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Bloody Disgusting Readers Chose the 5 Best Christmas Horror Movies of All Time!


The 3,000+ votes have been tallied.

Last week we launched a poll in an effort to find out what YOU consider to be the very best Christmas-themed horror movie ever made, and as promised, we’re back here this week to deliver the results. The poll has officially closed, and in the wake of 3,025 of you guys placing your votes, we now have a pretty definitive list of the best (and worst) Christmas horror flicks of all time.

But first, let’s talk about the best: the top 5!

Throughout the past week, Black Christmas and Gremlins have been neck-and-neck, with each film finding itself in the top spot on several different occasions. But in the end, Black Christmas was the winner of the whole damn thing, nabbing an impressive 765 votes. As for Gremlins, the Joe Dante-directed classic came in second place with 762 votes – yes, Black Christmas beat out Gremlins by just three votes. As chosen by you awesome Bloody Disgusting readers, Black Christmas is THE best Christmas horror movie ever made. And you won’t find me disagreeing.

Black Christmas

Ranking in third place with 390 votes was Michael Dougherty’s Krampus, which is impressive considering the film was only released last year. Movies with some degree of nostalgia attached to them tend to dominate in polls such as this one, so serious kudos must be given to Dougherty for making a movie that has so instantly become a classic. Dougherty did much the same thing with Trick ‘r Treat, so we’re thinking it’s fair to crown him the reigning king of holiday horror.

The 1984 slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night ranked surprisingly low in the poll with 234 votes, coming in fourth place. I honestly expected that SNDN would be right up there with both Black Christmas and Gremlins, but it’s surprises like this one that make me glad we whipped this poll up: we know what WE think, but we were seriously curious to find out what YOU think.

The final spot in the top 5 went to anthology A Christmas Horror Story, which is also a brand new film released just last year. Zombie elves, holiday demon Krampus, and one badass Santa Claus came together for the incredibly fun anthology film, and it’s now clear that you guys loved it as much as we did. At the time of writing this, it can be streamed on Netflix.

Other high-ranking films in the Christmas horror poll include Black Christmas (2006), Rare Exports, Santa’s Slay, Jack Frost, and Christmas Evil, all of which I personally recommend you check out this month. The write-in category “Other” received 56 votes, and the most popular in that category were last year’s All Through the House and French film Inside, each with 7 votes.

The only film with ZERO votes? Silent Night, Deadly Night 4, which is hardly even a Christmas film!

Check out the full poll results below.





  • zombie84_41

    Nice to know we got good readers who choose good movies. I was scared for a second.

  • Cappy Tally

    Seems this poll used first-past-the-post voting. Notice the winner of the poll, Black Christmas, only has a quarter of the votes. That means 75% of voters thought otherwise. A more efficient voting system for this would be the alternative vote, in which the films are ranked from best to least and then eliminated until a winner is chosen, thereby satisfying the largest number of possible voters. THAT SAID, I won’t dispute the choice that DID win. The original “Black Christmas” is a masterpiece and while I roll my eyes at the continued use of a flawed voting system, the victory is nonetheless totally deserved.

    • Stefan Heikel

      Agreed 100% my friend! Ranked-Choice Voting is the way to go, as evident from this disaster of a Presidential election.

    • diapers

      I like it. I administered a beer tasting test of shit beers once, and insisted it be of the double blind type. Some swill-liquid called Pigs Eye won out over a bunch of craft beers. A well administered test can yield surprising results. But I digress…

  • Bobby Owens

    Krampus is one of the worst movies I have ever watched. Absolute bore fest with no care what happens to the characters before half the movie is over.

    • DucksonAPlain

      Wow, you’ve not seen a lot of movies in your life, or have been very lucky.

      • Bobby Owens

        I should have included “recently”. Of course, there have been worse… Paranormal Activity:Ghost Dimension comes to mind. Even the poorly reviewed new Ghostbusters was better than Krampus. Let’s see if I can name more… Yellow Brick Road, The Witch, ah to heck with it!

        Kinda hard to remember all the bad movies I’ve seen throughout 42 years though….

        The people who think Krampus is good are probably the same ones who really enjoyed The Babadook. That was another snoozer…

  • Geno1987


  • I like Black Christmas (2016), it’s also one of my guilty pleasures!
    Btw, I watched Krampus last Sunday night, it’s just okay.

  • Stefan Heikel

    I never liked Silent Night, Deadly Night. I found it to be more sad then scary. While not a feature length film, I was disappointed that All Through the House from the Tales from the Crypt movie wasn’t included.

    • Jesse Bickers

      All Through the House was added to the ‘Other’ category and only received 7 votes—along with French film Inside.

    • I agree. That wonderful Tales From The Crypt story All Through The House should have been right up there!

  • Meatwad

    Every year I make sure I watch BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974) on Christmas Eve.

    • Love theis movie. Pity it is so expensive on Scream Factory.

  • diapers

    Someone do me a solid… what flick is the cover photo of this article from? Can’t place it, and I’m quickly going mad.

    • El_Jay


    • Jesse Bickers

      It’s from Krampus—directed by Michael Dougherty, as the article points out. Quite the entertaining ride (if you haven’t seen it yet).

  • Jesse Bickers

    I would have chosen Gremlins over Black Christmas, but that may just be due to nostalgia.

  • Ima Badlady

    Normally I have always found holiday-centric horror films to be really bad, but Black Christmas is seriously messed up. The guy in the attic is terrifying and we never even see his face once.

  • fannypack aficionado


  • PsychoMantis18

    Agree with that top 3.

  • Serhiy Krykun

    I’m sorry, but the voters made up a lame list. 4 parts of ‘Silent Night’ + its remake?! Wow. How about:
    Gremlins 2
    A L’interieur
    All Through the House (both TV and screen versions from ‘Tales from the Crypt’)
    A Nightmare Before Christmas
    It’s either the voters have poor memory or Christmas horrors is a more underdeveloped niche that I thought — with ‘Krampus’, a pretty mediocre flick, being in top 5, everything seems terrible.

    • The conspiractor

      Gremlins 2? Why is that in there?

      • Serhiy Krykun

        The same reason, why Gremlins, Jack Frost etc is in ‘the best list’ — it’s not pure horrors, it’s horror comedies, but why not?

        • The conspiractor

          Gremlins 2 isn’t a Christmas horror movie. In the least.

          • Serhiy Krykun

            Yup, my bad.

  • WHAT is Gremlins doing in a Christmas horror list???

    • darklordofgorgoroth

      Because it is a horror comedy set at christmas?

    • Daniel Zamudio

      What do you mean Alan???? Gremlins is a Christmas movie all the way!!!! :O

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