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[Exclusive] Writer of ‘Leatherface’ Talks Connections to Previous ‘Chainsaw’ Films

Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Hitchhiker (aka Nubbins Sawyer) will appear in the new prequel!

As you’re probably aware by now, the Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo-directed Leatherface, a prequel to Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chain Saw Massacre, is complete and ready for release; unfortunately, it seems that Lionsgate has cold feet about, well, actually releasing it. And that’s why we launched the #WeWantLeatherface campaign over on Twitter this past weekend.

The goal? To show Lionsgate that we want to see the movie. To hopefully lessen their fears about releasing it. We encourage you to use the hashtag and spread the word.

One of the main supporters of the campaign is our friend Seth M. Sherwood, who wrote the script for Leatherface. We wanted to work together on getting the word out there about the hashtag and its goal, and that led to a conversation about the film itself. As Sherwood explained to us, he set out to pay tribute to all the films in the Chainsaw franchise with Leatherface (as we exclusively reported just last week, we will meet Ted Hardesty, the father of Sally and Franklin), which leads into Hooper’s original classic and explores the masked maniac’s origin story.

Sherwood told us:

When I was writing Leatherface, I tried really hard to make it feel like part of the franchise on the whole— which is actually not easy when you consider continuity was pretty loose between the original trilogy and two remakes that followed it. Chainsaw films aren’t exactly a perfectly shared universe, but at the same time, they are all undeniably Chainsaw at their heart. To tap into that I tried to pay subtle homage to all the films in some way; I wanted to tap into some of the key ideas and tropes so that it would feel familiar, but at the same time, go in a different direction.

He dug deep into some of the in-tribute plot elements:

Tying to the original was the easiest— in terms of continuity I needed to dovetail my story in that general direction. My take on Leatherface was inspired directly by how Tobe and Gunnar described his mindset (or lack thereof). The Sawyer Farm is a key location. These connections were more literal.

From Chainsaw 2 I borrowed a few things. Obviously, the character names. Drayton, Nubbins, the Sawyer surname— were all discovered in the sequel. Mainly though, the idea of a corrupt, mentally unstable Texas Ranger on a vendetta against the Sawyers gave birth to Hartman, the real villain of my story. Like Lefty, he’s out for revenge against the Sawyers over something they did to his family. The character Clarice started as a pretty clear Chop Top homage, though along the way we decided to develop her into being more original. That said, when you see her, you can see a little of that DNA in there.

The original Leatherface, Chainsaw 3, took the idea of the backwoods isolation of the original and exploded it tenfold. I always think of the locations of this film— the scrub brush filled badlands and remote roadside outposts as feeling like another world— a dark fairy tale land in some way. To be reminded, no, we’re just lost in Texas, is awesome. I filled my story with similar locations to hopefully capture a similar vibe.

Sherwood also revealed an interesting connection to Texas Chainsaw 3D:

While I didn’t find any thematic inspiration from 3D, this is from the same team, so we decided early on that we needed some ties. Those come mainly from using names to establish a little continuity. The corrupt Mayor in 3D is the son of Stephen Dorff’s character. The cameo by Marilyn Burns as Sawyer matriarch Verna is the character played now by Lili Taylor.

For obvious reasons, Sherwood explained that the film will not tie into the remake or its prequel, both of which he intentionally “steered well away from so as not to seem similar.”

In Leatherface, he added, we will find out how Leatherface became a hulking mute:

Leatherface is very much about identity. Gunnar Hansen said that Leatherface was devoid of identity beyond doing what his family told him, or what his mask might define. Instead of starting Jed Sawyer as a gibbering simpleton, I was more interested in taking somebody that could almost pass as normal and then explore how they could be reduced to nothing. Leatherface doesn’t know who he is, he doesn’t remember his family— but the saw becomes integral to restoring that… because the saw IS family!

The current incarnation of Leatherface is rated R “for strong bloody violence, disturbing images, language and some sexuality/nudity.

In Leatherface, Jessica Madsen plays one of four inmates (Sam Coleman, Sam Strike, James Bloor) who escape from a mental hospital. One of them becomes the title character and iconic slasher. The quartet kidnap a young nurse (played by Vanessa Grasse) and take her on a road trip from hell. Along the way, they are pursued by an equally deranged lawman (Stephen Dorff) out for revenge. The Conjuring‘s Lili Taylor plays Mother Sawyer.

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  • I think they did a great job but they can’t be afraid of release the film.

    • Kram Maniak

      Especially a company that made 7 damn Saw films,where only 4 of them were good.

      • Ocelot006 .

        4 out of 7 ain’t a bad track record.

