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Insanely Detailed Flowchart Connects the Entire Stephen King Universe

It’s all connected, maaaannnn. No seriously. It is.

We cannot wait to check out the upcoming Hulu series “Castle Rock,” which is set to draw inspiration from the fictional town made famous by the works of Stephen King. The trailer for the series seemed to indicate that it will connect many of King’s iconic stories and bring them together into a shared universe of sorts. Of course, longtime King fans know that universe already exists.

Many of King’s stories share connections both big and small with one another, which has been a real treat for fans of his work. Misery, for example, makes mention of IT character Eddie Kaspbrak’s mother being Paul Sheldon’s neighbor growing up, and Georgie Denbrough is buried in the same cemetery that Pet Sematary‘s Gage Creed was originally buried in.

King’s stories are absolutely chock full of these fun little connections, and one super fan has just taken it upon herself to illustrate a complete, highly detailed flowchart that shows every connection in the long-running Stephen King Universe. Her name is Gillian James, and she’s just begun selling prints of the newly updated and expanded flowchart over on Etsy.

The 23″ x 35″, limited edition Stephen King Universe Flowchart explores the connections and relationships between the characters and places in the literary work of Stephen King. It is current up to and including End of Watch. 

Check it out below (click to make image bigger) and grab one from TessieGirlDesigns!



  • billypop

    Wow no one makes sense of this, or even trying to. Not surprised at all. Cuz i looked at it and thought “fuck this”

    • UpIrons

      Being color blind I cannot trace out any of the connections. I imagine it would be easier with a huge print but wow, no way I could follow it.

  • Ted C

    Not just detailed but “insanely” detailed.

    • John Squires


    • sliceanddice

      insanely being he operative word.

  • James Allard

    Usually this level of intense fascination is accompanied with a chapeau made from Reynolds Wrap

    • Orion Red

      How do you know it wasn’t?

  • Paul Lucas1029

    How can I get a copy?

  • Oliviu Dorian Constantinescu

    What is this? A flowchart for ants?

  • sliceanddice

    Right, I have never read any Stephen King. Where do I start?

    • Nicolas Caiveau

      Where you want. Except for The Dark Towers which is a saga, all the novels are stand alone… Yet they have connections, but you don’t need to read them all to understand them, it just adds.

      • sliceanddice

        is there one you’d say is better than the others?

        • Nicolas Caiveau

          It depends on what genre you prefer. He wrote sci fi, fantasy, thriller…

    • Chris Welch

      Start with IT but throw everything you know from the 1990 movie out the window first. Granted this is just a personal love for me.

    • Corey

      You might want to start with some of his shorter works to see if you even enjoy his writing before diving off into some of his longer novels like It, The Stand, etc.

      The Mist is around 200 pages. Cujo, Carrie, and Pet Sematary would likely be pretty good places to start.

    • Orion Red

      My first was The Talisman, then took a LOOOONG break when I had youngsters, then I read Firestarter, Then saw the Stand on TV, but saw that he had re-released the Original length book “The Stand”.

      If you like audio, start with Hearts in Atlanta.

      Never, Ever Ever use the movie/tv version of story to decide if you want to read it. They change a LOT to make it work on screen. Thinner, Stand, hearts in Atlanta, even Firestarter which I liked, are all pale compared to actually reading what people are thinking.

      The audiobook introduction to Salems Lot was wonderful, and there is a paragraph at the beginning of one of the chapters that truly captures what life in a small town is like.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    Could you post a bigger version of it ? It’s really small, hard to read it.

    • uriah369

      Won’t happen, she’s selling it on Etsy.

  • Sean Robert Hart

    Would be cool to know how they connect… just drawing a line from one book to another leaves me curious.

  • Kostantine

    Why though?

  • Arch Stanton

    Insanely long books that sucked.
    The Movies that worked were the ones rewritten by credible people.
    The Kubrick Shining, classic.
    The Mini Series Shining with moving ghost bushes….typical Steven King garbage.
    This goes for Storm of the Century which the ending was some stupid troll.

    The Stand, started great and then you have some black lady in a corn field.

    Seriously….Giant bats? Space Spiders?

    Steven King is why I stopped reading books altogether.

    • uriah369

      How about a little perspective, what books do you consider good, and why?

    • Corey

      One author caused you stop reading books? lol

      • Arch Stanton

        That and reading Star Trek Fan Fiction.

        Yes, James Kirk first assignment was transporting circus animals to another planet.

        People are just plain dumb.

  • HalesTales

    Neat concept, but very hard to decipher. Truly for the diehards.

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