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[Exclusive] Creator Jeremy Slater Talks “The Exorcist” Season 2 Plans

Will FOX #RenewTheExorcist?

The debut season of “The Exorcist” came to a close this past Friday night, wrapping up the main storyline in satisfying fashion and hinting at what lies ahead for characters like Marcus, Tomas, and the Rance family. After decades of torment, Regan MacNeil/Angela Rance finally killed the demon Pazuzu with the help of Tomas, allowing the Rance family to (hopefully) live out the rest of their days in peace. Also in the finale, a heroic Father Marcus thwarted the attempt to assassinate Pope Sebastian, agreeing in the end to partner up with Tomas to continue the battle against evil.

Where does the show go from here? We asked “The Exorcist” creator Jeremy Slater that very question in the wake of the finale, and he provided us with the exclusive first details about Season 2. Of course, it’s entirely possible that FOX won’t even renew the series for a second season, but like the rest of us, Slater is hopeful that they will… and he’s already begun the planning process.

If “The Exorcist” gets renewed, we will be meeting a whole new family. Slater explains:

A potential season two would find Marcus, Tomas and Bennett tasked with helping a new family or a new case of possession. That doesn’t mean we’ll never see any of the Rances again, but I think the fans would feel disappointed and cheated if we simply brought Captain Howdy back for round three. The Rances have escaped this legacy of terror–for the time being, anyway–and it seems cruel to immediately drag them back for ten more episodes of suffering. Our challenge now is to create a new family that you care about just as much as the Rances, and to find ways to make their story feel just as compelling and unique as what came before.

What about all the corruption in the church? Slater says we’ll be seeing more of that:

We would always continue to expand our mythology moving forward. We know that Maria Walters and Superintendent Jaffey and Cardinal Guillot are still out there somewhere, but I think the conspiracy probably runs much deeper than that. When we left our heroes at the end of the first season, they were part of only a handful of people on the planet that know this conspiracy is taking place, that evil is infiltrating every level of church and state. Going forward, I think that sense of paranoia and never quite knowing who to trust will become a much bigger component in the show. We’ve established a fun little dynamic where Tomas and Bennett are essentially now acting as moles within the Catholic church, trying to uncover just how deep this corruption has spread, while Marcus is the wild card operating outside the boundaries of the church. The goal would be to balance these personal, character-based stories with the larger mythology elements we’ve introduced, to create a world where no one and nothing is ever truly safe.

So come on, FOX. Give us what we want. #RenewTheExorcist!




  • Saturn

    I don’t know why there wouldn’t be at least a second season, it’s not as if the company owners risk their homes being repossessed.

    • huntermc

      If the executives in charge make poor financial decisions (such as renewing a show that’s not bringing them sufficient advertising income) they certainly could be fired. In which case they may not be able to afford the payments on the enormous mansions they live in.

      • Adventurer

        FOX is at fault for the supposed failure of this show. The Exorcist did not get proper promotion (it barely had any if we nitpick), it had constant breaks and it was put into a Friday night slot. All the recipes for a bottom feeder, yet it managed to gain a loyal viewership and never went below the expected number. A renewal with a better promotion and time slot would do the show much justice.

        • Saturn

          I’m starting to believe that nobody spotted my bad joke.

          • Adventurer

            I did. lol But I was replying to huntermc xD

  • DJV1985

    I’m about five episodes into this and waited to watch it in chunks over a few nights and was WAS looking forward to this but man it’s not very good. The woman playing the Mother (Forgot her name) isn’t a very good actress or at least doesn’t seem it and seems to be one of the more off putting things for me and more than likely I believe that this show was based around a failed film script. It feels like it has beat moments and certain moments fit into a narrative that would be better told in a shorter series or film and when it didn’t go anywhere a show was thought up and they had to add filler.

    It’s a shame because I honestly wanted to like this.

    • DuckingGold

      Geena Davis, not a good actress? Wtf is wrong with you?

      • Blatta

        She’s a good actress, but her acting is kind of hammy in The Exorcist.

      • DJV1985

        Just don’t think she does well in the role. She seems wooden and I don’t think that was what she was supposed to do.

    • Maxime C

      You should keep watching as it gets better and better imo.

      But come on…Geena freaking Davis ! You can’t say that about her.

      • DJV1985

        I finished the rest of the season last night but it still felt less than it could’ve been. I’m not saying Geena is a terrible actress in general but she just seemed wooden to me in the role, like I said on another comment, maybe that was what she was asked to do but she just didn’t seem to fit.

        The rest of the series felt like it was building up to something before falling into the trap of standard formula for an exorcism film. I really wanted to like this show but I just didn’t enjoy it, maybe if I’d have watched it week by week then it would’ve been better.

    • Simon Allen

      Geena Davis is amazing and her performance in this is spot on .
      Failed film script ……i don’t think so .

      • DJV1985

        I respect that you’re a fan of hers and think she’s great. I’m a big Nic Cage fan and we all know how most film fans feel about him lol but I just really don’t think she fits the role. Maybe I should’ve said that and been clearer and if you watch the series you can see that there are film script beats, if this would’ve been a shorter seasons with less filler then maybe it’d have been better.

