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Letterboxd Reveals Top 10 Highest Rated Horror Films of 2016

We’ve shared our Top 10s. We’ve shared YOUR Top 10. But what about EVERYONE’S Top 10?

There’s no better way to keep track of the movies you watch than through Letterboxd, a website devoted to chronicling “your life in film.” In addition to logging films watched, Letterboxd allows users to rate and even review those films, and based on the 1-through-5 star rating system, the site begins every year by looking back at the highest-rated films released in the previous year.

Letterboxd just posted their annual Year in Review, and we thought you might be interested to see which films dominated the Horror category. Again, these are the ten horror movies that were the highest rated by the thousands upon thousands of Letterboxd users throughout the year of 2016. In many ways, this can be considered the definitive ranking of 2016’s horror output.

The site explains:

We’ve spent the past couple of weeks compiling and fine-tuning the results, based on our community’s combined ratings as at January 1, 2017. As on the site, we differentiate between popular films (a measure of the amount of activity a film receives regardless of rating) and highly rated films. Rankings in the “Highest Rated” categories are based on the same weighted average used on the site (the ‘weighted’ part refers to a mechanism that ensures a more accurate average rating for films with a low number of ratings, and is based on the approach used by IMDb).

So then, what was the highest-rated horror film of 2016 on Letterboxd? That’d be Jeremy Saulnier’s unnerving and intense Green Room, which all of us here on Bloody Disgusting absolutely loved. In the #2 spot is South Korean film The Wailing, and the Top 5 is rounded out with The Witch, Train to Busan, and 10 Cloverfield Lane. The complete Top 10 can be seen below.

If you’re looking for some great recommendations, look no further!




  • For me, Green Room was awful, the movie is about some dumb teenagers making dumb decisions, I couldn’t find the plot while I saw the film.
    The Witch, is so overrated in my opinion. I found the film so boring, however the last 15 minutes were cool.

    For me Train to Busan is the best film of 2016, a good surprise, the epic zombie film that “WWgarbageZ” should be.

    • AlsDisciple

      Is it possible to agree and disagree with someone? I totally see your points on both Green Room and The Witch, but for whatever reason, both movies really worked for me.

      Watching Green Room I kept asking questions like “Why do they keep running back to the same fucking spot?” But I was still totally in to the film. I’m guessing it’s because I love punk and grew up in that neck of the woods, so I recognized all the characters. Which was both cool and sad (in the case of the skinheads).

      As for The Witch, it might be one of my favorite films of the year, but I get why people think it’s boring. That movie moves at a pace that makes molasses look quick. I’ve recommended it to only two people. One fell asleep the other thought it was creepy as hell. Both had to turn on subtitles to figure out what the hell the characters were saying.

    • silverfishimperitrix

      “Train To Busan” is a horror classic. The others on this list, not so much

      • David Andrew Baros

        A horror classic? According to whom? I’ve never even heard of this film. And I’m a horror movie fanatic!

        • Froh Frankletick

          Oh, wow. You deserve all of the awards, my man.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      you didnt understand nor Green Room or The Witch, so dont say they are bad, just say “I didnt liked them”

      • It’s just my opinion, for me they’re bad!

  • JoeInTheBox

    I’m surprised Green Room and Don’t Breathe get categorized as horror movies. I would place them as thrillers. Like I wouldn’t call Assault on Precinct 13 a horror movie, and it has basically the same setup as Green Room.

    I feel like Don’t Breathe gets the horror category for having been directed by Alvarez. But if say, an action director made it, it wouldn’t be seen as horror.

    • Angela M Campany


    • Jack Derwent

      Green Room I agree but I think ‘Don’t Breathe’ was intended to be a horror film.

  • Biscoito18

    “The Love Witch” completely flew under my radar. I’ve never heard of it until now. Looks very interesting.

  • RKSDooM

    I didn’t, like, actively hate DON’T BREATHE, but it just totally failed to connect with me on any kind of emotional level.

    • James

      It was just ok for me. Not great but not horrible.

    • J Jett

      RKSDooM, same here. i’m a big Jane Levy fan and i love Fede’s EVIL DEAD flick but DON’T BREATHE i just didn’t really care for very much.

    • Weresmurf

      I mean, I loathed it. Absolutely loathed it. Thought it was insultingly dumb. Felt it had a great concept let down by a Uwe Boll level script…

      • lostboy408

        It would have been gangbusters as a 40 minute short film, but in trying make a limp premise feature length it greatly weakens any real impact it could have had.

        • Weresmurf

          100% agreed. As a short movie, it would’ve been awesome. But it was padded out with at least an hour of bullshit.

    • Will Schuster

      Turkey baster.

