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Pennywise Preys Upon Georgie in Terrifying New ‘IT’ Image

I’m pretty jealous of our own Trace Thurman, who saw the first footage from Andy Muschietti’s It at SXSW just about a week ago. As Trace described, the teaser trailer for this year’s adaptation was shown off at the event; sadly, it still hasn’t yet appeared online. We know you’re hungry to see it, but we’ve got a little something today that should hold you over.

From the Facebook page “Stephen King’s It 2017” comes a shot from the newest issue of Empire Magazine, which looks to be from one of the teaser scenes Trace described out of SXSW:

The trailer opens with footage of Bill Denbrough making a paper boat for his little brother Georgie. We then move outside, where Georgie is chasing his boat in a rainstorm as it floats next to the curb. Suddenly, Georgie runs right into a street barrier, which knocks him down on the ground. He then watches as his boat sails into a gutter. He runs to the gutter and tries to see if he can see his boat. As he looks deep into the sewers, Pennywise abruptly appears before the screen cuts to black. 

You’ll have to wait for the teaser, but you can check out the insanely creepy new image below!

In theaters September 8, 2017, the Andy Muschietti-directed film is set “in a small town in Maine, where seven children known as The Losers’ Club come face to face with life problems, bullies, and a monster that takes the shape of a clown called Pennywise.

Bill Skarsgard stars as Pennywise, the sewer-dwelling monster.

Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard, Nicholas Hamilton, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs, and Jeremy Ray Taylor are the modern Losers’ Club.

Creature performer Javier Botet will play The Leper, and Owen Teague plays Patrick Hocksetter, a bully who torment the Losers’ Club.

Dan Lin, Roy Lee, Seth Grahame-Smith, David Katzenberg, and Barbara Muschietti produce.



  • llcc1103

    sigh….. why does he look evil? Clowns are scary to begin with, its unnecessary to have “evil” facial features.

    • Andrew Flynn

      Could be wrong but I believe he lured Georgie in by looking like a playful regular clown in a drainage ditch and once Georgie peered into the ditch and reached in for his boat Pennywise lashed out while looking more sinister and killed him.

      • Golic

        I don’t remember anyone bitching whenever Tim Curry’s Pennywise had sharp teeth and looked evil…

        I doubt this new Pennywise looks evil all the time.

        • J Jett

          Golic, exactly! Tim Curry’s Pennywise was HORRIFIC looking at all times. i can’t remember even 1 shot of him looking playful or regular.

      • Bla Blah

        *sigh* as I have pointed out many, many times: PENNYWISE LOOKS EXACTLY AS HE IS DESCRIBED IN THE BOOKS. The only slight difference is that he has a vintage/medieval flair going on, which is intentional. Look at the two clowns Pennywise is said to resemble in the books. He looks like them. Look at the clowns from the old black and white era. He looks like them. He doesn’t look scary for a clown. Clowns just look fucked up, and that’s a proven psychological things. Humans naturally don’t like clowns. There is not anything remotely unsettling about him that isn’t normal for most other clowns and if you put this guy in a circus in the 1940s, no one would bat an eye. Because he looks completely normal.

        • Evan3

          I don’t dispute he looks like the book. But what works on the page doesn’t necessarily work on the screen.

          • Bla Blah

            but I don’t get what you would prefer? Even Tim Curry’s clown, which was not book accurate entirely, still had a creep factor. Its just because clowns have been found to psychologically incite a negative reaction in humans. There isn’t really a right way to present a clown that doesn’t quite give a scary look, especially knowing what the movie is about. I would understand if he was dressed in all black and looked gothic/demonic but he looks pretty standard clown of the early to mid 1900s, which the book takes place in (even though the movie takes place in the 80s)

          • Melissa Sharp

            I think the real issue with the new Pennywise isn’t the make-up or how he looks. It’s the awful photos they are using with that filtered high def cartoonish factor. I think he will probably look way better on screen. It took me some time to see this. This new image with Georgie looks way better but that migh be because it’s a photo of a magazine page.

          • Evan3

            I don’t know what I’d prefer either. I just know it isn’t this ;-)!

