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Bandai Namco Teases New Project, ‘Prepare To Dine’

From Software’s Dark Souls series is one of those relationships that you just can’t break. Insanely fun yet punishingly difficult for those who aren’t patient, the series is definitely a must-own. Well, Bandai Namco, the publisher of the series, looks to have something in the works that may pique Dark Souls fans’ interests.

Today Bandai Namco released a teaser trailer for a project that they’ve been working on entitled Prepare To Dine (obviously a play on the “Prepare to die” tagline for Dark Souls). The teaser shows off some traditional 2D-animated gothic style akin to From Software’s recent big his (and Dark Souls spiritual successor), Bloodborne, but nothing else in terms of details. For those details, according to Bandai Namco’s website, it’ll all be revealed on April 20th. In the meantime, let’s enjoy and speculate.



  • suffering

    It’s like a sexy mix between Devilman,Death note and tokyo ghoul :3

  • zombie84_41

    Looks neat to me.

  • Rick-Taylor

    I get a big “Devil may Cry” vibe from it. That’s pretty cool.

  • Danish Square

    i’m channeling bloodborne

  • slayer

    I’m gonna laugh if it’s a card game. Card game and strategy games have these crazy trailers but they have nothing to do with the game most of the time. I also hope this isn’t another dark souls style game.

  • Calavera

    I hope this is actually going to be a Fromsoft game. If Bandai Namco just used the Dark Souls slogan as bait, I’m gonna be mad!

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