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This Retro-Style ‘Creepshow’ Action Figure Celebrates Father’s Day Early

It’s the first ever Creepshow action figure!

New York-based toy company Amok Time’s Monstarz line has given us some pretty awesome horror collectibles over the years, including last year’s Critters vinyl toy and first-ever Dr. Herbert West action figure. Now available for pre-order, ahead of its mid-February release date, is the first in a series of Creepshow figures, this one celebrating standout segment “Father’s Day.”

A retro-style collectible that will fit in perfectly with most 3.75″ scaled action figure lines, this figure of Nathan Grantham features 9 points of articulation, a hinged jaw, interchangeable hands, and a display base. Of course, you can’t have Nathan without his cake, and indeed Amok Time has taken the figure to the next level by including a “head cake” accessory. The toy stands 3.8″ tall.

Here’s a little trivia tidbit for ya. The undead Nathan Grantham was portrayed by John Amplas, who four years prior played the titular character in George Romero’s Martin!

According to the back of the toy’s packaging, a retro-style action figure of the monstrous Fluffy from Creepshow‘s “The Crate” segment is coming to the Monstarz line in the future.

Pre-order your Nathan Grantham toy for $19.99 over on the Amok Time website.








  • Creepshow

    I understand this is smaller scale, but those candles look ridiculous. And give Nathan a little bit of color for Christ sakes! Or do I have to paint him like a model car?

    • The candles look like red-tipped dildos.

      • Creepshow

        Sylvia was decapitated while parading around in her 7 dildo hat.

  • Devon Lutzenberger

    Pretty cool.

  • Hank desperately needs one from this scene:

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