        • Saturn

          Worst knock off cover of a Meatloaf classic EVER.

        • Kram Maniak

          No,no its not.

  • Saturn

    I’m hoping that the movie is decent, but it’s a little telling when the writer says “original trilogy” when there were 4 movies before the remake……
    I see what he means about getting the continuity right, as it’s all over the place.
    Each of the sequels can be see as a standalone sequel to the original movie where non follow each other!
    I have to admit that I enjoyed Texas Chainsaw more than many, even though there were a few moments where I felt (as I saw it at the cinema) like certain, important, scenes had been cut – and the whole “do your thing……” line was a little bit wtf? I will of course watch it next time I have a TCM marathon – probably just before Leatherface gets a release.

    I wonder if all 4 of the inmates are actually going to become members of the family?
    Leatherface, Nubbins, Drayton and Choptop? The maths computes….
    Perhaps Grandpa and Grandma aren’t truly related to them in the manner we originally believed….and they are not actually “biological” brothers, but blood (literally!) brothers…..

    • Quinton Ridley

      Yeah it sounds like the “big reveal” is that they were escaped inmates (*cough* Halloween) who are adopted by a weird old lady. Totally sucks imo. Its original but its less creative and scary than a family that gets more insane with each generation. That implies that they’ve been around for a looong time. If Leatherface is some adorable autistic kid who gets his tongue cut out, I will be pissed.

      • Saturn

        I always assumed that the family got crazier and crazier by generation due to incest, and that perhaps they would keep one “female” (Sally as an example) to breed out the tainted blood.
        Tainted Blood, wasn’t that a song?
        It really should be……

        Touch me baby tainted blood….

  • Not thrilled about the “real villain of my story” comment. The mayor in 3D was horrendous. I want Leatherface as my villain in a TCM movie, not as an antihero or something. The way they attempted to portray him in 3D was awful.

    • Kram Maniak

      3D was bullshit. BUT Leather face is NOT the only villain in the series never was,so apparently you need to pay more attention.

      • I’m well aware he’s not the only villain in the series, I never said he was. What I meant was I don’t want him (or his family) being portrayed as sympathetic. They’re murderers and despite the fact that Leatherface is clearly just doing as he’s told doesn’t make him alright somehow. He’s still running around killing people with a chainsaw at his family’s request so mentally stunted or not, he’s a villain. I don’t want villains outside of the family to somehow makes us feel for Leatherface (again, the dumb shit on display in TC3D). I pay attention just fine. Understand now?

        • Saturn

          He was only following orders……

          and taking orders for that delicious two time award-winning chili.
          Remember folks, don’t skimp on the meat…..

          Ironic I posted that as I’ve been vegan for the last 8 years.
          Don’t skimp on the beans doesn’t have the same TERRIFYING ring to it though, so, yeah……

        • Kram Maniak

          Leatherface is a human character. If you dont see the sympathy there,then you obviously are NOT paying attention. “At his family’s request” Yet you see no sympathy what so ever ? Hell his family treat him like shit most of the time,but no sympathy should be there cause fuck making sense. Granted his family deserves no sympathy but he obviously doesnt ALWAYS want to do this shit,so no you pay attention horribly thats It’s just what YOU want. Never write a horror franchise,to you the characters will just stay the typical one note characters for 30 years. TCM3D;s problem was making him the hero not showing sympathy,which for a character like him works. Unless you’re just stuck up your own ass about what YOU want instead of making an actual character.

          • What I’m saying is I don’t want to root for him. Yes, it’s sad that he’s forced to do evil shit by his family and that does make him sympathetic. I’m saying I don’t want him to be what they tried to make him in 3D. I’ll admit I should’ve worded my comment better so you’d understand what I meant but it’s easy to screw up what I’m trying to say when dealing with someone who seems like they just want to argue with somebody instead of having a friendly conversation. And haha, if I ever write a horror franchise I’ll let you know so you can avoid it. I’m not interested in arguing so peace.

          • Kram Maniak

            So now that we cleared things up,sry for coming as a dick i’m just passionate about these characters . I thought you meant them giving him sympathy but you actually meant making him a hero. Yeah,3D fucked up by making him a hero,he his no where near a hero but he will always be a sympathetic character.

          • YOU’RE EVIL AND I HATE YOU! No, I’m just kidding, bud. I’m sorry, too. Don’t worry about it, it’s water under the bridge. I both understand and respect being passionate about our icons and horror in general. It’s why I don’t want anything resembling the kind of shit we got in 3D in any future TCM movies.

