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Robert Englund Talks ‘Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash’; He Wanted Ash to Win!

Ever since Freddy’s glove showed up in Evil Dead 2, horror fans have been clamoring to see the two iconic horror franchises clash on the big screen; and that fantasy film became surprisingly possible, many years later, in the wake of Freddy vs. Jason‘s box office success. It’s no secret that Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash was at one point in the early stages of development, but aside from a kickass comic series that every horror fan should have in their collection, it seems we’ll never actually see that battle come to life. We’re still bummed. And so is Robert Englund.

Speaking at this month’s Emerald City Comic Con, Robert Englund expressed his frustration about Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash being lost in development hell all those years ago, and he also revealed a potential outcome that he loved. New Line, however, was not so into the idea.

Englund told the crowd:

I am very disappointed. We left some money on the table, as they say in Hollywood, right after the great success of Freddy vs. Jason. Sam Raimi was the king of the world; he had all the money in the world because of Spider-Man. I’m a huge fan of Sam’s and I’m a big fan of Bruce Campbell. They had this idea, Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash. Now we’re in what we call post-Deadpool, post-Guardians of the Galaxy perception; but back then we hadn’t had that kind of a film yet, with the exception of Evil Dead and Freddy vs. Jason, that were really mashing graphic novel and comedy and horror and science fiction. So I loved this idea.

Sam Raimi wanted Ash to win. He wanted him to win the match. Which I thought was a great idea. New Line Cinema was against it because I had just had my ass kicked by Jason; they were afraid, cause I was the most successful of the three franchises, they were afraid. ‘We can’t have Freddy killed twice in a row.’ And I was like, ‘Wait a minute, guys. You revived me, you resurrected me with dog urine! It’s real easy to bring Freddy back. Come on. That’s not that hard to do.

But anyway. I loved the idea. I had this vision of the poster. Bruce Campbell with his shirt open and all of his abs spray painted and highlighted, with Freddy Krueger under [one] arm and Jason under [the other] arm. And the poster would say: ‘Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: Keeping the world safe from sequels.’

You can watch the full chat below.



  • Blade4693

    Yeah I had heard/read this somewhere before (I can’t quite put my finger on where) but I myself dislike the idea of Ash winning over those two. I like Ash and Evil Dead but I like Jason and Freddy more lol

    • Angela M Campany


    • Horrible Day

      I think they talked about it in Crystal Lake Memories or Never Sleep Again the Elm Street Legacy

      • Blade4693

        That would explain it. I have and have watched both all the way through so I probably heard it in one of those.

        • Sykes

          You did. Robert said years ago that he wanted Ash to win. “Saving the world from sequels!” as he put it.

  • Hockey Machete

    Why am I not surprised New Line killed this movie because their precious icon would have lost had it happened.

    Though the whole idea of bringing in Ash to kill Freddy and Jason is too much of a gimmick, I’d be lying if I said the idea is boring.

    Also, I’m guessing Robert hasn’t watched FvJ in a while because I remember that Freddy was kicking Jason’s ass throughout the whole film so I haven’t a clue what he means with it being the other way around.

    • I think he was referring to the fact that the final shot is of Jason rising out of the lake victorious with Freddy’s decapitated head in his hand. Sure, they’re likely both in the dream world at that point, but to the general audience it appears that Jason won.

      (Of course if the teens hadn’t intervened, I’m sure Freddy would’ve continued to absolutely decimate Jason.)

      • Judge Satchmo

        He totally would have gotten away with it, if not for those meddling kids. Freddy v Jason was actually a really dark, live action scooby doo!

        • Travis_Bickle

          The end fight always seemed more like a Roadrunner & Coyote cartoon

    • Blade4693

      Or did Raimi’s stubbornness kill it by being so by refusing to do the movie unless Ash was the one and only clear victor?

      • Hockey Machete

        I’d still say New Line is to blame since we both know that even if Ash killed Freddy and Jason, neither of them would have stayed dead for long.

        Plus, given how poorly Jason got treated next to Freddy in FvJ, I’m pretty sure we can say that the same thing would have happened to Ash if the film had been made.

        • ChampionOfLight

          The script has been online for years and they made a comic. Ash was done well – the new series literally shits on the character more then this film would have.

          • Hockey Machete

            Since I’ve never seen the Evil Dead series, I can’t really compare it to the film.

            But, remember that Mark Swift and Damian Shannon’s script served both Jason and Freddy’s characters well before that Goyer guy came along and messed it up.

            I wouldn’t put it past NL to have altered the script to make Freddy outshine Ash and Jason.

