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Mezco Launching Horror Jack-in-the-Box Line “Burst-a-Box”

Who’s ready for Toy Fair?!

The annual Toy Fair takes over the Javits Center in New York this coming weekend, and as always, you can count on us to keep you up to date with all the big horror reveals at the event; in fact, I’ve made it a point to chain myself to the desk this weekend so that we don’t miss a beat! But why wait? Ahead of the big event, we’ve got another brand spankin’ new reveal today.

Mezco held a special press event last week to show off some of the goods they’ll be bringing to Toy Fair, and for those who weren’t able to attend, they’ve been showing off those reveals on their Facebook page. Last week we showed you a pair of Dawn of the Dead toys they’re going to be releasing next year, and now we come bearing the first look at their “Burst-a-Box” line!

Five horror icons get turned into jack-in-the-box toys for the Burst-a-Box line, which puts Pinhead, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Chucky, and Trick ‘r Treat‘s Sam into boxes themed after each horror icon’s respective franchise. Like a traditional jack-in-the-box, a turn of a handle on the boxes will make each villain pop up out of them, providing a fun little jump scare.

Check ’em out below and stay tuned for more from Toy Fair!



  • Darkknight2149

    No Chest Burster box?

    • ShadowInc

      Good call.

  • Matt

    How has no one ever thought of this until now?

  • Grimphantom

    They look cool tho you would think that they have hands showing their iconic weapons or something

  • Tetra-Gramaton-Cleric

    No Michael Myers?

    Well, Pinhead is my favorite anyways, but still…

    • ShadowInc

      Maybe saving him for series 2? I want a DAWN OF THE DEAD plaid shirt zombie box.

  • JC

    where can we buy these?

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