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Tom Holland is Working on a ‘Fright Night 3’ Novel and Possible Film

You’re still so cool, Brewster.

With the Copyright Act of 1976, the US Congress granted artists the possibility to reclaim previously licensed works after 35 years, and the legendary Tom Holland is hoping to soon exercise those rights and bring the ORIGINAL Fright Night franchise back from the dead. Holland, who wrote and directed Fright Night, had to sell off the rights back in 1984 in order to get the film made, and as he noted on Twitter over the weekend, “the Fright Night copyrights come back to papa” in 2019. What does this mean? Holland seems to be planning a full-on franchise relaunch.

Oh the things I’m going to do,” Holland teased, before digging deeper into his plans.

In a series of tweets, mostly replies to fans pressing him for more info, Holland revealed that he’s “almost finished with Fright Night 3 the novel,” and he also noted that “many things grow from there.” Holland even spilled some beans about the novel’s plot, telling a fan that Charley and Amy will be back. Holland teased, “Not sure who lives next door now, but I bet he has fangs…

Naturally, Holland was also asked if a movie sequel to the original franchise was in the cards, and he said that yes, that is his eventual hope. We assume that would be an adaptation of the Fright Night 3 novel that he is currently penning, as it would only make logical sense.

For the next two years, a private equity firm will remain the Fright Night rights holders.




  • Peter Kushing

    God, let it go man. That sequel was awful and the remake was even worse. Peter Vincent is long gone too. If Sarandon was involved as a vampire again, I might give a fuck. Other than that, let this franchise die, along with the Lost boys.

    • Eastman420

      Ive never seen the second film, impossible to find. Does it bring everyone back from first film or is it totally different?

      • Bobbydevil

        Only Charlie and Peter are back. I liked the second one though, it’s fun. Pretty sure it’s on youtube.

        • Eastman420

          Awesome it is on youtube thanks man. I know what im doing tonight now.

          • Joey Click

            It’s better than some of the crap sequels some of our favorite films here. But ultimately, it wastes the talents of Ragsdale and McDowell. It’s hamy and sets up Charley in an idiotic way.

          • Andrew Thompson

            The regression with Charlie is such a weird choice. There’s nothing about the story that necessitates him believing vampires don’t exist at the start, and he’s the first one to think they do, making it a pretty worthless arc.

            The last twenty minutes or so are fun to me. Everything else was lacking compared to the first film.

      • Saturn

        It’s not an 80’s classic like the original – but it’s still a fun little ride and worth a watch. It’s not a massive step down in quality like Lost Boys 2 was…….

      • Betafett

        Fright Night 2 is just meh. It tries to assume the ‘cool’ vibe that vampire flicks had in the late 80s (Near Dark, Lost Boys etc.) and loses a lot of the creepy atmosphere of the first.

      • Peter Kushing

        Charlie and Peter are back against Chris Sarandon’s sister this time. It’s unwatchable honestly.

  • Khy

    I wonder if the company that owns it now will spit out another sequel to the remake before 2019 gets here.

    Honestly it sounds like Holland is bumping his gums. Is a Fright Night 3(regardless if one comes thats a sequel to the original or remake) truly wanted by anyone?

    • Saturn

      Yes, Very much so.

    • Eastman420

      Hell yeah

      • Khy

        Well shucky darn, my bad lol

    • Joey Click

      Good God yes. His original script is top five scripts ever written in the genre.

    • THGrimm

      Yes please! I need to sink my fangs into more of Tom Holland’s Fright Night.

  • disqus_uqr3Boh0Wp

    I bet that’s knocked the private equity firm that have the current rights for six. ha ha ha. Tom must be laughing right now.

  • Oh, another Tom Holland project that will never see the light of day. Where’s The Ten O’Clock People?

  • Joey Click

    Wait, what does possibility mean here? Can the equity firm renew or continue as rights holders? This is the greatest news I have ever read in my life, no joke. I’d give him all my monies to get this made.

  • Betafett

    Fright Night ’85 is my favourite horror flick. This makes me sooooo happy!

    Ian McKellan for Peter Vincent!

  • It would be an interesting idea for a sequel to revisit characters 30+ years later and see how their adult life turned out as it would skip a lot unnecessary character arcs and give us a fresh spin on the characters (possibly going through a divorce? Midlife crisis?).

    If done right could be a lot of fun like the original.

  • THGrimm

    I’d love to see the return of Evil Ed. It would be perfect for him to haunt Brewster and Amy after all these years after they have a family or something. Or maybe Amy is abducted by Ed in a plot to draw Charlie out into the fold. It’s a shame Stephen Geoffreys (who played Evil Ed) didn’t want to come back so he could do 976-Evil, but that’s okay because I honestly love 976-Evil ha. No one ever talks about that film, which I don’t get as it was Robert Englund’s directorial debut!

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