    • Doby Gillis

      He’s much closer to the pennywise in the book, fortunately.

    • Bla Blah

      he doesn’t look evil, he looks like how clowns were portrayed in those times. Read the books, pennywise is said to resemble a cross between two different clowns, Clarabelle and someone else. Look them up. He looks just like them with a medieval flair added, which was done to show age.

  • nowaygetreal

    He just looks so goofy…

  • Maybe it’ll look creepier on film, but I am just not freaked out at all by the look of Pennywise’s new look. That being said, I did see a leaked image the other day that showed Bill Skarsgard in an outfit much more similar to the Tim Curry one, so maybe he will have two different looks. I think it’s mostly those weird lipstick streaks on his face.

    • REC03

      do you know where i can see that leaked pic?

      • I just checked for the source. The site I found it on alleged that it was leaked, but actually it looks like it is just from Bill’s Instagram, so you may have already seen it. I like the tagline they have come up with, though: “It takes many forms.”:

        • REC03


        • Georgie’s Arm

          The first one is a fan photoshop before he was officially revealed. Second one is a fan photoshop too, so the tagline is not official 🙂

          • Oh, ok. That’s a shame! In which case I think we are just getting generic ‘scary clown’, which is a bit “meh!” IMHO. Oh well. I do love that tagline, though – they should totally steal it!

          • Georgie’s Arm

            Not necessarily – reports from people who’ve seen the performance suggest Pennywise will even have two distinct voices: a child-like, reasonable one and an evil, almost primal one. This is also how it is written in an early draft of the script.

          • Well, maybe. I’m re-reading the book right now to refresh my memory, and admittedly I am only 150 or so pages in but I’m not getting the impression that IT in its Pennywise form was this dirty old monster clown. I know IT feeds off fear, but I also got the impression that Pennywise was meant to be relatively unassuming in order to lull victims in to its grasp, and then scared them to make them ‘taste’ better… but admittedly it has been 25 years or so since I last read the book. Voices would be one thing, but I think the look overall just isn’t what I picture when I think of the character.

          • Georgie’s Arm

            Pennywise makes two appearances in the first 150 pages. In the second one, After The Festival, he is described as literally having silver eyes and great, big teeth like a lion. I’ll leave all his other descriptions for you to discover while you read 😉

          • Yeah, but in that second description I only read it in reference to his facial appearance, not his clothing. I’d always read the book as IT’s physical form only truly changes when IT becomes a different character such as the werewolf etc.

  • REC03

    that shot is amazing! i bet this is right before he goes for the kill. don’t understand thE negativity but to each their own. NOW GIVE US THAT TRAILER!!!

  • Tiger Quinn

    I’m not a fan of this. I’ll wait until I see the thing, but all signs point so far to crap.

  • J Jett

    i have to admit Pennywise does look pretty creepy in this pic!

  • Munchie

    Dis movie gonna be shite fam.

  • Ken Huber

    all bs aside….this is a pretty damn epic creepy pic.

  • Bloodspatta

    Just release the trailer already !!

  • McGilli

    Ha! What child is going to want to go and talk to a clown – that looks that creepy – that’s in a storm drain?!?

    • Chip

      Georgie is what, 5? Never underestimate the determination of a child to kill itself. You have a hard enough time keeping kids from sticking their fingers in light sockets, or running in traffic, never mind the tantelizing alure of a friendly clown with a balloon.

  • Alanmac

    Pretty cool pic i guess. Maybe seeing it in motion when the trailer is released I’ll be more into it.

  • Hayden Koutras

    Don’t understand people here. the original Mini Series was corny as hell and overall not good. great performances from the kids and Tim Curry but this is the movie it deserved to be all along. So excited. it’s like the horror genre’s fanbase is always too busy bitching to even call themselves fans of the genre.

    • PolishGuyFromBrooklyn

      I’m a huge fan of Stephen King’s book and mini series was just horrible. They totally f..k everything up. Book version Pennywise wasn’t soo corny. He was terrifying almost all the time.

    • Evan3

      You can’t possibly know if this is the movie It deserved all along. Indeed, I’d say Fukunaga was a way more promising director than this guy.

