleries of Scotland



  • Guro Taku

    That’s an idea that could be explored instead of doing the useless remake. They could even market it as an “origin story” or a “reboot” if they absolutely must. But let’s not kid ourselves! Nothing good will happen to this property so long as the Weinsteins have the rights.

  • Grandpa Fred

    Hellraiser 3 sucks balls, so who knows what might have been.

  • Tetra-Gramaton-Cleric

    It’s certainly the weakest of the original theatrical films (I actually really enjoy Bloodlines) but H3 was clearly an attempt to turn Pinhead into something more akin to Freddy and it didn’t work all that well.

    I still enjoy the film, mostly because Bradley chews up the scenery as Pinhead.

  • Mehliens

    Hellraiser TV show please. Logan or Fuller at the helm. Thanks

    • blacklodgefamilytree

      i remember hearing about that years ago

      • Mehliens

        Escaped me. This is such low hanging fruit it amazes me its not been secured already. But this needs to have the best writing available / Hannibal style dialogue and top notch visuals. A man can dream ^^

  • Otterlee

    I’d give my left buttcheek to see that.

  • lexrazor

    Still waiting for Jericho 2 lol But when I think about it a movie about Jericho would be awesome 😀

    • Yeah, I’d be down for Jericho 2. I still have no idea what happened at the end. Too bad it didn’t sell better. Now we may never know. :-

      • lexrazor

        It had a really rushed ending that felt more like it’s unfinished rather than a cliffhanger leading to something else. I really loved the story even though people mostly hated the gameplay. Still feel like it’s a very underrated game.

        • Yeah, it felt like with some more time they could’ve did a lot more with it, including maybe adding more to the ending. I thought the gameplay was fun, but kinda generic, as was the team’s dialogue. But the visuals and designs were fantastic and very much Clive Barker.

  • That would’ve been so much better than Hellraiser III: It’s a Slasher Movie Now.

  • Crow

    Now that’s a cool concept. Too bad we’ll never see it though.

  • Kaijudude

    Wow , that really needs to get made. Hopefully the new installment breathes new life into this franchise. Maybe they can do an anthology of other happenings like that.

  • disqus_uqr3Boh0Wp

    Out of the ones I have see Hellraiser III is my favourite, it would have been nice to see what Barkers original idea would have been like though.

    • PsychoMantis18

      Soooo you haven’t seen the first two?….

      • Overton Green

        ^This lol

  • I loved part 3 when I was younger, though rewatching it not too long ago was not a pleasant experience. I would have loved to see Barker’s original vision for part 3. Though, I beleive this idea somehow featured Julia as the main villain.

    • Creepshow

      After the third one, I quit. The only thing I got a kick out of, was the DJ that got CDs shot into his face. Besides that, I got nuthin.

    • PsychoMantis18

      3 sucked, 4 has its moments.

  • zombie84_41

    I say clive still makes it. Thats what I say. Clive if you reading this do it man. DO IT>

  • Baron Von Marlon

    Love the idea!
    Netflix should turn this into a series.

  • 1SmartShopper

    Sounds like bullshit.

  • shawn lawson

    The first 3 are great i think. Didnt like bloodline. Inferno was good but probably would have been a better stand alone film. After that…..yikes

    • PsychoMantis18

      Recon Bloodline is waaaaaaaay better than 3 – Angelique alone makes the movie very watchable… and wind-back-able… and pants off-able…

      • Dan.germouse

        I really think Bloodline is underrated.

    • Crimsonrain

      Bloodline would have been better had the stuff that was cut been left in. There was a preview article in Starlog back in the day that had a lot of stuff about Angelique that by the time the actual movie came out was on the cutting room floor. A lot more of her story. They ended up focusing too much of the movie on the space ship.

  • PsychoMantis18

    That sounds sweet. Would’ve been way better than the one we got.

  • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

    hellraiser 3 is garbage, but fun garbage.
    i liken it to what would happen if troma made actual films, rather than schlock.

    the scene in the church is top 5 for the series for sure.


    i wish barker could get back in control of the franchise. he could do a hellraiser where the cenobites are a group of traveling bakers who make and sell cupcakes while rapping at county fairs and it would still make more $$ than the regurgitated ‘brand’ shit the studio keeps puking out on the fans.

