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“Garbage Pail Kids” Artist Jay Lynch Has Passed Away

My parents were weird about what I could and couldn’t have as a child. “He-Man”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, and “Voltron” were a-okay, but when it came to stuff like “G.I. Joe” and “Garbage Pail Kids”, it was a 100% no-go. All my friends collected the cards, and I had to hide the few handed to me in secret like they were an issue of “Playboy”.  Suffice to say, they were paper gold to me. My “Incredible Hulk” #181 didn’t mean shit next to the gross and disgusting cards I had hidden in my comic collection. Weirdly enough, I saw the “Garbage Pail Kids” movie, which is (awesome) hot garbage; but with the in-house censorship at full effect, I think it’s one of the triggers that turned me into a diehard horror fan.

With that I say farewell to an unexpected horror legend, Jay Lynch, who passed away on March 5th at the age of 72. His cousin Valerie Snowden said the cause was lung cancer, reports the NYT.

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Mr. Lynch played several roles in the underground comics world. Using a retro style with a tight crosshatching technique, he created comics like “Nard n’ Pat,” about a conservative man who bickers with a hip cat, explains the site.

Mr. Lynch founded Bijou Funnies with his fellow cartoonist Skip Williamson to publish his work and that of other artists, and acted as a publicist for the loosely defined industry.

Some of Mr. Lynch’s work reached the mainstream — through “Playboy” in the 1980s (oh, the irony!), but more regularly through Topps, the trading card company, which provided an income for artists like Mr. Spiegelman and Mr. Lynch.

Over a few decades, Mr. Lynch illustrated Bazooka Joe comics; Garbage Pail Kids, which began as a satire of Cabbage Patch Kids; and Wacky Packages, which parodied consumer culture.

What was your favorite “Garbage Pail Kid”?



  • SpacemanSpliffz

    rip and thanks for all the funny, good sir

  • When I was a kid I wanted to bring my collection to school and trade with my friends soooo bad, but my mom wouldn’t let me. I was so upset that I hid behind a car when the bus came and tried to ditch. My mom saw, drove me to school, and took away my Garbage Pail Kids 🙁

  • EvilHead1981

    Used to love this shit as a kid. R.I. P Mr Lynch, your art was a part of my childhood.

    • gabriel

      “shit”, pun intended?

  • nerdtastic4dawin

    I loved these cards as a kid. Got me into collecting pretty much everything under the sun. RIP.

  • gabriel

    Some of their names could double as porn star names.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    These were little gems of my childhood. That place they would take you as you sat and looked through a pack. Letting your imagination run wild at where these characters came from, etc. RIP


    Leaky Lindsay, the covergirl, card 45a. My card and my back tattoo. RIP Mr. Lynch.

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