          • Kram Maniak

            Oh god no. But idk if 3D was worse than Next Generation lol

          • I honestly don’t know which one is worse. I tried to watch Next Generation awhile back and couldn’t get through it. I’m unlikely to watch either of those again.

          • Kram Maniak

            Unfortunately i sat through 3D in the theater in well…3D lol.

          • I did, too! 10 bucks for the ticket, 3.50 for the 3D glasses. Wanted my fucking money back after that. I don’t see very many movies in 3D but with that one I had to because they pulled some bullshit where they only showed the 2D version before 5. My friends and I went to the movie at about 8 and found out there were no more 2D showings so we had to see it in 3D. Waste of time and money.

          • Kram Maniak

            Big damn waste.

          • Darkknight2149

            It speaks volumes that “The Next Generation” is the only film that Seth Sherwood didn’t bother to tie “Leatherface” into. He flat out ignored it, calling the first series the ‘original trilogy’. That’s hilarious.

          • Kram Maniak

            I’m glad someone finally ignored it. lol

          • Darkknight2149

            It was stupid to turn Leatherface into a superhero. And he is sympathetic. But at the same time, I hate when people try to spin it as “Leatherface isn’t evil; it’s all his family’s fault!” In the original, there were scenes where he was having just as much fun as his family was. Remember the dinner scene, where the Hitchhiker and Leatherface were getting in Sally’s face and being sadistic as Drayton laughed?

          • Kram Maniak

            I’m not saying he’s not evil he’s just as much as fault as they are. But his family is the driving force behind what he does.

    • Saturn

      Perhaps they plan on turning Leatherface into some kind of Riddick anti-hero (which in a way they started with *******SPOILERS!!!!!*******

      Texas Chainsaw, with the infamous Do Your Thing Cuz……) masterpiece! *****END OF SPOILERS!!!!******

      I’ve got to admit that even though it had it’s share of WTF moments, I’ve got quite the soft spot for Texas Chainsaw – for me it’s got the right balance of SHEER TERROR and Camp.
      But without the sheer terror.

      • That’s exactly what I’m talking about. They wanted us to sympathize with him by giving us the awful evil mayor character. I absolutely hated it. And “Do your thing, cuz,” was just horrid (hilarious but awful). There’s just so much wrong with it. Like the lead teaming up with Leatherface would’ve made a little more since if she had learned her boyfriend was screwing around with her best friend but they never revealed it to her so that plot point was useless. Yeah, he’s her family but she doesn’t know him and he killed her friends and boyfriend. That’s not the kind of shit I’d get over just by finding out the killer was related to me. It’s beyond goofy. I respect that you have a soft spot for it, though. I’ve encountered a number of people who do. Maybe I should treat it as a comedy and I might enjoy it, lol. That’s what I do with some of the NOES sequels.

        • Saturn

          Actually it’s more believable than you think.
          I just recently met my biological father – turns out he’s the Zodiac killer. Ffff, what do you do? It’s family after all – and the saw is the law.

          • Oh, man, that’s unfortunate. Tell him I loved Fincher’s movie about him. And maybe ask him to turn himself in? I don’t think he’s fit to wander around a free man.

          • Saturn

            Will do.

            It’s actually quite amusing that last weeks episode of Macgyver actually dealt with the Zodiac in a pretty good way.
            After initial reservations I’m actually having a good time with that show, and hope it comes back for a 2nd season so it can find it’s own feet, without the constant comparison to the original series.

          • I haven’t seen any of that show. I may have to check it out. A lot of these shows based on movies or old tv shows aren’t my thing (I only watch MTV’s Scream because I need my slasher fix but it sure is hell isn’t what I want from a show with that title and I can’t even say it’s good. It’s tolerable, I guess). But I’ll give Macgyver a shot.

          • Saturn

            It’s worth a watch – at first it may be a little “difficult” to see new characters in certain roles that you grew up with (if you were a fan of the original show) – and perhaps you’re not too sure about, what some may say, certain clichéd characters – but the further the show goes on, the more it seems to kinda change tone and becomes actually quite good fun in it’s own right and does seem that it’s starting to find it’s feet – I personally hope it gets the greenlight for a 2nd season, and goes into a few darker places.

            The one thing that you won’t get out of your head though, is that the new Angus Macgyver will remind you so much of a younger, blonde Jared Padalecki of Supernatural – hell, not only does he look like him, he even SOUNDS like him.
            It would have been perfect casting for another brother (or could still happen – John Winchester probably got around! – Hell, even Mary Winchester had a one night stand along the way….) who could turn up as a replacement along the way in the show….

