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[Prediction] ‘IT’ Will Have the Highest Horror Opening Weekend EVER



The latest King adaptation is probably going to break all kinds of records.

Set for release on September 8th, Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of Stephen King’s IT is unquestionably one of 2017’s most talked about and hotly anticipated films. In fact, it can already brag about breaking a pretty impressive record. As we told you last month, the trailer shattered global traffic records within the first few days of hitting the net, racking up more collective views in 24 hours than ANY other movie trailer in history. Within the first day, it received 197 million views, shattering record holder The Fate of the Furious‘ incredible 139 million views.

Yes, the IT trailer was viewed more times than the trailer for a film that just broke a massive worldwide record – and the views just keep on rolling in. What can we glean from this information, in regards to the King adaptation’s future box office performance? Well, I think it’s at least pretty safe to say that IT is going to make a whole lot of money on the weekend of September 8th.

But how much? Enough for the film to break yet another record? Probably, yes.

To date, the horror film with the highest opening weekend is 2001’s Hannibal, the Ridley Scott-directed sequel to Academy Award winner The Silence of the Lambs – mind you, other genre films such as Jurassic World, Godzilla, I Am Legend, The Mummy Returns and Kong: Skull Island rank higher on the box office charts, but I think most will agree when I say that Hannibal is the only true horror film out of that batch*. The film grossed $58,003,121 in its opening weekend, giving it the 10th highest grossing opening weekend for an R-rated movie in cinema history.

*If you don’t agree that Hannibal is a horror film, then the highest-grossing opening weekend for a horror film is Paranormal Activity 3, which nabbed $52,568,183).*

One needn’t be a soothsayer to predict that IT will have a domestic opening weekend gross of more than $58,003,121, which would give it the highest opening weekend for a horror movie and also the highest opening weekend for any September release – the current record holder for the latter is Hotel Transylvania 2, which pulled in just under $50,000,000 in its first weekend.

What are the odds that IT shatters both of those records? Well, I must again remind you that the IT trailer was viewed more times in 24-hours than the trailers for both The Fate of the Furious (which grossed just under $100 million domestically in its opening weekend) and Beauty and the Beast (which grabbed well over $100 million). So is it really that hard to imagine, based on the incredible amount of widespread interest in Muschietti’s IT, that it will at least approach that $100 million mark? If you’re asking me, a $58+ million opening is all but guaranteed.

My prediction? IT will have the highest grossing opening weekend for a horror movie in history, which will allow it to break into the top 10 for highest R-rated openings in history.

After that trailer, who *isn’t* going to see IT? It’s an event horror film if there ever was one.