          • ChampionOfLight

            I mean the final film didn’t really make Freddy outshine Jason – they just used Freddy as the primary antagonist to both the kids and Jason. But in a film that played much more like a Nightmare sequel with Freddy as the big bad he still only got a single kill with Jason racking up a hefty number through the feature.

          • Hockey Machete

            I’m totally fine with Freddy being the biggest villain of the movie though what’s nearly painful to watch is how they made Jason a wimp just to give him so many advantages in both the dream and real world instead of evening things out.

            Another thing I can stopped thinking about is how the script went from a true crossover to the final film basically being A Nightmare on Elm Street featuring Jason and having almost nothing to do with the Crystal Lake side of things outside of a battlefield.

      • Charlie

        Raimi is the nicest dude in the business. I doubt he was being stubborn in some antagonistic way. I mean Freddy Kruger himself, Robert Englund, says that NLC was being pretty lame.

      • ChampionOfLight

        Raimi previously stated that the story of the film being in development broke on multiple sites before he saw the script and afraid it would do his character wrong he shot it down. Having seen the script (and faithful comic adaptation) it wasn’t like Ash lost – he was still the winner in the end so Raimi would have no reason to be stubborn about the outcome.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    “I had just had my ass kicked by Jason”

    What movie was he watching? No matter who they implied might’ve won, Freddy got in at least 85% of the offense. New Line knew exactly what they were doing going with a Hodder-less Jason.

  • hiiiiii

    Hahahah god I love Rob.

  • Geno1987

    Their still is nothing stopping New Line from making this movie now if they wanted to. With Ash vs Evil Dead being a hit, and Freddy and Jason needing a good kick back in the public eye.

  • Adam Clifton

    New Line didn’t want Freddy to look weak? But the remake…

  • Travis_Bickle

    Vs Robocop vs Terminator vs The Army of Darkness

  • Master99

    Why the hell would New Line not want ash to win? Why have the ultimate horror movie good guy involved in the movie if he wasn’t going to win. Jason is my favorite movie character of all time, but I would be ok with Ash owning him (no one else though, I didn’t appreciate Freddy coming so close to beating him). Would anyone in the world be opposed to seeing Ash win the fight? Even Freddy himself is ok with it, for God’s sake. Sure we want to see Ash take the punishment he it’s known for taking, but no one wants to see him lose. The one liners between Ash and Freddy would have been solid gold, damn I hate that they didn’t make this movie.

  • AdamX

    Freddy won on points in that one, Jason landed a few holy shit blows but kind of got jobbed out.

    That said I wholeheartedly agree that Freddy vs Jason vs Ash on the big screen would’ve been epic. Storywise maybe not as tight but neither was FvJ so no worries there.

    • Evan3

      Not sure points count if you end the bout decapitated.

      • AdamX

        Noted but remember Lori chopped his head off, Jason was the one who drove the glove through his chest prior.

        But every legit fight they had Freddy had the upper hand until something came along to allow Jason to do what Jason does best, wreck shit super super thoroughly. I know Jason walked out but he was played more as the jobber than the legit winner of the fight to end all fights.

        • Evan3

          This is a fair assessment. I still disagree, but you have made many valid points.

          • AdamX

            Freddy is New Line’s baby so I understand it.

            At least Jason got to punch a hole through his ribcage.

  • Mike

    My favorite part of the comic is when Jason get luxurious long brown hair for some reason.

    • Geno1987

      Terrible artwork, and obvious tracing of screenshots for Freddy.

  • horrormaker

    i had this idea around the time of 2000, where Ash closes the Book of the Dead. He has to face the seven realms of hell and their bosses: Jason, Freddy, Chucky, Pinhead, Pumpkinhead, Michael Myers, Leatherface, (i don’t remember who i had last, but it might have been Leprechaun.) Sort like a Battle Royal, but in a fun action way. It would end all sequels.

    • horrormaker

      i know i seven up there, but i think i had Michael and Leatherface in the same realm, because they were the only live human killers. the other sort of deal with the supernatural.

  • Evan3

    Oh man. Ohhhh man. What I wouldn’t have given for this ESPECIALLY had Sam Raimi directed. Damn you Hollywood. DAMN YOU! I would have loved a climax in a comedy club with Ash and Freddy quipping between blows and Jason just taking people out like Gallagher to a watermelon.


    Not surprised didn’t happened at all. freddy vs Jason no 2 without ash did not happened as well. those fools did not even made the long awaited nightmare on elm street prequel no matter if all fans wanted to see Robert UNMASKED for a change as a young freddy killing teens and his whole human story before he got burned by parents.
    those fools did not even brought Robert = the real freddy BACK for more NOES films no matter if the fans DEMAND ROBERT TO BE BACK.


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