Artist Turns Classic Horror Movies into Animated Neon Signs - Bloody Disgusting!

Artist Turns Classic Horror Movies into Animated Neon Signs

Suddenly I’m struck with the desire to open a horror-themed bar.

We love profiling unique horror movie art here on Bloody Disgusting, and this fun series from UK-based illustrator and 3D animator Michael Whaite definitely fits that bill. Using programs like Flash and Adobe After Effects, Whaite has been turning iconic movie imagery into brightly colored, eye-popping GIFs, depicting some of the best horror movies of all time as neon bar signs.

Films like Psycho, Jaws, Beetlejuice, The Shining, and Frankenstein have been given the neon treatment by Whaite, and though he didn’t go all out and actually turn the art into signs that you can buy and display in your home, we think that just looking at these is cool enough. Speaking of cool, wait until you get down to The Shining one at the bottom, which is so goddamn perfect.

Gotta love the creativity!









  • Devon Lutzenberger

    Those all look great. My favorite one has to be The Shining.

  • OctoberLIBRA

    King Kong tho…. really? Looks like Brian Plumper

  • Matt

    Psycho and Jaws are great.