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Predator Hunts Pokemon in Clever ‘Pokemon GONE’ Fan Film

Gotta catch ’em all. Gotta kill ’em all.

I’m not sure if people are still doing it, as I admittedly don’t enter public places very often, but last year, Pokemon GO seemed to take over the whole damn world. Everyone was walking around with their heads buried in their phones (moreso than usual), on the hunt for Pokemon characters, and though the amusement of the whole thing was mostly lost on me, it was nice to at least see everyone having fun and getting out of the house. If only for a moment, we were bonded by our shared desire to capture fake animals, and there was something heartwarming about that.

And when I say EVERYONE plays Pokemon GO, I mean EVERYONE.

Yes, even your friendly neighborhood Predator.

In the humorous fan film Pokemon GONE, just released by Film Hounds, a Predator takes to the jungle on the hunt for Pokemon characters, and he’s not interested in collecting them but rather, as you might expect, killing them. Armed with his laser blaster and razor-sharp gauntlets, this particular Predator is dead set on laying waste to Pikachu and friends, and the short is filmed through his point-of-view. It’s surprisingly well made, so give it a watch below.



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