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‘Suspiria’ Getting a Beautiful 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Release in Germany

You might want to invest in a Region Free player, Argento fans.

We told you back in November of last year that Dario Argento’s colorful classic Suspiria was receiving a 4K restoration, and we’ve just gotten word about the very first home video release for the newly-restored film. Over in Germany, ’84 Entertainment is celebrating Suspiria‘s 40th anniversary with a Blu-ray set this year that looks to be as stunning as the movie itself.

The three-disc set will include the 4K restoration (from the original camera negative) of the 101-minute uncut version of Suspiria on Blu-ray, along with the film on DVD and an extras disc on DVD. The discs will be housed inside of a gorgeous red leather book that features a real wood drawer, and the set is limited to just 1,111 pieces. It’s headed our way on May 15, 2017.

Included extras are as follows:

  • *NEW* Suspiria: Preserving a Work of Art featurette
  • *NEW* Interview with Dario Argento
  • Audio commentary
  • Suspiria Revisited featurette
  • 84-page booklet
  • Poster
  • Postcards

Take a sneak peek below, where you’ll also find the glorious restoration trailer.



  • Blk Mgc Maverick

    Very sexy! Too bad I stopped collecting physical media.

    • PsychoMantis18

      Not really – you can still purchase.

      • syntaxterror

        but they just said “Too bad I stopped collecting physical media” … reading is hard, I know

        • PsychoMantis18

          Nice job failing miserably with your condescension – they said, as you moronically highlighted, ‘too bad’.

          How is it ‘too bad’ when they no longer want it? They CAN have it, they don’t WANT it. Incorrect use of the term.

          Well done.

  • PsychoMantis18

    Fuck yeahs! Will absolutely be picking this up.

  • syntaxterror

    Wow that looks awesome.. too bad I didn’t enjoy the movie though

    • Saturn

      Give it another shot – it seems to be quite common that many horror fans don’t get they hype on initial viewing (myself included) but something seems to click around the 2nd or 3rd you see it.

      I remember seeing it the first time around 25 years back (it was difficult to get in the UK at the time) and was a little “meh” about it.
      But, I gave it another chance a few years later…….now it’s my 3rd favourite horror movie of all time (just behind The Beyond, and my number one, The Evil Dead).

      • Mehliens

        True, getting down with the weirdness is a problem for many on the first viewing(s)

      • syntaxterror

        Naw, I just watched it last October. I understand why people might like it but I really didn’t enjoy the sloppy story and editing. I did enjoy the use of colour and the music. Good concept, bad execution, in my opinion. I’ll try watching another Argento flick but I won’t come back to this.

        • Argento is one of my favorite directors, but Suspiria is certainly not his most accessible effort. I’d recommend you check out Deep Red. It’s visually amazing but also features one of his most coherent and engaging plots…or The Bird with the Crystal Plumage.

  • That restoration is amazing.

  • DAWnofthedead 91

    I’m never able to get the limited numbered editions on time unless it’s the DVD version (for example the Blu-ray of Arrow’s “Battle Royale” was out of stock on blu-ray, but I got copy 500-something of 1,000 of the DVD box set), so this is really just me gazing at something I can’t get.

    Still, it’s an intriguing box.

  • PsychoMantis18

    Of course you can; go to their website on sale-date.

  • Julio Molina

    A must have!

    • Saturn

      Too true.

  • Daniel Baldwin

    Looks cool, but I’ll wait for Synapse’s release over here.

  • Golic

    Such an overrated pos of a movie.

    • Mehliens

      POS is a little harsh. Its beautifully bizarre and very uniquely composed even within its own genre. Its a love hate thing for sure but its far from being POS… cmon! Maybe a rainbow turd on fire thrown around by some gothic 80s hair rock band.

    • Orwellianson

      Fuck off, Troll.

  • Vincent Pereira

    This isn’t “the very first release” of the 4K “restoration” that TLE films did. There’s an Italian Blu-ray that came out a couple weeks ago. Also, I think it might be wise to wait for the Synapse release later this year, unless you like your SUSPIRIA tinted puke green:

    • Thanks for that. The Synapse transfer is going to be amazing! While that red box looks gorgeous, I have no problem waiting for The Syanapse release. What they did with Phenomena was…easy pun.

  • Vincent Pereira

    Also, it should be noted that the “glorious restoration trailer” doesn’t even use the restoration as its basis. It was put together using the much derided 2007 HD master of SUSPIRIA.

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