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Three “The Walking Dead” Actors Promoted to Series Regulars

“The Walking Dead” will be back in October. But which characters are coming with it?

The hope for all actors who appear in small roles on “The Walking Dead” is that they’ll eventually be promoted to series regulars, and three of them have made enough of an impression in recent episodes to warrant that promotion. We’ve learned today that Pollyanna McIntosh (The Woman), Steven Ogg and Katelyn Nacon will become regulars starting with Season 8.

McIntosh made her debut on “The Walking Dead” this past season as Jadis, the peculiar leader of the Scavengers. Jadis and her gang stabbed Rick in the back in the season finale, so it should be interesting to see where the Scavengers go from here. Steven Ogg first appeared in Season 6 as Simon, Negan’s right-hand man. And Katelyn Nacon has been around since Season 5 as Enid.

Congrats to all three actors, who have sure earned the promotion!



  • Will Schuster

    The Scavengers are one of the worse things i’ve ever seen in this show.

    • Dave


    • Bobby Jones

      I hate the way they speak, the storyline is only 2+ years, not long enough to form a new dialect

      • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

        dude, its happened in real life within WEEKS.
        do some studying.

        • Bobby Jones

          prove it or it didn’t happen

          • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

            like 30 seconds of googling will show you.
            im lazy, so no.

          • Brett Wolfe

            That’s not lazy. It’s just a cop-out to avoid admitting your wrong…or that’s how it appears at least. If the credible links exist, share!

          • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

            go ahead.

          • Brett Wolfe

            More important than ever in Trump’s USSA.

      • Will Schuster

        Is it that long? i thought it was under 2 years. Either way it’s really friggin dumb.

      • Brett Wolfe

        Exactly what I just said. It’s been two years. HTF have grown adults forgotten how to talk?

  • Red Right Return

    Jadis dying was one of the things I was looking forward to next season. Another reason I should stop watching.

    • Brett Wolfe

      David Morrissey was promoted to season regular after season 3 finale. He ended up dying 8 episodes in, so no, pretty meaningless.

  • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

    Pooible spoiler’y prediction: They’re gonna use the junkyard people as a prequel to the Whisperers and Jadis will eventually become Alpha. Or that’s what they want us to think… I’m basing this only on the haircutvand the weird behaviour of the junkyard group.

    • blueskythis

      Alpha has a daughter… the ‘whisperers’ might ‘crossover’ from Fear the living Dead… Jadis and her bad hair will have a gruesome end.

  • RJ MacReady

    Love Steven Ogg’s character. But Jadis? I was hoping her and all the dumbass Scavengers would get killed off in the S8 opener.

  • SpacemanSpliffz

    that stupid alien bitch and her stupid haircut, along with her stupid way of talking can go shit in the ocean. also, neegan sucks.

    • blueskythis

      Yeah – she has to go – as painfully as possible! Why does she talk that way?

      • Nekrim

        I suspect her and her followers are survivors from a mental asylum

    • Boglin Boy

      wow.. how pathetic, expected you to be a little kid with that response. You look like a bald middle aged guy with bags under his eyes in a room with toys on the wall and profile picture of cartoon characters. Pedo much?

  • Andrew Flynn

    The absolute worst original idea implemented in the TV show that did not take place in the source material was the addition of the Scavengers. Well except for maybe the bastardization of Andrea’s character and giving all her story arcs to Michonne instead for some reason.

  • A. Ryan

    I swear that if Katelyn Nacon cut her hair shorter, dyed it black, and popped in some brown contact lenses, she’d look like an unmasked Kylo Ren.

    • oh_riginal

      I learned early on that I had already seen her in Too Many Cooks, and now every time she appears all I hear is the song… TOO MANY COOKS!

      • Brett Wolfe

        I did not know that….I do now…thank you for that..

  • Glad Steven Ogg is a regular – he was the best bit of Season 7.

  • bigval

    I’ve seen Pollyanna McIntosh in a couple of past smaller things and thought she was fascinating so glad to hear she’s scored a regular role on TWD.

  • GunsOfNavarone

    The problem with TWD is that too many characters outstay their welcome. As much as I like Steven Ogg, how he escaped unscathed from the season 7 finale is anyone’s guess, and now he’s going to be a regular so you would expect that McIntosh wouldn’t be around that much now once Rick’s gang take their revenge, but again she’s going to be around all of 8. So one would assume Negan is also going to be around all of 8. So how exactly is the pace of this story going to move ahead ? More savior raids, more deaths of ‘the group’, more 1 man missions to take out Negan, more torturing while Negan gives a guided walk around the campus. It feels like the story is stagnating.

    • Brett Wolfe

      The character Negan isn’t going anywhere. He is STILL very alive and active in the comics 67 issues after his Glenn-killing debut. They would be fools to break from the story and kill him off early.
      No, all-out war is a very different story line than the one we just finished. If you want answers to how this will likely play out, read the source material. Otherwise, bashing conjecture is a bit uncalled for…especially when the answers are so readily available.

      • GunsOfNavarone

        Inevitably you get one of these comments anywhere you leave criticism of AMC’s TWD. The point I am making is that the whole story revolves around Negan and the saviors. If they aren’t going to kill of any of Negan’s lieutenants, then each season becomes a rinse and repeat formula of the last. However if they branched off and gave the show somewhere else to go, great. But as it stands it is becoming very trite. How many times have we seen Negan pay a visit ? How many times have we seen someone attempt to infiltrate Negan’s compound ? How many times have we seen some no-name person sacrificed because Negan wants to make a point ? The story is going nowhere but you don’t need to call me out on it for stating the obvious. If you have a look around and read all the reviews on the show, you will see the same points echoed. Defending a show because you feel some sort of allegiance to it is one thing, but blissfully ignoring it’s problems is something else entirely.

  • Blue_Seven

    Just glad to see Pollyanna McIntosh getting paid. She’s amazing in The Woman and damn good in Let Us Prey and the show Hap and Leonard as well. Dude who voiced Trevor in GTAV is money as well.

  • Brett Wolfe

    I approve of two out of the three. I do not like the non-comic scavengers. They don’t make sense. It’s been two years since the apocalypse. Why has a huge group of adults suddenly forgotten how to talk?
    Enid, arguably non-comic, is Sophia, and is travelling her path so that makes sense. Ogg is an incidental savior, so he doesn’t mess up the story at all.

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