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Watch the Deleted Scene That Connects ‘Trick ‘r Treat’ and ‘Krampus’

Art by Cody Schibi

Sam and Krampus are probably best friends.

Michael Dougherty, who wrote/directed Halloween horror flick Trick ‘r Treat and co-wrote/directed Christmas horror flick Krampus, has hinted in the past that the two films probably take place in some kind of shared universe, and it’s possible that we’ll see evidence of that in upcoming sequel Trick ‘r Treat 2. Then again, though you might’ve missed it, we already have.

I was watching Krampus last night with the commentary track on, and at one point Dougherty made mention of the Trick ‘r Treat connection. He noted that there are indeed Trick ‘r Treat Easter eggs throughout Krampus… but not all the ones he filmed ended up in the finished cut.

Dougherty explained on the commentary:

There are some loose threads to Trick ‘r Treat that hint at it potentially taking place in the same universe – but unfortunately some of the more direct nods to Trick ‘r Treat ended up on the cutting room floor.

Looking through the deleted scenes on the Krampus Blu-ray, it didn’t take me long to stumble across one of those excised homages. In one of the scenes, Max tries to comfort his cousins after all hell starts to break loose by offering them candy from his leftover Halloween stash, and if you look closely, you’ll notice that all of the candy in his little box is candy from Trick ‘r Treat.

Making Trick ‘r Treat, Dougherty and his team came up with a handful of faux candy bars to feature in the film – no real companies wanted their products on display in a Halloween horror movie – and two of those candy bars are in Max’s Halloween stash: Hollie-Ho and Lhotka’s. More importantly, there’s also something extra special in the box: one of Sam’s pumpkin lollipops!

We’ve uploaded and lightened up the deleted scene and a screen-grab for you below so you can see the tribute more clearly than it appears in the scene. Check it out!

*Art featured at the top of this post by Cody Schibi*




  • hiiiiii

    haha nice!

  • hiiiiii

    Krampus is definitely one of my favorite horror/dark comedies- hands down! so much fun.

    • Saturn

      I’m looking forward go giving it a re-watch some time this month, as I loved it at the cinema last year.

      • ArmitageX

        Yeah, I enjoyed it at the cinema, as well…bought it as soon as it hit DVD. Can’t wait to re-watch it at some point before Christmas. Good stuff.

  • Rob

    That’s not the only one, actually. When Tom and Howard are driving in the car in another deleted scene, Tom is able to get a radio station to work and they hear the weather service listing off the areas affected by the blizzard and one of the towns mentioned is Warren Valley, which is the town Trick R Treat took place in. So not only are the movies connected, but they both take place near each other.

    • Saturn

      I’m looking forward to the cross-over movie “WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME!!!!!”

  • zombie84_41

    Krampus is going to be the film i watch always on Xmas. Amazing movie, and the end was so bleak and awesome too, that’s why I loved it so much. I hate these horror movies that always end happy, thats not what HORROR is about if you want to end movies happy make a fucking comedy or kids movie.

    • Nick P.

      Except the ending was confirmed to be a (somewhat) happy one. All the characters made it out alive, Krampus just keeps an eye on them using the snow globe to make sure they have learned their lesson.

      • baronterror

        Yeah, that is how I read it, though some I know believed it ment they were trapped inside the globe, I thought clearly that was his viewer, and hell, maybe even his portal link to the family and the collection was just to show us all the familys he’s visited over the years.

      • zombie84_41

        ya but it isn’t really that happy they are still trapped in a snow globe.

        • Sky Commander

          Read the graphic novel tie in it really clears up the abiguity of the ending

          • zombie84_41

            ok cool beans thanks 🙂

    • Lirabelle

      I completely disagree. You shouldn’t automatically be able to say “Hey, it’s horror. Everyone will die, no ifs, ands, or buts.” When you know for a fact everyone is doomed, there’s no reason to get invested in them because hey, they are screwed anyways. There would little to no tension anymore. I don’t mind horror endings being sad or happy, as long as the ending fits the film.

      • zombie84_41

        The mist was a great ending, still is one of the best horror endings that sticks with me. There’s a few others too, Silent Hill comes to mind as well.

        • Lirabelle

          I agree on both of those counts. My point wasn’t that I hate bad endings (I don’t, I love quite a few), just that the ending should fit the movie. I wouldn’t change the ending to The Mist for anything.

          • zombie84_41

            Agree 🙂 and rouge one will now be added to my favorite endings too along with These final hours, actually these final hours and rouge one the endings are similarly shot.

    • Ethan

      You know, the ending was actually happy. Christmas morning was as it should be, but as soon as Max received the Krampus bell, everyone’s face fell. This signifies that all the events of the previous three days did occur. Krampus has given them a second chance, which is what Christmas is all about. When the camera pans out to show the snow globe, it signifies that Krampus is keeping watch over them. If you study the movie’s commentary and read the companion graphic novel, Krampus: Shadow of Saint Nicholas, this becomes clear.

  • Brian VonDerahe

    At the end of Krampus, when they are having their “wild rumpus” style gathering, I noticed Sam along with the other monsters. What was the intention with that??

    • Bla Blah

      really? Where?

  • Micah Unice

    “…and it’s possible that we’ll see evidence of that in upcoming sequel Trick ‘r Treat 2.” So a sequel is officially happening?! The last thing we heard was back in August, when Dougherty said it was “creatively in process” at Legendary. Do you know something we don’t???

    • John Squires

      The plan is still very much that Trick ‘r Treat 2 will EVENTUALLY happen!

  • Rick-Taylor

    I heard the DVD has an alternate ending. I love the ending, just hate the stupid last “Boo” scare then cut to black.

  • Blade4693

    I seriously need to get around to picking this up. I love the movie but I haven’t purchased a hard copy yet, I need to watch it again on Xmas eve lol

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