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Here’s NECA’s “Ash vs. Evil Dead” Ashy Slashy Puppet!

Wakey wakey… hands off your snakey.”

No horror show on TV gets more wonderfully weird than “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” which introduced a Muppet-like Ash puppet in the second season’s eighth episode. Dubbed “Ashy Slashy,” named after the moniker given to Ash following the events of the Evil Dead films, the adorably sinister puppet left fans with but one desire: “I WANT ONE!” we all simultaneously tweeted.

Well hold your horses. You’re getting one!

Following a tease this past December, NECA just tweeted out the full reveal of their upcoming Ashy Slashy hand puppet ahead of this weekend’s Toy Fair. It’ll be released in July:

We’ve replicated Ash’s potty-mouthed little doppelganger from the asylum episodes for your (hopefully G-rated) entertainment. This is a working puppet – insert your hand and you can move the mouth, plus the arms are poseable thanks to inner articulation.

Ashy Slashy is approximately 15” tall.

Check it out below, along with a pertinent clip from “Ash vs. Evil Dead”!



  • Bouncy X

    now they need to make the puppet from Angel!! the last one was TERRIBLE and barely looked like the show. i’m sure they could do it better and actually screen acurate!!

  • Grimphantom

    I want one!

  • Otterlee

    Will have! Looks pretty good.

  • amir ezra

    Ash with his head stuck inside a corpse ass from The Morgue episode also need an action figure.

    • Saturn

      Or an extremely perverted sex doll….

      • amir ezra

        Yes I know, the scene is incredibly obscene for tv and in bad taste. It feels like something that Troma and it’s ilk could only think of.

        • Saturn

          Don’t give Troma the idea of sex dolls!
          “You too can have private intimate moments with your very own Sgt Kabukiman” or perhaps they’d rename it Sergeant Bukkakeman…..”

          Hell, at least if there was a Child’s Play sex doll we could finally get to fuck with the Chuck!

          A Freddy doll, and it would no longer be “one,two Freddies,,,,”

          I think it’s time I got my meds changed.

    • suffering

      i need it in my life……….for reasons……MANY reasons

  • BloodyDe1ty


  • Sold.

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