      • Georgie’s Arm

        I love Fukunaga, but he couldn’t even keep the names of the book’s beloved characters the same, and wanted them raping sheep, ejaculating on cakes or being gang-raped. I think they made up by hiring Chung Hoon Chung as the DOP.

        • andytellsyouwhat

          Aren’t these all normal aspects of growing up in the Maine countryside? Fukunaga was just trying to inject a little realism.

        • Evan3

          How do you know this?

          • Georgie’s Arm

            There’s a draft that leaked, a later draft people who worked on the production have read, and a discussion about the content of the script on a forum for parents of child actors. Some of those parents pulled their children out of the audition.

      • Chip

        There was no way they were ever going to get the parents of the child cast to sign off on what Fukunaga wanted to do.

    • I’m not knocking the new approach, but Tim Curry’s Pennywise in the mini-series is still on the tippy top of my list of frightening horror creatures/performances. No movie ever scared me like that again. To call it “corny as hell” and “overall not good” is doing it a major disservice.

  • J.J. rdz

    I think penny wise is not dumb enough to scare off his dinner by looking like a…umm.. Sexy ass mother f**ker. DAYUM.

  • lostboy408

    Say what you will, but this doesn’t evoke terror from me. When I first saw the miniseries that moment gave me goosebumps.This just looks odd. Not spooky, just odd. Like it’s badly photoshopped.

    • PolishGuyFromBrooklyn

      Original miniseries was scary to 7 years olds. Now is just laughable.Stephen King’s book was terrifying as hell and new IT movie is based on that book. This is not a remake ! It’s a screen adaptation.

      • Evan3

        That said, the miniseries did fuck me up real good when I was a kid.

    • Tim Nuttall

      It looks like a promo pic rather than an actual shot IMO.

  • nicholasmwalker

    when i first saw the new look for pennywise i was concerned they played it a bit too “on the nose” with the evil clown thing… this new photo does not assuage my suspicions at all. i DO really like his costume in this movie though and i will hold off on final judgement until i see the make up in action

  • Evan3

    Nothing I’ve seen so far has spoken to me. It looks so bland and the film seems like it is catering to the broadest possible audience. I wish they had imbued the film with a Burton-esque touch of weirdness, or a Fincher or del Toro sense of underlying dread. But I’ll remain open-minded until the trailer.

    • Weresmurf

      Comments like these baffle me “like it is catering to the broadest possible audience.”

      Because they’d only cater to a handful of people and bugger making their money back? Their 100+ million they’ve spent?

      With what you’ve said, I’m just positive you’ve never read the book.

      • Evan3

        “I’m just positive you’ve never read the book.” And yet you’d be incorrect. That said, this is definitely one of my least favorite King novels.

        That stated, King rarely catered to the broadest audience. He killed heroes and children without a second thought. And created monsters or changed out conceptions of them. Nothing here looks like it’s taking a chance. I think the studio clearly wanted something with broad appeal rather than something with depth and scares and daring (thus, their parting of ways with Fukunaga in favor of going with a bland filmmaker in Muschietti). It’s certainly their prerogative, but I don’t have to be excited for it.

    • Rob Rosado

      If anything, by cutting swears and gore and anything remotely controversial, I’d say it was actually the original that was catering to the broadest possible audience…

      • Evan3

        I guess as controversial as a child eating clown can be 😉

    • James

      How is this catering? All we have seen so far are random images and this one is pretty much perfect. What exactly were you expecting to see??

      • Evan3

        Something with a discernible style? Warts and all, you don’t look at a film by someone like Fincher, Burton or GDT and not see a particular style.

        As to my catering comment… The clown is generically scary but not TOO scary. The sets look like any person’s idealized vision of the 80s. I just see no flair or style or anything of note. It’s bland.

    • Carlton Fisher

      The number of actual movie stills we’ve seen at this point can be counted on one hand and still have fingers left over, and you’ve managed to judge the entire movie based on that?

      And while i love Tim Burton, I wouldn’t want him anywhere near anything by Stephen King with the POSSIBLE exception of Eyes of the Dragon.

