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Tobe Hooper Directed the Best Freddy Krueger Origin Story We’ve Yet Seen; Watch Now!

Today we celebrate the birthday of a horror master.

Tobe Hooper is most known for introducing the world to Leatherface in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, arguably the most terrifying horror film ever made. He also directed the ’86 sequel, but Hooper’s career didn’t begin and end in Texas. Films like The Funhouse, Salem’s Lot, and Poltergeist firmly established him as a true master… and he even once made a trip to Elm Street.

Yes, two years after returning to Texas for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Tobe Hooper directed the pilot episode of Elm Street spinoff series “Freddy’s Nightmares.Though the show primarily featured Freddy (played by Robert Englund) as the Crypt Keeper-like host of unrelated tales, the pilot delved deep into his origin story… deeper than the film franchise ever did.

The Hooper-directed episode premiered on October 9th, 1988, and it was titled “No More Mr. Nice Guy.” The episode begins with Fred Krueger on trial for the murder of several children in Springwood, Ohio, but of course, he gets off scot-free. The Elm Street parents take the law into their own hands, burning Krueger alive and inadvertently turning him into a Dream Demon.

“No More Mr. Nice Guy” isn’t exactly the Nightmare On Elm Street prequel we deserve, but it stands out as an important piece of the overall mythology of Freddy Krueger. It’s the best we’ve gotten in terms of a franchise origin story (maybe the next reboot should take some notes from it?), and the fact that Tobe Hooper directed it makes it that much more special.

Celebrate Hooper’s birthday by watching his Elm Street prequel below!



  • Geno1987

    Confessions of Fred Krueger should also be mentioned. Great fan film that shows a very real world look at how someone like Freddy was molded by society.

  • Of course, we got some nifty flashback stuff in Freddy Vs Jason of the Springwood Slasher days.

  • Rocky

    what a joke: Tobe Hooper made the most over hyped piece of shit all time with TCM, the most boring and over rated piece of cinema EVER. Needs to be put out of its misery and it’s sad existence forgotten.

    • Both Chas. Balun and Joe Bob Briggs made sure that THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE was fully intact with film cinema history for eternity.

      • Rocky

        I dont care if Donald Trump made it intact for cinema history…doesn’t hide the fact it’s still the worst horror of all time.

        • Eastman420

          Please no politics, enough of that shit on every other site. Just wanna read and talk about horror movies.

          • cduns

            Thank you

        • Gaël Deux

          Rocky what’s your best movie of all time, wanna know.

          • Creepshow

            Rocky V

          • Rocky

            what my fave film is neither here or there….that doesn’t change the fact this film is still a terrible bore.

    • Eastman420

      Let me guess big fanof the remake?

    • Munchie

      Dude, there are opinions and then there are terribly misguided judgments. TCM is a certified classic piece of cinema.

    • gabriel

      you hate alien and the TCM?

  • pablitonizer

    He’s had ups and downs, like many horror movie directors!

  • jurgmandr

    They did touch on his origins in the terribly boring remake of Nightmare on Elm St.

    • Munchie

      That was Freddy’s illegitimate cousin Frederick.

    • Saturn

      I misread that as “they did touch on his organs”

  • The Drucifer

    The acting was terrible. TERRIBLE! Lol, I have an affinity for this show that nostalgia dictates, but it’s aged like a Moose’s butthole.

    • nowaygetreal

      I am unaware of how poorly a moose’s butthole ages.

      • Munchie

        Very poorly.

      • The Drucifer

        Like shit. It ages like shit.

      • Matt Gleason

        How does one acquire this knowledge? 😉

    • cduns

      Yeah…the acting is pretty shit. And it’s very very dated. I wished Tobe Hooper had added something in or did something a little creative with the story.

      • The Drucifer

        I liked the fact you never see Freddy’s face…and the Dutch angles….and the….why is there blood coming out of my ears….feeling itchy, hungry…

  • Grimphantom

    The only thing i remember of this show is when Freddy possessed a woman and leaving her in her underwear and starting to grab her body.

  • Munchie

    I thought this show was terrible back then. It looks like a goddamn student production nowadays.

  • RKSDooM

    This was a fun – if low quality – treat, back in the day, but it contradicts both the original A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and FREDDY’S DEAD.

    That bit where the lead cop guy is pouring gasoline on Krueger and Freddy’s all like – “Yeah! Bring it on! I’m thirsty!” – is pretty glorious though.

  • Fracassi

    I still think the Marston House in Tobe Hooper’s Salem’s Lot is the creepiest derelict mansion, although RE7 is giving it some stiff competition.

  • Kaged

    Why would you want people to know you directed this xD

  • Jean-François Martel

    Why couldn’t they have used that premise for the remake??
    The lack of budget shows like in the rest of the episodes i saw but the story has a lot of potential and could be great (the focus on the parents and them dealing with the fallout of this and the traumatized daughter feeling Freddy coming back the fact that Freddy is more in the background like in the first movie).

  • IHateCreativeKills

    The good old 80’s where we had Freddy’s Nightmares, Tales from the Darkside, Friday the 13th the series, numerous Friday Night horror shows (Creature Feature and Friday Fright Night in Kansas City)…. Ugh, now we have shitty horror movies and TV shows like Scream

    • BloonTooner

      I agree – Have you ever watched the El Rey Network? Its run by Robert Rodriguez and they frequently run events like “Creature Feature Fridays” where they show a wide range of horror films from Godzilla classics and undisputed masterpieces to the campiest and most disgusting in late 70s and early 80s Italian exploitation zombie films, among other things.
      It’s a great channel that hearkens back to another time.

  • Petra Bazeer

    Love it!!! Great post.

  • Brett

    Nothing ever scared me like Salem’s Lot’s famous window scratching scene. I was probably 8 or 9, watching on a tiny black and white TV in my brother’s bedroom. I’ll never forget it.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    I find it very crap actually… It’s poorly filmed, the acting isn’t very good… And it totally contradicts the original movie. BTW, his entire background was revealed in Freddy’s Dead flashbacks, and it totally ignored this pilot episode.

  • THGrimm

    The show is not perfect by any means, but I just love being in Springwood with Robert Englund.

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