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These Iconic Horror Posters Look Beautiful With the Text Removed

It’s almost like seeing your favorite poster art for the first time.

After artists get done creating movie poster art, the art is then covered in all sorts of text, including the movie’s title and often even a list of credits. Of course, a movie poster doesn’t do much good if it doesn’t even tell you what movie it’s advertising, but wouldn’t it be cool to go back in time and look at all of your favorite poster art BEFORE all that necessary text was slapped on it?

Over on Imgur, user “joinyouinthesun” uploaded a massive gallery of hi-res, totally textless art from his favorite movies – thankfully for us, he’s clearly a big time horror fan. Presumably using Photoshop, he removed all of the text from the iconic posters for films such as Alien, The Thing, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Jaws and Candyman, allowing the art itself to fully shine.

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You’re here to look at art, not listen to us ramble. So enjoy!




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