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New Video Game ‘Ghostbusters: Now Hiring’ Just Hit Playstation VR

Are you ready to become a Ghostbuster?!

The film franchise may currently be as dead as it was after Ghostbusters 2, but that doesn’t mean Ghostbusters fans won’t have a steady stream of new content to enjoy in the coming months and years. No matter what’s going on with the movies, the franchise will always be alive and well, and fans will be happy to know that a brand spankin’ new game was unleashed today.

Available for the Playstation VR, Ghostbusters: Now Hiring takes you into the iconic Ghostbusters firehouse and quite literally allows you to strap on a proton pack and become the newest member of the team. From what we understand, the firehouse is merely the game’s first map; subsequent locales and missions will be unveiled in the future, based on user requests.

In the game…

The Ghostbusters need your help. Step into and explore the iconic Ghostbusters firehouse, where you’ll meet Mooglie (Patton Oswalt) for the first time. Plus, get up close and personal with everyone’s favorite troublemaker, Slimer!

Your adventure begins outside the firehouse in the streets of New York where Mooglie volunteers to be your guide. As you enter the firehouse, you’ll have the chance to explore Ecto-1, assemble and fire a proton pack, check out the basement where the Ghost Containment Unit lies, play with Slimer and much more! Don’t leave any stone unturned as ghostly surprises await your discovery.

You can buy Ghostbusters: Now Hiring for just $6.99 in the Playstation Store!



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