      • Evan3

        I simply feel Burton’s sensibilities would work well with It. I concede he hasn’t made anything worthwhile in over a decade, but think how great an Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, or even Big Fish era Burton would have been on this project,

  • Sean Robert Hart

    Bloody disgusting i absolutely love you guys. You are the best. Plz stop teasing me though just block me till a trailer comes out lol

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Pretty creepy. I like it

    • gabriel

      Yeah, he almost looks like Michael Keaton as the almighty Beetlejuice

      • Evan3

        If only this were true.

  • Chris Genth

    I’m getting a little burned out on all the remakes, besides most not all suck!

    • Weresmurf

      It’s not really a remake, but an adaptation of the book. Considering all the stuff left out of the tv movie, plus the reports of the SXSW footage of the kids dropping F bombs and swearing, plus the footage being scarier, you’ll get a much different experience more akin to the book.

      • This ^. The more I hear/read about this the less I think of it as a remake. The original was a TV adaptation and totally different in tone/format to what this movie will be

      • Comment

        That, “Not a remake but different book adaption” line didn’t fly with Carrie. The fact is, it will be viewed as a remake.

        • Weresmurf

          Only by those still hanging onto the past. Carrie was a half hearted pg13 attempt too remember?

          • Reina 日本人

            IT seems like a good candidate for a remake, concepts with potential that are not as well served the first time. I know a lot of people have nostalgia for the 1990 miniseries but come on, it ain’t great. Unlike DePalma’s Carrie, it’s hardly an untouchable classic.

  • Ok I’m officially stoked for this

  • Prince Of Darkness

    Problem is that Stephen King’s IT was almost two thousand pages long with almost five hundred pages split between 1958 and 1985. More than sixty percent of the book will be cut out. Four hours is not nearly long enough to do the story justice. One very cool chapter even showed IT’s arrival on earth in prehistoric times. If they wanted to remake IT, they should have done a thirteen part mini series for FX or HBO. I always loved how in his later novel Dreamcatcher, when the characters found the plaque that Bill and the Losers erected in memory of all the victims of IT, “PENNYWISE LIVES!” was written in blood across the plaque.

    • It’s actually about 1000 pages, but I agree that a limited series could have been great.

      • Prince Of Darkness

        1,000+ pages – I stand corrected. i had just woken up and the coffee had yet to kick in when I posted that.

        • Saturn

          Don’t blame it on the sunshine, Don’t blame it on the moonlight, Don’t blame it on good times, Blame it on the lack of coffee.


    • Chip

      Thats why this needs to be an adaptation. Cut the fat, of which in most Stephen King books there is a lot. A movie should be it’s own thing, not a slavish shot-for-shot of a book. Those kind of movies are failures. Meanwhile miniseries are hit-or-miss. I’ll point you to Stephen King’s The Shining.

    • Carlton Fisher

      There’s also a reference in the Tommyknockers that Pennywise might still be alive.

      • Lou Mattioli

        There’s no question IT is alive in The Tommyknockers. While driving into Derry to pick up batteries, one of the characters (who is, albeit, sick at the time) sees a clown with silver eyes peeping out of a storm drain.

        • Carlton Fisher

          Yes, but it’s mentioned as a possible hallucination that she was having from being outside of the Tommyknockers’ atmosphere within their town, so it could (possibly) be a psychic vision of the past induced by her state at the time of being cut off from the “evolution” when they run for batteries.

          • Lou Mattioli

            Is there anything in The Tommyknockers that indicates Haven’s citizens are seeing into the past/future, though? It’s been a while since I read it. So, absent that, I tend to think it’s exactly what’s described: she sees Pennywise. Just my two cents.

          • Carlton Fisher

            My own interpretation is that it IS Pennywise, yes, but the phrasing (and I don’t have the book in front of me, so it’s not exact) says that she “hallucinated” a clown in the sewer. My thought is she saw Pennywise, but assumed it had to be a hallucination because of who horrible she was feeling already, but who knows….?

          • David

            Stephen King doesn’t even remember the Tommyknockers.

          • Carlton Fisher

            That comes from The Onion. You realize they don’t do real news, right? According to that article, he can’t remember the difference between The Dead Zone, The Dark Half, and The Dark Tower.

