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A Lovecraftian Glory Hole Horror Film? Sounds Bloody Disgusting!

How far would you go to save the world? Nicholas Tucci (You’re Next, Faults) will have to answer that question in the Lovecraftian horror thriller OLD GLORY.  In OLD GLORY, a down on his luck man drunkenly stumbles into a desolate highway rest-stop and discovers a talking Lovecraftian glory hole. He soon has to decide if he’s ready to see the world end and if not, how far he’s willing to go to save it.

That’s quite a pitch and sounds like something BD fans will want to hear more about.  I get hints of the whacked out Jeffery Combs film MOTIVATIONAL GROWTH here, but with more suggestive lower-body trauma.  Probably just as much blood, guts, and slime though.  If the film echoes any of the positive attributes of writer Todd Rigney’s earlier work FOUND, I believe we could have an unforgettable nightmare on our grimy blood-soaked hands.

Tucci will headline the film which will be directed by Joshua Hull (CHOPPING BLOCK). The script was written by author Todd Rigney (FOUND, M’RTH, the upcoming GLAMPSITE). Robert Patrick Stern (THE STYLIST, THE MUCK, PITY) will serve as cinematographer. Sludgy disco rock outfit Wolfmen Of Mars will score the thriller.  Wolfmen recently did the soundtrack for upcoming film BOOGEYMAN POP. Kelsey Carlisle (HEADLESS) and Raymond Kester (SCALENE) will also appear in the film.

Artist Cory Holliday (Vile Consumption) did the teaser poster for the film. Joshua Hull had this to say about the teaser art: “The film walks that Tales from The Crypt/EC Comics line and I really wanted our film to have that feel from the jump off. I stumbled on Cory’s work at Horrorhound and immediately fell in love with his style of mixing existing horror films with classic comic book covers. He was the perfect choice for this.”

Pre-Production is well underway with the film. The crew will be building the bathroom set from the ground up inside the Indiana brewery, Scarlet Lane Brewing Company (  Sarah Sharp (THE MUCK, BABY MARY) will bring the grimy set to life as Set Designer.

Principle Photography will kick off in early June. Follow along with the production here:

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