          • I’ve never seen the original show (not even sure what decade it’s from) so the new actors in old roles won’t have an effect on me. The new Macgyver is the kid who plays Havok in the 3 most recent X Men movies. He’s also done some horror/thrillers like Kristy, Laid To Rest, Wolves, Stoker and The Curse Of Downers Grove. And now that you say it he absolutely does remind me of Mr. Winchester.

          • Saturn

            If you never saw the original show (CLASSIC stuff) then it would probably be an easier viewing for you (those of us old enough remember when Star Trek : Nex Gen started there were those out there who were like WHHHATTTTT! BLASPHEMY!!!! – who at first compared it to the original show, but then let it breathe a little – although, in fairness, Next Gen were new charactes, whereas the new Mac is based on old characters – it’s kinda like remaking The Simpsons for a new gen with a different look, and different voices).

            I knew I’d seen him before, but couldn’t place him – but I remember loving Kristy and Laid To Rest, so perhaps from them – still to check out Wolves, Stoker and Downers Grove though – looks like the guy could become a “genre” favourite.

            Back to the original point about the original Macgyver though – it was a really popular show among boys between 1995-1992 (with a couple of movies) with a character who could out A-Team the A-Team with ingenious (mostly realistic) ways to get out of a sticky situation. Remember how the A-Team (you don’t know Macgyver, so maybe you don’t) used to get locked in a shed every week, and would build a tank out of what was in it?
            Well, Macgyver would do something similar – but more realistically.
            He’d be locked in somewhere and find random household products to make a bomb to blow the doors off the room he was in – and would always have his trusted Swiss Army Knife with him, and paper clips to pick locks. That kinda stuff.
            It was awesome – but a modern audience may find the mullets a little cheesy – so it’s been updated a little and uses tricks like using a floppy disc and a torch as a kind of UV light (kinda a spoiler for one episode – but not an important one).

          • I loved Kristy, too, and liked parts of Laid To Rest. Stoker’s really divisive, I didn’t love it or hate it, just kind of fell in the middle. Downers Grove was meh and Wolves was kind of fun but cheesy as fuck. I was born in 89 but all I remember watching as a kid in the 90’s (aside from horror stuff) were shows like Power Rangers and fucking Barney, lol. I’ve often heard the name Macgyver as a reference to slasher movies to a lesser degree with the whole “what in here can I use to kill this person with?” thing we see in a lot of those movies.

          • Saturn

            There used to be a joke about paper clips being nicknamed a “Macgyver multitool”.

          • I agree. I love Kristy. Definitely an underrated flick.

  • Francesco Falciani

    was lionsgate built by horror once??? when studious taste money turn against it

  • WOLF

    “… more interested in taking somebody that could almost pass as normal and then explore how they could be reduced to nothing”

    That’s quite a leap to what we see in the original movie. At no point in his life should Leatherface pass as normal..mentally or physically. He behaves as a demented mentally slow adult. And have the filmmakers watched the scene where he licks his deformed teeth?
    I really don’t want to see a young Leatherface. Not sure why Hollywood insists on pulling back the curtain on all these characters (other than lack of ideas). It just weakens them.

    • Saturn

      I dunno, it may work – perhaps that was the plan for Sally – basically a form of MK Ultra on her (which would kinda tie in with The Next Generation) as she was going to become the newest member of the clan. There was a reason why they didn’t just murder her unlike the rest….

      • WOLF

        They were going to kill sally. Grandpa was just taking too long.

        • Saturn

          I know that in the context of the movie it looked like Grandpa was meant to kill Sally, but what if the family knew he was too weak to actually do it and it was a form of mental torture – she was expected to eat her friends, and was to undertake other forms of torture too – it could easily be spun out to have been the scenario.
          With the events that happened in the 4th movie (which I won’t mention in case others haven’t seen it yet) it did seem that there was a little more to what was going on than what was first seen – and remember that it was written and directed by Kim Henkel, who of course co-wrote the original movie.
          Perhaps ******SPOILERS*******

          the idea was to actually recruit possible brainwashed (by a form of MK Ultra) agents for nefarious black operation deeds – the guys who turned up in The Next Generation could easily have been CIA (or another similar group) agents who were conducting experiments in mind control – you shatter the mind and can easily program a a sleeper agent without them even knowing.

          ****END OF SPOILERS*****

          Perhaps I’m over thinking it, but that’s the road I’d take if I were the guy given the opportunity to explore further the mythology of the TCM universe.

