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R.I.P. ‘The Blob’ Producer Jack H. Harris Has Died at 98

The story of Jack H. Harris‘ career is nothing if not a true Hollywood success story. In his early days, Harris worked as an usher in a movie theater, and he eventually climbed his way up the proverbial ladder and formed a publicity and distribution company. From there, Harris went one step further and decided to produce films of his own, and he had a smash hit success right out of the gate with the 1958 classic The Blob. Made on a budget of just over $100,000, the picture grossed $4 million at the box office; just like that, Harris was a player in Hollywood.

He subsequently went on to produce a handful of genre films between 1958 and 1991, including 4D Man, Dinosaurs!, Master of Horror, Equinox, and John Carpenter’s Dark Star. Harris returned to the Blob franchise he helped launch by executive producing Beware! The Blob, the 1972 sequel to the original. He also produced director Chuck Russell’s 1988 remake of The Blob.

Harris, who has a story credit on Beware! The Blob and also wrote/directed 1966’s Unkissed Bride, penned a book about his career in 2015. Fittingly, it was titled Father of the Blob.

Jack H. Harris’ status as a Hollywood legend was cemented when he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in February of 2014.

The legendary producer died today in his home. He was 98.



  • Fracassi

    Wow! This guy is an inspiration. Moving up from a theater usher and getting a Hollywood star. Plus he lived almost a century. I need to get motivated with my life. I keep forgetting the American dream is truly achievable. RIP sir, you lived life to the fullest.

  • Matt

    “The Blob” showed that a B-Movie could be a timeless work of art. The genre is indebted to this man and his work. Thank you Mr. Harris, rest in peace.

  • Alanmac

    RIP. So glad Rob Zombie wasn’t able to ruin the franchise he created.

  • Bart Crowe

    The Blob is the first horror movie I remember watching. The 80’s remake was the first horror movie I saw where they had the guts to kill a kid on camera.

  • Abandoned_Being

    Rest in peace Jack.

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