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R.I.P. ‘Friday the 13th Part 3’ Star Gloria Charles

Friday the 13th Part 3 is an interesting installment in the franchise because Jason Voorhees isn’t the only threat the film’s main characters have to contend with. They also run afoul of a biker gang at Crystal Lake’s local convenience store; the trio of badass bikers follow them back to Higgins Haven, where they’re eventually killed by Jason. Today we’re sad to learn that actress Gloria Charles, who played the biker known as Fox in Part 3, recently passed away.

Fellow Part 3 star Larry Zerner brought the news to our attention today:

The Friday franchise’s beloved third installment was Gloria Charles’ screen debut, and she subsequently appeared in films such as Brewster’s Millions and National Lampoon’s European Vacation. Charles mostly left acting behind in the early ’90s, but she did return to the Friday world when she appeared in the docs His Name Was Jason and Crystal Lake Memories.

We don’t yet know any details about Gloria Charles’ passing, but we did come across a Go Fund Me campaign that was started for her back in late November of last year. The campaign noted that she was requiring “24 hour, around the clock, in-home care” at the time. We also found a touching video on YouTube that pays tribute to Charles’ life, which you can watch below.



  • Im heartbroken by this news, I had the documentary “30 years of Jason” or something like that and I remmebered her giving the tour of the actual camp crystal lake, including the barn she was killed in! She was a badass in 3, it’s a shame to hear this.

    • Khy

      Me too. She seemed proud of being apart of the Friday legacy. Blah all the original Friday alums are dying off. So sad.

      • Tyrannorabbit

        She looked *amazing* too. Her health must’ve fallen off quick.

        • Khy


  • Khy

    Noooooo. 🙁 And she aged beautifully.

    • J Jett

      i agree both Fox and Vera were awesome! to this day i still wish it was Vera who was the final girl in that film rather than Chris who i never really liked. i think it’s partly because (IMO) Dana Kimmell is not really a good actress. Vera was beautiful, tough and kind all at the same time (ultimately she was very sweet to Shelley).

      • Khy

        One thing I particularly love about Friday’s 3, 4, and 7 is that all 3 featured girls who could have also fit the “final girl” mode aside from the main girl. Friday 3 had Vera who was feisty but nice, intelligent, and pretty tame compared to her friends. Friday 4 has sweet innocent virginal Sara. And Friday 7 had sweet make-over Maddy. Basically, Chris, Trish, and Tina weren’t the only sweet girls amongst their casts.

        I personally think Friday 3 would’ve been stronger if Fox and Vera were the final two instead of Chris and Rick. Imagine it- they go from that nasty run in at the store to being the last two standing of their respective groups AND a black and latina? Bad ass. But I’ll save that for fan fiction LOL. Perhaps too radical for 1982.

        • J Jett

          Khy, YES YES YES! i would have fucking loved it if both Vera & Fox ended up working together to defeat Jason. having them both be final girls would have been perfection

          and regarding Sara (who i liked very much and actually felt really bad for when she was killed), Maddy (who again, i liked very much despite her dressing like Smurfette…

          • Khy

            LMFAAAAAAO OMG I never realized that. She does look like a smurf lmao!

            Poor Maddy, got all dressed up to get slaughtered.

          • J Jett

            oops, i forgot to finish my comment. lol. i agree with your point about those F13 entries having very sweet, likable, final-girl-ish characters in them. 🙂

          • J Jett

            my god those UBER-thick nylons women used to wear that look more like skin tight “flesh” colored spanks. LOL. they are always creeped me out when i’d watch THREE’S COMPANY and Chrissy, Janet, etc. would have these satin-ish nylons. lol.

          • Khy

            Careful- they might make a comeback. Everything is coming back this decade.

            Jessica Stroupe was wearing some very stylish bellbottoms in the very modern Iron Fist and it almost made me want to go buy a pair

          • J Jett

            Jessica was IMO one of the best parts of IRON FIST. i’ve never seen her in anything before but this show made me a fan of hers. actually Jessica and Tom Pelphrey (her tv show brother Ward Meachum) were both excellent in it.

  • Munchie

    “May I please have the wallet…ma’am.” My favorite in the series. Sad news.

    • J Jett

      LOL!! i loved that part!

  • Eastman420

    Wow she was so young…. Very sad seemed like a wonderful person in the documentaries she did. RIP Fox

  • Wolf Kane


  • Biscoito18

    She had little screen time but it was so memorable. RIP Gloria

  • J Jett

    Gloria’s “Fox” character always stood out (in a great way!) to me in that film. she was gorgeous, sassy/tough and funny in that movie. i loved when suddenly out of nowhere she’s swinging on the rope in the barn…”WHOOO!! THIS FEELS GOOOOOD!”.
    my condolences to her family/friends. RIP.

    • Khy

      And I loved her hesitence to get revenge. “Maybe we shouldn’t do this Ali”. Small but sweet characterization to show she wasn’t as tough and mean as she came off in the gas station.

      • J Jett

        Khy, YES! i loved that as well! it showed Fox probably really wasn’t a evil/bad person. i too love little character flourishes like that. it shows (especially when it comes to “villains”/antagonists in shows/films) the character in question is a relatable.

      • Couldn’t agree more with you guys

  • Wil McMullen

    I’m truly sorry to hear about her passing. I remember seeing F13-3D in the theater when I was younger, although it scared the shit clean out of me, it only reaffirmed my love for the horror genre. I also remember loving her character and thought she was bad ass (too bad she didnt last long during her scene where we found her pitted against Jason in the barn). R.I.P Gloria – One of my favorite biker chicks on celluloid.

  • Jason’s disciple

    R.I.P to the late great Ms.Gloria Charles a.k.a Foxy you are gone but you will never be forgotten may your beautiful sole rest in paradise God bless you .

  • Adam Clifton

    RIP. She’ll live on forever as Fox

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