    • Kram Maniak

      And Leatherface is also a human being. Ppl keep thinking this will ruin your iconic killers4,but he’s probably the most human next to Michael so it can work. And yes,he was a slow adult. But how was he as a child ? Did he start that way or did something change him? These are what BUILDS the character more,it only ruins them because for some reason you ppl seem to think they all should just stay mindless killers and stay one dimensional forever. When a character like Leatherface is the perfect character to build more on,and not just him but his family. So there’s more than one character to focus on. Sometimes i wonder why you ppl even like these films or characters if you rather no imagination,you say lack of ideas but building on a character that has been a one note for decades is the best thing they can do instead of giving us another flaccid sequel. If you think this is lack of ideas,then you do something with the property that hasnt been done. Like actually give us a good film,but most of you “fans” would just stick to the same one note formula that only worked in the 80s.

      • WOLF

        John Carpenter stated Zombie took away the mystique of Michael Myers by giving him a backstory. “I don’t care about all that”.
        You say some of us lack imagination, but you are waiting for Hollywood to force feed you all the answers.
        How many of these backstories worked? I’m wondering why you like the characters as they are now without showing their grade school years? Carpenter gets it. Why don’t you?

        • Saturn

          I don’t need too much of a back story, as I prefer the mystery of “why the killer did it” without it all being too strung out.
          This is why I HATE Black Xmas, for me one of the WORST remakes ever. HATED IT. But LOVE the original and watch it every Christmas Eve without fail and never get bored of it – I usually double bill it with Silent Night Deadly Night – a good nights viewing.
          Have to admit that Olivia Hussey was one of my earlier horror crushes and probably explains why I prefer darker haired ladies over blondes…..
          Yup, I’m a brunette guy.

        • Kram Maniak

          Carpenter also gave Zombie permission to do it by saying “Make it your own” but when he did that he bitched about it,so Zombie is wrong for being given permission to make his own film out of an existing idea ? Hell they aren’t even the same damn movie but morons keep comparing them like every other remake cause fuck letting it stand on its own. Zombie’s Halloween was HIS not Carpenter’s two completely different films and takes on characters. Proof idiots should not be film buffs,you morons keep going back to that but he didnt remake Carpenter’s film he made his own with his own origin now an origin to the original. Fucking dipshits. “But you are waiting for hollywood to force feed you all the answers”, Yet you dont even know wtf you’re talking about but claiming they’re force feeding us shit no one is making us watch. Not to mention,not every character can stay the same one note characters for 30 years unless you’re a brainless drone that cant let a character evolve from what worked in the 80s.

          • Saturn

            I’m personally more interested in the Halloween movies going back to the original series, which of course doesn’t have the back story – so for me the 2 franchises are separate entities (like the 80’s-90’s Batman movies, and Dark Knight trilogy) that are easy to separate.
            Hell, even though I loathed Zombie’s H2 (and I’m not a zombie hate boy – I’m pretty 50/50 with his stuff – his got some good stuff, he’s got some shite – but which director’s don’t?) if it were announced that there were sequels coming to “that” series of movies too? Yeah, I’d watch it and hope for the best.
            There is absolutely no reason whatsoever not to have 2, perhaps even 3, “universes” in a franchise.

            Back to the Nolan DK movies, if Bale said “yeah, I’d do a couple more” then I reckon they’d do well and audiences would realise that it’s a different “universe” to the current DCMU – they could even cross over at some stage in some way, so why not?

            People can choose which series they are most interested in, and if one falls by the wayside? The people have spoken….

          • Kram Maniak

            That makes absolutely no sense to what the subject was about. This is about Leatherface having an origin not having different universes of a franchise. Nice try though

          • Saturn

            Hey, if you can’t make sense of what I said?
            It’s cool. I thought it was pretty obvious that I was showing that peeps can actually tell the difference between Carpenter’s BETTER creation, and Zombie’s (in all fairness, good first movie).

            Moving on, of course there are different universes in the TCM franchise – the remakes were a completely different universe, with completely (aside from the Leatherface character – who I don’t recall was actually called that at any stage) named characters – and of course in the original series of films 2 followed 1, 3 followed 1 but not 2, 4 followed 1 but not 2 or 3.
            So different universes.
            Now, Texas Chainsaw is a sequel to the original, much like the others I mentioned – so again, as it ignores, 2,3,4 and the remakes – a different “universe” per se, and it’s this “universe” that is getting an origin story. So really “different” universes, in the context of the TCM movie does make sense.

            Nice try though.

          • Kram Maniak

            Well,learn how to further elaborate on your point without having to use 100 examples to get there without being clearer. Your post was just like BvS,numerous plots thrown in but needs another cut just to make it a solid script. I got what you’re saying,just find a better way to say it.

