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No, ‘Life’ Probably Isn’t a ‘Venom’ Prequel…BUT WHAT IF?

[Update] Breaking: Life is NOT Venom

One of the coolest and most believable fan theories is that Columbia Pictures’ Life is actually a prequel to their Spider-Man spinoff, Venom, which all of a sudden landed on the theatrical slate for October of 2018.

It all started when a fan noticed the exact same shots from Spider-Man 3 in the trailer for Life, which we confirmed its validity. But, as an investigator will tell you, the simplest explanation is usually correct. That answer would be that whomever was cutting together the trailer needed footage of a crowd and used some stock footage that came out of Raimi’s Spider-Man sequel.

Still, it’s weirdly believable; I even received a vile from Sony in the mail that contains a BLACK substance that reacts to magnets. Furthermore, there’s a line forming as I write this outside of the premiere taking place tonight at the SXSW Film Festival. Word has it that NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) are being signed before entering. What could be so secret about Life that is needs to be kept in the dark for a mere six days before its March 24th release?

Want more fuel for speculation? While a Sony rep denied the connection to Collider (and my own Sony connection told me he heard the same), an interview with the director didn’t exactly put a nail in the coffin. While the two joked and made fun of the rumor, the interviewer asked if it’s complete bullshit, to which Daniel Espinosa stated “I’m not commenting on that.” Not exactly a denial.

While it probably is complete bullshit, I’m wanting so badly for it to be true. So much so that I may even pretend it is a Venom prequel no matter what comes of this insanity.

Hopefully word breaks out of tonight’s screening so we can know what we’re up against this coming Friday…



  • Grimphantom
  • David Keeling

    Life seems like a big FU to Ridley Scott from a director who worked with him on Child 44. Never underestimate the peevishness of Hollywood.
    If anything I thought it was a prequel to Cloverfield with true escape capsule in the red band being the fleeting vessel hitting the ocean at then end off Coney Island

    • Evan3

      Don’t get to worked up. Ridley Scott already gave a big FU to ridley scott with Prometheus (and probably, Alien Covenant).

  • BoondockSaintCM

    So, um, I guess this is just adding fuel to the fire but I did find something that makes this seem even more likely. Getting curious after reading this I went to the Life wiki page and just started reading over the production staff. Then I saw who wrote Life, Rhett Reese and Paul Justice, the two who rote Zombieland and Deadpool. Then I remembered something from 2009….

    So ya, this may be real….


  • Weresmurf

    Wait, so we’ve gone from IT DEFINITELY ISNT to…. ‘Shit… IT MIGHT BE???’

  • Bloodspatta

    What a load of fucking bullshit.

  • Abandoned_Being

    What if Brad Miska is Venom?

  • Jeden

    You definitely need to be careful scrolling down the news, if you don’t want to be bombarded with possible spoilers.

    • Evan3

      Boo hoo!

  • Evan3

    Sony actually has enough ballsy-awesome ideas (like the Men in Black/21 Jump Street deal, the idea of a female Ghostbusters, an Aunt May spy thriller) that I wouldn’t necessarily discount it. I wish it were true, because it would be fucking amazing.

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