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Letterboxd Reveals Top 10 Highest Rated Horror Films of 2016

We’ve shared our Top 10s. We’ve shared YOUR Top 10. But what about EVERYONE’S Top 10?

There’s no better way to keep track of the movies you watch than through Letterboxd, a website devoted to chronicling “your life in film.” In addition to logging films watched, Letterboxd allows users to rate and even review those films, and based on the 1-through-5 star rating system, the site begins every year by looking back at the highest-rated films released in the previous year.

Letterboxd just posted their annual Year in Review, and we thought you might be interested to see which films dominated the Horror category. Again, these are the ten horror movies that were the highest rated by the thousands upon thousands of Letterboxd users throughout the year of 2016. In many ways, this can be considered the definitive ranking of 2016’s horror output.

The site explains:

We’ve spent the past couple of weeks compiling and fine-tuning the results, based on our community’s combined ratings as at January 1, 2017. As on the site, we differentiate between popular films (a measure of the amount of activity a film receives regardless of rating) and highly rated films. Rankings in the “Highest Rated” categories are based on the same weighted average used on the site (the ‘weighted’ part refers to a mechanism that ensures a more accurate average rating for films with a low number of ratings, and is based on the approach used by IMDb).

So then, what was the highest-rated horror film of 2016 on Letterboxd? That’d be Jeremy Saulnier’s unnerving and intense Green Room, which all of us here on Bloody Disgusting absolutely loved. In the #2 spot is South Korean film The Wailing, and the Top 5 is rounded out with The Witch, Train to Busan, and 10 Cloverfield Lane. The complete Top 10 can be seen below.

If you’re looking for some great recommendations, look no further!





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