      • RKSDooM

        No thank you – I’m still full from dinner.

  • Douglas Young

    Not a single horror icon? What a sad list. Hopefully 2017 will be better.

    • KazeMunashii

      dont worry my freind. alien’s got you covered 🙂

  • Spencer Rutt

    I agree with The Wailing, The Witch, and 10 Cloverfield Lane.

  • Unkle Amon

    Eyes of my mother is missing.

    • KazeMunashii

      +1 fr mentioning nen demn. one f the best sundtracks this year.

      • The Fucked Up

        There, I’ve supplied you with a complimentary set of o’s. Try to use them

  • The Witch should be #1. It’s not only the best horror movie of 2016, but one of the very best movies of 2016!

    • Loretta Phy

      We didn’t watch the same film then. Didn’t see the hype. I’ll say it again….a trip to the petting zoo would have been more entertaining than that movie built around a stupid goat.

      • KazeMunashii

        yea, i gotta agree. in some ways it only beats out blair witch remake by ne r two points, but its still waaaay slow paced and the reveal and the end left me wanting more.

        • Asher Jackson

          I liked the slow burn but Blair Witch was better.

    • Mr. William Davis

      I would disagree. It didn’t live up to its hype.

    • matthew hayward

      I agree, fantastic film, very subtle which i guess a lot of people miss. loads of background tension and dread. now in my top 5 horror films of all time. Masterpiece.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    why is the not horror Green Room there?

    • Jochen Rohmeier

      psychothriller/torture genre = also horror

  • DarkSlayerSigma[Abysswalker66]

    The Wailing is a masterpiece!

  • Bumper

    I put aside 3 hours of my time to watch The Wailing and I just don’t get the hype, the acting is so hammy it takes away any of the tension – the last 20 mins were good but by that time I had lost all interest.

    • Matt Miller

      The same happened to me XD. I just didn’t get into it and at the end I just wanted it to finish. Maybe I wasn’t paying a lot of atention but also those last minutes are incredibly confusing.

    • Mr. William Davis

      Agreed. I thought it was pretty dull.

  • Charlie

    I fucking loved Don’t Breathe. Worthy mention!

    • Asher Jackson

      Totally agree, I was shocked at how the director executed the scenes so well.

  • Creepshow

    Although it’s not a bad film, I was a little underwhelmed with Under the Shadow. It was just kinda ho-hum with not much payoff. But if you want to hear a mother yell her daughter’s name 87 times, then give it a go.

    Dorsa! Dorsa! Dorsa! Dorsa!….

  • sliceanddice

    right the wailing… should i watch it? i used to love international horror but moved away after i was disappointed by noroi the curse and a few others. i do love films like i saw the devil, ringu and others. so… some one tell me

    • KazeMunashii

      sure, im actually trying to finish it up and im only like maybe 20-25mins in but it loks like its gonna be good.

    • YES you should watch it. It isn’t a perfect movie, it’s too long and some scenes don’t make sense. With that being said, the acting is WORLD class, the story is mesmerizing, the tension is gut wrenching, and the end is pure fucking poetry. Just my 2 cents… 🙂

    • Mr. William Davis

      You should not. It was pretty boring.

  • Komori Otoko

    I’m surprised to see The Love Witch rated in the top ten. Didn’t that get a pretty limited release? And it’s not available on disc or to stream yet to my knowledge. There can’t be that many people who saw it unless I’m dead wrong about how difficult it would have been to see it.

    • Komori Otoko

      Same with Evolution, actually, though I did get to see that one, made my top 10 aswell, so did Green Room, The Wailing, The Witch and Train to Busan.

  • Pihlis

    Train to Busan was really good zombie movie.

  • Rachel Wesley

    I thought the Witch was terrible. There was nothing even remotely scary about it. Very, very disappointing.

    • Mr. William Davis

      I’d tend to agree with you. Visually it looked good, but man, was it dreadfully boring.

  • ‘The VVitch’, ‘The Wailing’, ‘Green Room’, ‘Don’t Breathe’, and ‘The Conjuring 2’ were all great movies. ‘Evolution’ was watchable, but not recommendable. It was too artsy and abstract and had way too few scares and too little dialogue. I have heard good things about ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ and ‘Train to Busan’ but haven’t seen them. I have never even heard of ‘The Love Witch’.

  • As anyone who regularly uses Letterboxd knows,Letterboxd is pretty much as much of a film diary as it is an alternate to the overcrowded movie blog universe of Blogspot to those that yearn to do a movie blog with a lot of comfortable room to comfortably do it in,for Letterboxd pretty much works for me(and everyone else that happily uses the site) when it comes to sharing the love of films(and the films one watches) with everyone that populates the Internet universe.

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