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Horror Dominating Box Office in 2017; 5 of Top 10 Highest Grossing Are Horror Films!

Well this makes us happy.

For the third weekend in a row, M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller Split just landed atop box office charts, to date pulling in just under $100,000,000 at the domestic box office. I think it’s pretty safe to say that nobody expected the film, made for just $9 million, to be the money-making powerhouse that it’s proven to be, but one thing is now more certain than ever: Shyamalan is back, and he’s back in a big way. Split is his first film since The Sixth Sense to top the charts three weeks in a row, and we couldn’t be happier to see the twist-master back in top form.

But Split isn’t the only horror movie success story of 2017.

Out of the 10 films with the highest domestic grosses in 2017 so far, HALF of them are horror movies. Split is of course leading the pack with $98,700,950, and it’s joined by Underworld: Blood Wars in 5th place ($29,928,535), The Bye Bye Man in 6th ($22,044,416), Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in 7th ($21,851,775) and this past weekend’s Rings in 9th ($13,000,000).

Now before you go and try to take this victory away from the horror genre by bashing one or maybe even all of these movies, keep this in mind: when even one horror film does well at the box office, it’s a good thing for the entire horror genre at large. When horror does well in theaters, studios make and release more horror movies in theaters, and that is a victory for us all.

The Bye Bye Man may be bad, but like Split, it’s successful (and original) horror all the same.

And that’s the most important thing here. While horror sequels may not be performing all that well this year, original horror movies are killing it; something we can all be happy about.

Another cool thing to point out is that both Underworld: Blood Wars (Anna Foerster) and The Bye Bye Man (Stacy Title) were directed by women. Yes, two of the top 10 highest grossing movies of 2017, at the time of writing this post, are horror movies directed by women. Fittingly, February is Women in Horror Month, but that’d be damn good to see any time of the year.

Keep on kicking ass, 2017 horror!

Here’s the chart, via Box Office Mojo





    Has anything but horror movies been released this year? I guess there’s that “XXX” movie, but what other options has anyone had really? Horror, horror, some more horror or a Vin Diesel movie. Good but not really, it’d be like Usain Bolt winning the Special Olympics.

    • The_Gentleman

      A lot of box office has gone to awards films carrying over. That’s the problem with his list. It’s accurate for 2017 releases but not indicative of the REAL box office numbers for the year so far.

  • G.A. McGillivray

    It’s too bad then that when a big name studio – releases a big budget horror movie – with big budget talent — and the main guy behind a well known horror site starts shouting that he’s upset that this new horror movie might be similar to another horror movie from the past – and paints a very negative vibe about the movie just before it’s released. Talk about trying to kill the horror scene which is already so fragile.

    Because every horror movie in the last 30 years has been an original idea?

    Irks me when people with a bigger voice, who are self proclaimed horror advocates put out negativity about new horror movies coming out. Especially when the entire thing at the time was based – simply – on a 30 second teaser trailer.

    “Ooooh it has space suits! A space ship! A monster! It’s a rip off I’m so mad! How dare they insult us! Don’t they understand that us horror dans do not put up with repetitive clones? That new F13 movie? Will be 100% original. No knives. no campsites. no killer. no teens. That next Saw movie? No killing. no blood. no torture. The next shark movie? Better not have water! No swimming! and no goddamn sharks or it’s just a clone of other shark movies!!!”

    Anyways that’s what I got from the rant the other day on this site….

  • Creepshow

    Before we break out the pom-poms, January is “shit month” at the cinema. So there’s no staunch competition against these throw-away horror movies (minus Split). Films making under 30 million dollars at the domestic box office is nothing to pop the champagne over.

  • Rocky

    ummm I would not classify some of those ‘horror’ films you have named as horrors.

  • Khy

    SPLIT is not a fucking horror.

    • sofian.

      Says who? You’re not the judge. Split is a horror. And so was Green Room. Mentioning Green Room because I bet you had the same reaction towards the movie.

