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iam8bit’s “Resident Evil Escape Experience” is Going on Tour!



Just before Halloween I wrote about iam8bit’s “Resident Evil Escape Experience.” I loved every minute of it and it still holds up as my favorite escape room experience. The big issue was that by the time I was able to write about it, the event was sold out and only a few more slots were going to be added. That’s why I’m excited to report the experience is going on tour!

The coolest thing about the experience is that while it’s branded as a “Resident Evil 7 biohazard” [review] event, it pulls equally from all the best games in the series. If there’s an iconic environment you’ve been dying to see come to life from the game series, chances are you won’t leave disappointed. I’m not sure if the puzzles have changed much since October, but at the time I thought they found a perfect balance between making you sit there scratching your head and being so easy that you just fly right through.

Event dates and locations are below. The San Francisco, Boston and Austin dates line up with some GDC, PAX East and SXSW, so if you’re planning on being at any of those, leave a night open to check out the experience! If you’d like to purchase tickets, just click right here.

San Francisco, CA: February 8 – March 5

Portland, OR: February 8 – March 5

New York, NY: February 22 – March 19

Boston, MA: February 22 – March 19

Chicago, IL: March 8 – April 2

Austin, TX: March 8 – April 2



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