          • David

            Well, yes. It was a joke. I thought that was obvious.

          • David

            Nice jokestepping.

          • Carlton Fisher

            That I can remember, there is no mention of that among the residents of Haven, but these two people on this rip are the only Haven residents to leave Haven as well, so on a scientific level, they are the only variable group. There isn’t enough information to make a conclusion as to what other residents would experience outside of the influence of the ship.

    • Aaron Johnson

      I agree. An HBO or even Showtime miniseries would do it justice. This image gives me the creeps tho. And everything I’ve seen so far gives me hope that they will do well with it.

    • Lou Mattioli

      But the statue itself makes no sense. In IT, it’s very clear by the end of the novel that the Loser’s Club are rapidly losing their memories of the novel’s events. So, how would they remember–years later–to purchase and erect a statue in the memory of all the children lost? It’s a neat Easter egg, but that’s always kinda bothered nitpicky me.

    • David

      I disagree. I think there should be a single movie, just focusing on the kids that is no longer than 2 hours. I’ve read the book and it is way bloated. The story is not particularly complex.

  • Jarvis hug

    looks like a little Nordic kid from his face

  • Jamie

    The image dosen’t work for starters, the outer areas of the picture is dark (im guessing an outcast day) with some unknown light source hitting his face that looks so badly photoshopped in that drain. Not at all scary, wrong actor for the part that’s going to be hard to match Tim Curry’s performance.

    • gabriel

      wrong. Tim Curry was overrated too. That made for television garbage will be long forgotten about when this movie comes out.

      • Overton Green

        LOL you are so going to get flamed. Saying Tim Curry’s performance wasn’t better than Al Pacino’s in Godfather 2 will get you killed on this site.

        I agree with you 100% however…

    • Carlton Fisher

      So….now we can judge an actor’s performance based on a single bad scan of a magazine still? Is this a psychic ability of some kind?

      • hiiiiii

        seriously. the internet these days. man. everyone is a goddamn expert critic of everything.

    • hiiiiii

      what the fuck is wrong with you?

  • Joe Smith reddit page for It fans

  • Seal Clubber

    This is not a remake … Remakes (to me) are when the original was written as a screenplay. This would be more of a reinterpretation of the novel “IT”. Remakes tend to be shot-for-shot refilming with updated actors and effects that draw on a 120 page screenplay and movie as the source. This has a 1200+ page novel written 30+ years ago as the source. There is a HUGE difference ….

    • Blood Boil

      This is a remake

      • David

        Your face is a remake.

        • Blood Boil

          It’s more of a “re-imagining”, it’s using my same face but different

  • Not convinced about this. But then again I generally do not find clowns scary or freaky annoying. See how this one will play out

  • Overton Green

    Never was a fan of the original. The first half of the film was really good (really good for then…the movie hasn’t aged well) and the second half was extremely bad. The kids were awesome but once they transition to adults it was a chore to watch.

  • Overton Green

    I have to say that “IT” is the perfect movie to be remade. The original tv movie is BAD. It hasn’t aged well at all. It’s not a very good movie. It might have been decent when it released but it’s terrible watching it today.

    This is the perfect movie to remake. Remaking classics like Halloween, or The Thing are the wrong type of movies to remake.

    • David

      I’d kinda like to see a remake of Sleepwalkers (1992). I always felt that there was a legitimately good movie in there if the direction had been tighter and the tone was more consistent.

  • Eh, I’ll watch it, but I’m still not convinced on the clown design, to be honest.

  • David

    I think Pennywise looks too scary. The whole point of the creature taking the form of a clown was to lure children close. The idea was that there was something subtly off but at the same time the form of Pennywise looked and sounded whimsical. Until you got too close. Also, here is Nostalgia Critic’s review of the 1990 It. It’s pretty funny.

  • Lrdcharlton

    I’m skeptical, Pennywise is not supposed to look like a member of kiss, he is described as a normal clown who kids would want to talk to. Seriously, what child would approach the Skarsgard Pennywise…it’s already a stretch that a kid would not freak out to anyone chilling in a sewer.

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