      • Khy

        You are so correct. I am not the judge.

        But the man who wrote and directed the film is. M. Night has said that SPLIT is NOT horror. He’s the judge.

        Sit down.

        • The_Gentleman

          You’re a gigantic fucking moron. Art is subjective. Each person has a different intepretation. The artist himself has different relationship to his work than the consumer. It is what it is to M. Night. It is what is to others. None are wrong aside from genre fascists like you. When you put your art out into the world the world changes it. The Ramones are considered punk rock. Do you know that they themselves considered themselves a pop band, like the Beach Boys? And they were. Are you gonna say one of those labels is wrong?

          • Khy

            Blah blah blah. It isn’t a horror film. But your aborted fetus logic- The Avengers can be horror film! Twilight too! Hell even fucking Toy Story!
            You’re a dumb ass. It’s not horror.

          • The_Gentleman

            You didn’t pay attention to anything I said. Now you’re on the defensive. You’ve lost. Beaten by well thought out opinions. You’re mentally retarded and a shameful fan. You just keep repeating the same thing. You have no argument. Kill yourself on video so I can watch. That would be a comedy, not a horror film BTW

          • Bumper

            I have to defend this guy, if Shymalan comes out and says it isn’t a horror film he made then it shouldn’t be classed as one.
            I appreciate it is subjective and open to opinion but with that sort of logic anything can be a horror film, I remember being at a horror festival before that showed a flipping western movie but because people got shot in violent over the top ways it was enough to class it as horror.
            Personally, I would put Split in the horror category but I wouldn’t be having a hissy if it wound up in the thriller section of some streaming service.

          • Bumper

            just to add fuel to the fire no way is Green Room a horror movie, I don’t care what anyone says.

          • The_Gentleman

            “You can put it another way, of course; you always can.”
            ― Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending

          • Wes Draven

            But, by your logic, if a director says it’s of a certain genre, The Avengers can be a horror film.

          • Khy

            But they would never say they because they aren’t idiotic enough to think that

          • Wes Draven

            You’re missing the point.

    • Wes Draven

      It’s a psychological horror film. Horror has various subsidiaries to it. At the very least, it has horror elements.

      • Khy

        Not according to the director. Having horror-esque elements doesn’t make it a horror. It’s simply a dark drama/thriller in M Night’s words.

        • Wes Draven

          It doesn’t matter what the director says, what matters is what it is.

          • Khy

            LOL So the guy who wrote and directed his own movies has no say in what it is?

          • Wes Draven

            … Um, yes? This isn’t rocket science. Stan Lee could say Spider-Man was a comedic drama all he wants, but it’d be a lie.

    • johnv23

      Pretty sure Split is a Horror movie….

      I’m guessing you don’t consider Don’t Breathe a horror movie either? Or Silence of the lambs? Misery? etc

      Anything that evokes a feeling of dread or fear, or causes someone to scream out loud is considered horror in my book!

      • Khy

        I’m only going on what M Night said. It’s not a horror. He’s the director/writer, he knows what his film is.

        • The_Gentleman

          A person can interpret the film however they suss it out. I’m sure M. would agree with that.

  • Wes Draven

    Except that, Underworld wasn’t successful, The Bye Bye Man wasn’t successful, and Rings wasn’t successful.

    • Thiago S.

      Underworld’s made $80 million worldwide so far out of a $35 million budget. How’s that not successful?

      • Carlton Fisher

        …..if you refuse to count international box office because it rains on your theory that everything you don’t like is pure shit, then it’s a “complete failure.” Otherwise, yeah, most normal people would say, “Doing pretty well.”

        • Wes Draven

          Um, … what? I did count international box-office. I also didn’t call them shit, but numbers are numbers.

          Rings cost 25 million dollars and can only hope to break even.
          Bye Bye Man dropped 80% in its second week and won’t break even. Underworld, I did a whole explanation for. I didn’t call them a complete failure, they simply didn’t churn a profit, and thereby, weren’t successes.

