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How Can We Not Talk About This Real Photo of an Alleged Demon Monster?

Has the Mothman arrived in Phoenix, Arizona?

The more important question: WHY ARE THESE PHOTOS ALWAYS SO BLURRY?!

Every day has its own viral thing here on the internet, and today’s is actually pretty cool. I mean, at least it’s like way cooler than some terrible tragedy or depressing bit of awfulness. Richard Christianson, a man living in Phoenix, Arizona, recently posted a photograph on his Facebook page that is being spread far and wide across the internet today. No, it’s not a picture of his cat doing something super cute, but rather a photo of, like, I don’t even know. I think it’s a demon. Or an angel. It might be Satan himself. Whatever it is, I’m glad it’s not hanging out in my town.

The grainy photo appears to show some sort of winged creature either taking off or landing, and though Christianson himself snapped the photo, even he has no idea what stood before him.

What the hell do you see in this picture for reals???” he captioned it. “Anybody?

The photo has received nearly 100,000 shares today alone, and though many are convinced that the flying creature is a harbinger of impending doom – sort of like the Mothman, which this thing certainly looks a whole hell of a lot like – others have less paranormal explanations. Some say it’s merely a tree, while others believe that Christianson is playing a prank on us all.

We’ll let you decide.





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