          • Saturn

            In all fairness to moi I have been down the pub all day so am a little bit inebriated – so perhaps I thought I elaborated enough originally.
            I’m actually quite surprised that I’m actually managing to type so well as it is.
            At least my point was got across eventually!

          • Creepshow

            ALL DAY? Damn, pull yourself together man!

          • Saturn

            I had a great time at the pub as this year I was on my lonesome for V.D, and after leaving here last night (about 11pm GMT) I had a double bill of both MBV movies, which was cool – I did consider rewatching Valentine again (which, many years after it’s initial release, actually seems to have aged ok and I actually kinda dig it now, after hating it when it originally came out – although it does need to be remade to be closer to the source material from what I have heard).

          • WOLF

            Yeah…lol…RZ Halloween and the original are “two completely different films.” Maybe you should watch them before commenting on them. You’re an angry small man lol. Big tough guy insulting everybody lol.

          • Kram Maniak

            Yeah,it doesnt take a genius to see this. Carpenter admitted this along with Zombie,but I AM the one who needs to re-watch right ? Never mind the fact that the sequel built even more on this separate Halloween universe. If he was giving Carpenter’s Myers an origin it would have been a sequel not a remake to make it the same characters. “Big tough guy insulting everybody lol” No,not a tough guy….just a guy that can obviously use the brain he was given.

  • Mike

    Leatherface is not a villain who needs so much over thinking. He is a childlike mentally disabled brute who is used as an attack dog by his much more evil and cognizant family members. In the moment he is terrifying but he is a victim in his own way. He doesn’t truly enjoy the killing and cannibalism like his family does. He only does what he does to please them as would a child. Simply following orders.

    • Max Schreck

      Agreed. Leatherface being normal and the viewer having to guess which kid becomes the icon in the end is silly.

      • Mike

        Exactly. He was BORN the way he is, at least physically. His family took that blank slate and molded it to fit their twisted wants.

  • huntermc

    I don’t understand why the studio is sitting on this – are they waiting for a time when they can release it and think they’ll make more money? Why not just dump it on VOD at least?

    • Quinton Ridley

      Well it probably wasn’t ready for Halloween ’16 because of reshoots and January releases are usually signs that a movie sucks (Jan films rarely do well because people are focused on Oscar bait moves). TC3D was a surprise hit so they probably want to release it on a better weekend this time. It only makes sense releasing horror films in Summer or Fall if you want to make a ton of profit.

  • Ocelot006 .

    The continuity for TCM will always be fucked. Don’t retcon. Make Texas Chainsaw that just accepts every movie and then build from there. Enough prequel/remake/prequel/requel/sequel bullshit. Accept continuity and have fun from there.

    • Saturn

      Just hurry up with the inevitable TCM Vs Hills Have Eyes cross-over…..

      It really should just write itself – soft reboot of the original movie, perhaps have the Sawyer family on the way to their first cross country chili cook off and having to cross a certain deserted area…..
      It could have a fun “hey, we should be buddies!” ending where they swap chili recipes.

    • Dylan Woodson

      Can’t really make a sequel accepting that every movie happened since they all contradict each other. The best idea is honestly throwing away all continuity and just making a movie that stands on its own and doesn’t try to tie into anything.

      • Ocelot006 .

        Enough with the throwing away continuity bullshit. Didn’t work out so far with this series obviously.

  • Leland_Gaunt

    E… X… I…T… EXIT!

  • Quinton Ridley

    I want to see this but this writer is making me nervous. Talking about tropes and nods is the standard crummy reboot idea of a “story” (Force Awakens, Ghostbusters). I would’ve been more excited if he was focused on getting back to the themes of the original: capitalism, cannibalism, madness, the occult, astrology. The subtle stuff that made it more than a stupid slasher movie and made it connect with tons of different people. This sounds more like another Millennial film winking at the 70s and 80s.

    Tying it to TC3D was unavoidable but we’ve already seen THREE evil sheriffs in the series and the whole “matriarch” angle is so stupid since TCM 1 & 2 showed the grandma was a mummy. I don’t think these producers know what the hell they are doing, but at least the directing will be good.

    • Saturn

      I dunno, the Matriach could be a different character altogether as the original movie only had Grandpa and Grandma featured, no Father/Mother – although I expect we all thought that Drayton was the father, but turns out nope.
      I haven’t watched Next Gen in a while, but wasn’t their “presumed” mother mentioned in that one?

      You’re correct in regards to the use of astrology in the original, it was subtle, but it was there for a reason and could be furthered as a plot device,

      In a previous thread I mentioned that I’d find it interesting if there was some kind of MK Ultra/Monarch mind control aspect going on – it would be interesting too if were somehow related to magikal deeds, with the murders happening (as a form of sacrifice) when certain planets are in alignment for the power that is released to Illuminati adherents of my namesake…..