        • Simon Allen

          I did watch the entire series and thought it was pretty great maybe what you think was filler was actually character and story development ?
          There was way too much going on to fit into one movie plus the reveals wouldn’t have had the impact they did if it had been a movie because they would have never been able to keep them under wraps .
          Also after seeing it all i find it pretty hard to image a name actress fit the role better than Geena .

          • DJV1985

            Maybe it’s just me then lol I just don’t think much of the show. By film script I mean that they set out one plot and because it became a series they added to it so the extra stuff the twists and the little bits here and there wouldn’t have been there if it’d been a film but like I said, its down to opinion and glad many people got enjoyment from it.

            Geena Davis just isn’t my cup of tea, at least in this role anyway.

          • Saturn

            Different strokes for different folks – just because I pretty much loved the show doesn’t mean that you’re wrong because you didn’t. It worked for me, didn’t for you.
            Each to their own really.

      • Ravinus

        You’re kidding right? Geena Davis may have single handedly ruined any chance for a season 2. Her acting was awful.

        • Simon Allen

          That a pretty sweeping and frankly ridiculous comment .
          I don’t think many here would agree with you at all , let alone me .

    • Adventurer

      Geena Davis is an academy award winning actress, I cannot fathom why you’d say she is not “good”. Also “failed script”? Disagreed to the fullest. The show has an overarched plot with 3 subplots running parallel to each other. Most writers cannot making a proper show from a convoluted plot like that, but the Exorcist just works. While the exorcism scenes could’ve been more refined, it still doesn’t detract from the fact that the show builds up intense mystery over the episodes, which makes it a very compelling watch.

      • DJV1985

        I never meant failed script as in it was bad, it just felt to me that it was based around a failed film script or pitch that was then turned into a television series and it did have a convoluted plot because we had three going at once and then you had to deal with all the character background stories etc. I think two would’ve been fine personally.

        Geen Davis is an academy award winner yes but that doesn’t meant she can’t have an off day/job. Look I get that others disagree with my opinion but I thought I’d share that I personally believe that she was either not given enough to do with the character or more than likely told to play the character with PTSD which as we learn (spoiler) she is the same character from the original film (end spoiler) which might have made her character seem different than what I thought but I still stand by the fact that while it did do some good, I wouldn’t say it was terrible for me, there was more boring and drawn out things than there was good.

        The Pope assassination plot didn’t need to happen because if they plan to have a second series, THAT, could’ve been the main plot of the second series rather than having it string along during the first and I do still think a shorter series would’ve done it more justice.

        • Adventurer

          It’s an original idea for the show. Jeremy Slater wasn’t part of the writing crew of the previous films.

          There weren’t that many characters or plot though. The main plot was the Church conspicracy, which overarched the Rance family’s struggles, Tomas and Marcus’ backgrounds. They all ran parallel to each other as well, so the subplots played integral part to the storyline.

          The Pope assassination plot made the mystery more compelling and made it more of a political horror. Also it stressed the adage “Demons are manipulative”, making it more appropriate for the show. It also made the story overarched, and actually left it open for a second season. Without it, there would be no reason for the some of the characters (viz Tomas, Marcus and Bennett) to return for a S2 (if it gets renewed), and Slater has stated he doesn’t want an anthology series but a continuation. He has also stated that he does not want to rehash Pazuzu’s plot again.

          I don’t know what you mean. We never saw enough of her character in the original film to even know what her character was like. Yes, she was on screen throughout the film but they were all after she got possessed. So you can’t draw a comparison here since Geena Davis’ character was herself upto the 8th episode.

  • Maxime C

    The only thing I disliked in The Exorcist was the set up for season 2. How they were looking at each other with a little smile that says “Hey let’s join forces and fight Evil together starting next september when Fox validates a season 2 ” , walking out in a little dark street…A bit much guys !

    • Mehliens

      True, it cheapened the otherwise good show to almost Buffy level within a few seconds. Yeah we get it, holy ass kickers and hurray for christ.

      • khail19

        Buffy level. woah woah woah woah woah woah. You just did not! But seriously tho, I get what you mean.

    • Saturn

      A bit too much Agents Of SHIELD…..

  • Charles Cumella

    I think we need a buddy comedy about Marcus and Tomas doing exorcisms around the world! Haha

    But in all seriousness, The Exorcist is one of the best shows out there and it deserves a second season, and the idea of another family and Marcus, Tomas and Bennett delving deeper into Catholic church corruption is the right way to go.

    I just think Regan/Angela should have died at the end, it would have made more of an impact for me, not denying that it was a great finale though.

    • J Jett

      Charles i completely love this show and i loved the finale but too think Angela should have died at the end.

    • Adventurer

      Killing Angela would have been a terrible decision for the franchise though. I mean she has already been possessed multiple times before, it would just be unfair to her character to kill her after everything she’s been through.

  • Adventurer

    A very compelling horror drama tbh Deserves a season two. Geena Davis nailed down her character near the end when when she turns evil. Alfonso-Daniels partnership would make for a very compelling watch. A renewal with better promo and time slot would do the show much required justice. Looking forward to S2 if it gets renewed, if not it still made for a compelling entertaining watch.

  • J Jett


  • Dohan

    We need a season 2

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