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‘Candyman’ Director Wants to Make a “Proper Sequel” to Original Film

“It was always you, Helen. It was always you.”

One of the best horror films of the ’90s was Bernard Rose’s Candyman, which forever turned Tony Todd, and his titular hook-handed character, into true icons of the horror genre. The 1992 film was followed up with sequels in the form of Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh and Candyman: Day of the Dead, but neither film made enough of a splash to justify the franchise continuing beyond its third installment. Rumors of a fourth movie or perhaps even a remake have been making the rounds for years now, though all has been silent for quite some time.

But if Bernard Rose has his way, the Candyman will soon return.

In an extensive, must-read interview with Art of the Title about Candyman‘s opening credits sequence, Rose was just asked if he’d ever wish to return to the franchise, and he indicated that he’d love to make a direct sequel to the 1992 original film. That movie ended with Helen Lyle becoming a folkloric monster herself; a plotline not followed up in either of the two sequels.

Said Rose:

I would love to do the proper sequel. There are all sorts of reasons why it’s never happened. I think it would be great, but of course unfortunately I don’t control the rights, otherwise I would just do it.

Rose also noted that he’d love for Virginia Madsen to come back and play the role of Helen one more time, and he urged readers of the site to “talk it up” and help make it happen. As is always the case in these situations, the ball is totally in the court of the franchise rights holders, but Rose’s strong interest is certainly nice to see.

Let’s make it happen!




  • kevinhorror

    Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh is actually a decent sequel. Not sure why that one is forgotten or lumped in with that atrocious 3rd direct to cable one with a horrible Bay Watch actress.

    • Jimmy Cthulhuhan


    • lostboy408

      Personally, It’s the absolutely failure of a screenplay that crashes and burns Farewell to The Flesh. Bill Condon along with Tobias Schiessler and Phillip Glass do their damnedest to create a sense of atmosphere at which they succeed. But the rest of the story is just so god damned dumb that it undermines all of their hard work.

      The first ten minutes or so are fantastic, but that quickly goes down hill after the title appears.

      To be fair though, the third one was worse

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    I love all the Candyman movies and the first actually gave me countless nightmares. A sequel to the first would be great in the right hands.

  • tyler

    Candyman is my all time scariest film. The music, Candyman’s voice, the ghetto it took place in (which at that time was truly scary). For years, every single night I would be so afraid to turn the lights out to go to bed. I would flip the switch and hide under the covers till I fell asleep. Even watching it now as a grown man, it is still a scary film. With that said, I’d love more than anything to get an amazing follow up or remake…but I don’t see how it would work. Without Tony Todd – it’s already a dud. A new film would have to have a new Candyman, there would be CGI, a stupid, young unknown cast, and cell phones… which are all a recipe for disaster and the things that made the original scary.

    • kevinhorror

      Tony Todd is still alive, so i’m not sure why you assume that any future film would be made without him.

      • tyler

        I assumed he wouldn’t because he is a 60+ yr old man and is double the size now. Hopefully, you are right… hopefully, he does play Candyman again, Mr Confrontational.

        • kevinhorror

          I really wasn’t trying to be confrontational. He just appeared on the tv show Dead of Summer and he looked amazing for someone who is 60 years old… didn’t look his age at all, and he wasn’t double his size. He doesn’t look like he aged much or gained any weight.

          • PsychoMantis18

            And besides, old people are creepier anyways.

          • Anthony Gulino

            im thinking Tony Todd would be too old to portray Candyman which is unfortunate because the folktale he dies a young man not a geriatric so im guessing it wouldnt work.. Could they cast the role correctly.?? probably not.. Would they make a mess of a reboot or proper sequel ???? probably yes unless B.Rose was at the helm and given full creative control with little to no studio interference.. and thats not happening.. what we would get is as another commentator pointed out would be a slicked out polished version with a hot young multi ethnic cast complete with gay guy, maybe a rapper in the lead role or his breakout performance and the usual mixed bag of tricks,,Probably better off with a direct to on demand sequel with Tony Todd anyways..

    • It’s a brilliant scary film, genuinely disturbing. The setting and music are just brilliant… that scene with the kid in the public toilet still makes me uncomfortable.

  • gary41172

    I loved Candyman, freaked the audience out in the theater when I went to see it, and really enjoyed Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh, saw that in the theater as well, but, Candyman: Day Of The Dead was ugh, HORRIBLE! I’d love to see a direct sequel, they could incorporate both Helen and Candyman.

  • chien_clean

    Actually the Candyman sequel is one of the best horror sequels ever

    • Anthony Gulino

      ha !!!

  • wrestling fan 36

    Another Candyman movie would be awesome


    A new film Candyman would be great but I’m really afraid when I see all the rotten remake that appeared in recent years.

    PS: Since I watched the first Candyman 1992, I still haven’t decide 5 times his name in front of a Mirror ^^

    • Saturn

      I always like to mix it up and try and confuse things.
      Candyman…..Candyman……Bloody Mary……Candyman…..

  • Eddie Dutra

    With all this gender swapping and white washing going on in Hollywood, “I hope this reincarnated version of Candyman is an actor or actress with down syndrome or quadriplegic in a bee costume.”

  • PsychoMantis18

    Yes please, would love a sequel by Rose. Consider a ticket sold.

  • Frank Lloyd Jr

    Fans want: Candyman sequel with Tony Todd and Virginia Madsen.

    Hollywood will deliver: A comedic reboot starring Kevin Hart and Rebel Wilson.

    • James Allard

      Fans want Bernard Rose, new soundtrack by Philip Glass

      Hollywood will deliver Micheal Bay with a soundtrack cobbled together with pop songs, some slowed and put into a minor key.

      Sadly, this is not as fun as I thought it would be.

  • A sequel to the original would be fantastic, but after all this time it’ll be hard to pull it off without pissed off the fanbase. As great as Virginia Madsen was, I always hated how she became the new Candyman at the end, it was such a cheesy ending to a great film, so I hope that isn’t the basis for the new one. It’s like the whole Pennywise and Tim Curry thing, Tony Todd IS Candyman.

  • SVSLee

    Saw the original on home VHS when I was 13, and my god, it was one of the scariest things I’d seen in my life up to that point. Saw the sequel at maybe 17 and the effect wasn’t as great (although it was still a little bit creepy). Not the worst sequel I’ve ever seen by any means. I never did catch no 3.

    If they made another one I’d rather they just made it no 4 instead of disregarding films completely. Might be asking a lot for Virginia Madsen to return at this stage though. Todd might; he barely looks any different!

  • Keoni

    Love the movie “Candyman” since I was kid. I’d love to see another movie as being 4th!

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