      • Quinton Ridley

        Verna is def a new character but TC3D said she was Leatherface’s grandmother. Oddly enough, I think TC3D retconned Drayton as LF’s father. Can’t be sure, but that film changed the continuity so much they had to say the original took place in the ’90s haha. Technically, its a prequel to a TCM that never happened.

        About the cult aspects, I’m shocked none of the others have exploited it. The Hitchhiker burning Franklin’s picture, the knife ritual, his smearing a sign on their van and Franklin finding it later. He curses Franklin, brands him like a farm animal. Thats the stuff I want to see in a new story.

        The show True Detective is the closest thing to the plot you suggested. No surprise Matthew McConaughey was a producer on that because TCM4 is the only sequel to touch the occult. I’d be shocked if “Leatherface” went that route, but the writer did say he would pay homage to ALL of the films. We’ll see. Cabin in the Woods did it and LF’s directors worked on a similar story with “Livid”.

        • Saturn

          I am still to check out True Detective – I’ve heard season one is GREAT, but season 2 not so much.

          • Quinton Ridley

            Yeah. Season 2 is its own universe thankfully. S1 is the closest thing to a realistic modern sequel TCM will probably ever get. Its very inspired by the original.

          • Saturn

            So I know what I’m watching this coming weekend……

        • JP Andrika

          I read somewhere the spinoff “Bone Boys” (aka “Butcher Boys”) was supposed to be about the Leatherface “cult” from. “Next generation”. It’s not bad for a modern spin off.

  • Khy

    Yeah honey, maybe we need to ditch that hastag before we regret it lol. I do not have any faith in this movie- seems like it has had a hell of a production.. They may toss it out in January IF Saw Legacy brings in some cash this October. Either way I really don’t care.
    Doing another prequel was a dumb idea.

  • Anthony DeRouen

    Sounds like the writer spent more time ripping off other movies than crafting a new experience. It takes him a lot of unnecessary words to say, “I took this, I borrowed that…etc, and that raises a few flags. Can’t hide what you did. Bottom line – this is another tired reboot the studio is hesitant on releasing. Why they allowed the movie to get this far is beyond me. Just dump it on VOD and call it a day.

  • I’d forgotten the synopsis for this movie. I’m assuming it’s gonna be a mystery as we try to figure out which of the inmates is Leatherface? Looking at the actors I see they’ve cast one guy who’s kind of big and burly with long hair but I bet it’s misdirection and the smaller, more CW looking guy in the cast will end up being Leatherface. Seems like something they’d do to try and shock the audience.

    • Dylan Woodson

      It is misdirection. Some moron let it slip when Sam Strike was cast that he was portraying the kid who would become Leatherface. Sorry to spoil it, but it’s been spoiled by the report of his casting for like two years now.

  • James0479

    It’s all cool reading articles about this film but geez it’s getting old feeling like that’s all this film will be. Everyone discussing it but nobody seeing it! If it’s not released this year, what’s the point? They could’ve already had a sequel to this version ready for release. I don’t get what’s up with these studios lately. Where’s Friday? Where’s Leatherface? I’m snoozing on Elm Street and it’s just sweet dreams. How boring is that!

  • shane-o-mac

    So because one horror movie that got butchered to a pg-13 rating and took like 15 years to make (rings) did bad all studio execs are vasically putting a hold on the horror movies WE ACTUALLY WANNA SEE…..These studio execs need to be fired because of their stupidity. MAKE THE DAMN MOVIES AND RELEASE THEM!!! Leatherface, Halloween, Friday the 13th

    • Dylan Woodson

      This has actually been on hold since last year. Leatherface not being put out has nothing to do with Rings. They reshot a huge chunk of it apparently with a completely different director than Bustillo/Maury.

      • Court

        It really sucks to know went under re-shoots. I bet Bustillo and Maury had pretty raw take on the movie, but it wasn’t the producers taste for the franchise.

        • Dylan Woodson

          Well to be fair, the script they had wasn’t the greatest, but I kind of expected them to elevate it a little. Knowing now that it apparently has been reshot quite a lot, who knows if anything worth a damn is left?