    • oh_riginal

      That’s actually the premise of Rob Zombie’s Hellraiser, coming in 2017!


        zombie’s is a little different. the cenobites are going to be having cupcake bake-offs and rapping at TRAILER-PARK fairs.
        not county fairs.

  • DrewHamster

    I’ve only seen the first 2 at this point (with a preference for the 2nd). I’m a bit hesitant to move forward…

    • Creepshow

      Trust your instincts.

    • DisqusRaider

      if you like the first 2 watch 3 and 4 you will enjoy them. tails off from there.

    • Overton Green

      stick with your gut…TRUST ME. Don’t ever watch anything past part 2. The entire franchise is 100% gutter trash after Hellbound.

    • scooby279 .

      Watch them, I enjoyed them, of course some people are going to say don’t watch anything after 2 but all of them are good in my opinion and Hellrasier Deader is really good.

  • Flux

    Am I the only person that watches Event Horizon as a spin-off Hellraiser movie?
    In my headcanon the experimental gravity drive is a giant lament configuration, when it opens the blackhole leads to hell and Dr.Weir is turned into a head cenobite.
    All the visions of hell and events line up pretty nicely IMO.

    • DisqusRaider

      that would have been a great crossover but *sigh* studios always get in the way of great ideas.

    • Richard Lake

      This was always my take on Event Horizon too. The similarities are obvious.

  • Alanmac

    Holy cow that sounds like it would’ve been an amazing storyline! I don’t really care for the Pharaoh being the “first cenobite” tho. I’d way rather the idea that they’ve just “always been here” and there wasn’t a first that can be determined.

  • I’m ever hopeful that ‘they’ will do a a remake with a reasonably decent budget and keep the movies much closer to The Hellhound Heart and The Scarlet Gospels.

  • Overton Green

    I really am torn in regards to Hellraiser. The first movie was genius and was different. It had this low budget grit, and mean quality to it that makes it a classic that still holds up 3 decades later.

    The second movie is overrated. It reminds me of Halloween 2. It looks and feels like the original but lacks the soul, and heart that made the original special. The sequel focuses far to much on Pinhead, and the 3rd act is a jumbled mess.

    The 3rd film is absolute trash, and lacks the feel and visual style that was present in the first two films making it’s entire existence pointless.

    Bloodlines IMO is the best of the sequels in terms of story but lacks the visual style, and grit that made the first two movies so refreshing. It’s not a good movie but you can feel that the people behind it tried to make a good movie, and that counts for something I guess.

    The rest of the sequels were nothing short of pure garbage, undeserving of the “no one wants” bargain blue-ray/DVD bin at Wal-Mart.

  • Pc

    Next Hellraiser movie: Hellraiser: Hell in Politics
    starring: Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton

    Story: FBI Comey found a box and didn’t know what to do with it so he decided to hand it over to Hilary Clinton. She heard about it via youtube…and kazam…..the chains from the box ripped her into pieces and turned her into a new cenobite.

    Donald Trump heard about the deadly incident from Clinton’s camp and he decided to investigate…..then he met his opponent….Clinton. Clinton killed him and converted into Cenobite.

    Now….both candidates decided to bring hell to America.

    Coming soon!

  • Daucus Karota

    I love the Egypt idea. This is how they should approach the series.

  • Geno1987

    Hellraiser 3 was the best non-Barker sequel.

  • Robert Goode

    Now why couldn’t Barker have written this story instead of the awful schlock that was the Scarlet Gospels?

  • ~Adam~

    Honestly, I think it would’ve been hard for horror fans, myself included, to except it because Pinhead had kinda become a superstar in the horrorsphere like Jason, Freddy & Michael by that time and having the next entry not feature him would’ve probably brought on the same type of backlash/disappointment that Friday the 13th Part 5 did.

    I have no problem with how things ended up as I quite like Hellraiser III for what it was and Pinhead was really let loose and allowed to be a fun horror icon that he had become. We had enough of the whole Juila and Frank storyline by that time and it was time for something new so I liked that they brought it to America and moderned it up. It just too bad that the studio dropped the ball afterwards and didn’t keep making fun and original new theatrical Hellraiser movies where Pinhead did his thing while continuing to introduce new cenobites etc. etc.

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