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Original Nightmare Fuel “Unsolved Mysteries” Hitting Streaming Platforms

The nightmares begin… all over again.

This is a news story I have been waiting to write up for a long time. One of the formative shows of my youth was the Robert Stack-hosted “Unsolved Mysteries,which I found to be quite a bit more nightmare-inducing than any of the horror movies I spent my childhood consuming. Freddy and Jason were my buds. But Robert Stack. Oh man. He creeped me the hell out.

From the haunting opening theme to Stack’s chilling voice, “Unsolved Mysteries” has to be considered one of the scariest television shows of all time, and I’m incredibly excited to pass along the news that it’s FINALLY headed to digital streaming platforms. As reported by The Wrap, FilmRise has just acquired worldwide distribution rights to the series, and episodes will start to become available on digital and streaming platforms as early as this month.

We’re pleased to be releasing this celebrated series to a large audience of fans both old and new,” said Danny Fisher, CEO of FilmRise. “Unsolved Mysteries is an American tradition that FilmRise is excited to preserve.”

“Unsolved Mysteries” premiered as an NBC special in 1987. The series examined cold cases including bizarre crimes, missing persons’ reports, historical events and paranormal activity.




  • Eizzy IceBorne

    Never heard of that series. Maybe because it wasn`t available in my region. But it sounds definitely interesting.

    • Jenna Gass

      One of the best shows of all time.

  • Cappy Tally

    It better be the original Robert Stack episodes. Every time they air reruns now it’s the new guy.

    • Grimphantom

      Filmrise so far has shown all of the episodes they acquired. I remember watching all the episodes of Forensic Files.

    • Fester B. Gone

      The Denis Farina ones are still owned by Spike.

  • Grimphantom

    YES!!!! Finally someone will distribute UM. I actually was talking about UM with someone familiar to the show and on facebook UM to why they haven’t distribute this online like Netflix or something? Guess they where already working on that

    • lupe

      Or revamp the series with new mysteries for Netflix

      • Grimphantom

        Would be nice! But i do see the streaming as a test to see how many people are going to watch it, if it does well obviously some will take interest to make a new series.

        Still you gotta admit there are STILL some unsolved cases, heck there’s one that many thought it was resolved but turns out there are a few things that point out differently.

  • Matt

    This is great news! I watched this regularly when it originally aired. Now if someone would air the Jack Palance led ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’, that would be excellent!

    • Gregg K

      Agreed. Good call.

  • Rustbukkit J.

    AWESOME! There’s an episode I’ve been trying to track down for years where people are filming a UFO in their back yard and something walks by the upstairs window of their house. I hope that one gets posted, along with the rest of the entire series.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Original Unsolved Mysteries are precious stuff.

    They actually released a box set of them,
    but it was only a few of them as you can imagine.

    Now if we can just find City Confidential.

  • Terrence Cain

    It would be nice if you actually mentioned which streaming sights. Being vague doesn’t help one bit.

    • GhostConch

      Can’t expect too much from Bloody Disgusting sadly.

    • ChrisL

      FilmRise has a Youtube channel. Might be there.

    • lupe

      Filmrise releases a lot of its content to Amazon Prime

      • THGrimm

        Just confirmed its going to Amazon.

  • zombie84_41

    Damn I forgot all about this show. Hope netflix pick this up.

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