        • Dylan Woodson

          Well, they weren’t working with a great script to start, but I had hoped they’d at least make a decent movie out of it. Knowing it got reshot by a totally different director doesn’t really seem to bode well for its chances…

      • shane-o-mac

        I am thinking it has to do with rings cuz they said it is ready to go but they haven’t released it yet……probably cuz the 2 horror movies they waited FOREVER to make and peeps forgot about did so poorly at the box office (rings and Blair witch)

        • Dylan Woodson

          It’s been ready since early last year. Around spring or so. They had ample time to get it out before Rings. It’s not about Rings. It’s about them not having faith in the film. There’s been a similar situation with Amityville: The Awakening, a movie that’s been finished for close to three years and yet keeps having its release date pushed.

          • shane-o-mac

            Well rings or not these decision makers need to be fired cuz they are making the wrong decisions. They worried them movies won’t make a profit but if they do not release them at all they make nothing…..thus losing whatever money they used to make the films without even trying to make money back, that is just stupid and deprives fans of a movie expierience

        • Max Schreck

          Not so much to do with Rings than it does Blair Witch. Lionsgate wasn’t happy with how Blair Witch performed and now they’re sitting on Leatherface.

          • Dylan Woodson

            I’d imagine that would have something more to do with it, yeah. Considering when Leatherface was shot/reshot and when Blair Witch came out, I think that’d make more sense than Rings being to blame.

            I actually kind of enjoyed Blair Witch, though…

  • dukeblues

    Not releasing it is a guaranteed way to lose money. Dumb…… Just release it and get most if not all your money back and then some.

    • WOLF

      My guess is they are considering DTV. If they release it in theaters, they will need to spend another 15 million or so minimum to market. Then theaters take a chunk of the profits. It probably won’t break even until $50 million. If they go DTV, they won’t make money but they won’t spend more and lose more.

      • dukeblues

        I just hope to see it. It should be a kick ass movie

  • EvilHead1981

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the only series (original series, not counting the PD reboot and prequel) where every sequel is a DIRECT sequel to the first movie with little to no connection to each other sequel. TCM2 is a direct sequel to the first movie, TCM3 is a direct sequel to the first movie. New Generation is a direct sequel to the first movie. TC3D is a direct sequel to the first movie.

    • John Carlson

      Lol thats because the sequels and prequels all suck. So they keep trying to branch off the one great movie, you know to have a solid foundation. But it still doesn’t work.

  • Milk Man 3000

    The success of “Don’t Breath” (grossing 89 mil on a 10 mil budget) should show studios that there is still a market for graphic horror films. “The Witch” also managed to do pretty well (grossing 29 mil on a 3 mil budget) proving that people will still go see R rated horror films. While I would prefer that they make original content rather than sequels/adaptions, I still want them to release this because I am getting so desperate for new dark horror movies made for adults (I can only re-watch Green Room so many times).

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    “I was more interested in taking somebody that could almost pass as normal and then explore how they could be reduced to nothing”

    Exactly why I don’t want to see this, and couldn’t give two shits if it’s ever released.

  • Max Schreck

    I would love it if the prequel developed Grandpa Sawyer more. After all Grandpa was the best killer until he lost he job at the slaughterhouse. The family becomes poor and finds another source of food. I wouldn’t mind seeing younger versions of Grandma, Drayton, Nubbins, Chop-top and Leatherface. Too bad Chop-Top won’t be in this. I always pictured Nubbins and Chop-Top as mischievous twins. The synopsis for 3D about someone inheriting Leatherface concerned me and the plot for this one raises some eyebrows as well. The mythology is there. It shouldn’t be that hard.

  • Francesco Falciani

    the problem here is different…they really believed in Blair witch but it flopped …they have cold feet about leatherface ’cause screen test said it’s awfull…like the shitty paramount about Rings…they knew it sucked it’s why they pushed it 2000 times before to release it.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    I do hope that this is released. It seems to be a brave attempt by a fan who knows the franchise and has tried his best to do it justice while also bringing something different to the table… That’s a lot more than what most people behind remakes/reboots these days do, so power to him for that fact alone.

  • Mik Crone

    3Ds timeline errors were inexcusable. 43 year old teenagers. Arrrrrr still mad now

    • pablitonizer

      You made my day with this comment! So much truth…

  • Meisha’s Taint


  • pablitonizer

    Lionsgate is pushing Leatherface for the future since their focus is on SAW: LEGACY to make money and it’ll flop so hard! (Mark my words) General public forgot or lost interest in Saw franchise, they need to internally revise so many things and make new decisions regarding horror movies in my opinion

  • Jack Derwent

    Calling a mentally retarded person a “gibbering simpleton” is kind of offensive, especially since Leatherface is usually depicted as being a fairly sympathetic character driven by abusive family members or cruelty from others.

  • Rob Schneider

    Looks like a piece of shit. Their first mistake was acknowledging 3D.

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