          The only successes really have been Resident Evil (which is a series I’d call “shit”) and Split. Dislike has nothing to do with it, these are objective truths.

      • Wes Draven

        I’m glad you asked! 😀

        A film that makes 80 million worldwide off a 35 million dollar budget doesn’t make a 55 million dollar profit. That’s a common misconception. The production budget has to be taken into account, and, for a film like this, I’d estimate that’s at about 25 million dollars, all in all, which, you might disagree with, but that’s actually on the conservative side. Now, with a 50 million dollar budget for a film that makes 80 million worldwide, that means 30 million dollars worth of profit, right? Not when you take into account the amount of money that theaters receive from ticket sales, which will, if we’re still being modest, be at least 20 million. (Theaters often receive as much as 30-40% of a film’s profits, more if the film is smaller and has less demand.)

        All in all, the film will have only took home about 10 million dollars, if that, and thereby, can’t be referred to as a success when you consider the amount that went into it.

  • EvilHead1981

    LOL, and of the horror movies on that list, the only good one was Split. Don’t get me wrong, I love when horror is successful, but when bad horror movies find success, studios tend to get the wrong ideas in what to focus on, giving more leeway to “garden variety” tripe than investing in new, interesting ideas. With 00s nostalgia driven movies like Resident Evil and Underworld, “reboot” of the American version of the Ring (which was also 00s) and the Bye Bye Man drawing heavily on the bad 00s “teen horror” bullshit that came out that decade, having studios take notes from the 00s horror in the future would result in more stagnant, mediocre crap when from 2010 up to now, we’ve actually been getting GOOD things.

  • johnv23

    Delighted to see so many Horror Films being released at the moment, and we are only in February!

    Whether they’ve been amazing, good or missed the mark it’s great to see a surge in releases again, can’t wait for the rest of the year!

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    I love how they just said “Fuck it, ‘Rings’ made 13 million.”

  • The_Gentleman

    HA! Squire is doing box office analysis now like Hollywood Reporter. Your reach exceeds your grasp, dummy. It IS BAD FOR US WHEN BAD HORROR MOVIES DO WELL. Then we get bad sequels to the bad movies, bad rip-offs, bad spin-offs (who the fuck needed Annabelle???). It’s about quality not quantity . It’s idiotic and detrimental to spend money on movies that are shit. You can smell a bad one without seeing it. This site is in bad, bad hands.

  • The_Gentleman

    All these movies aside from Split will be forgotten by April. By December barely in the top 50-75. Think, Squires. Challenge yourself. Write something hard rather than easy sub-literate junk.

  • Seal Clubber

    This is silly …. the year is 10% over.

  • Dennis Chenier

    This is why it’s so hard for horror fans to have anything. Finally something positive and many of the fans have to be Debbie-Downers and crap over everything. Instead of looking for the faults, enjoy the good that is there. So many like to crap on the horror genre on a daily basis, the negativity really shouldn’t be coming from within.

    • Hash-Slinging Slasher

      No, bad filmmakers making terrible movies are why horror movies are bad. I’m not going to celebrate a bad movie just because it’s horror and I’m not going to encourage bad filmmakers to keep making terrible movies..

      • Creepshow

        Rings made 13 million and probably won’t make back its budget.

    • Creepshow

      Yay, three horror sequels made shit for money domestically!
      Now lets go dance in the streets to celebrate!!!

      What the hell are you talking about? When the product is decent, it gets its due respect.

  • Ben Edwards

    OK but everything besides Split is losing out to the xXx sequel no one asked for so….its really not all that great.

  • Halloween_Vic

    I’m surprised Underworld made more then Resident Evil tbh.

  • Kionn Orthen

    I am glad that horror is making money and I’m happy that someone is looking and writing about it. I saw getting tier of only hearing about the fucking Disney crap. I really hope horror made big bucks. If you don’t support horror don’t call yourselves fans okay. Leave the fan tittle to true horror fans.

    Thanks for reading have a good day or night.

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