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Artist Draws Horror Villains As They Were Originally Written

Yes, Dracula totally had a mustache.

We all have images in our minds of what the most iconic literary-based horror villains look like, but oddly enough, those images often don’t look at all the way the characters were originally written; the images in our heads, of course, come from the films that brought those characters to the screen. But what would horror icons like Jack Torrance, Norman Bates and Hannibal Lecter look like if their respective movies stayed 100% faithful to the source material? One fan has taken it upon himself to answer that very question.

Filmmaker and digital artist Brian J. Davis has for a few years now been using commercially available law enforcement composite sketch software to draw up famous literary characters based specifically on how they’re described in the books they appear in. And you might be surprised how different his drawings are from what the movies have shown us. For example, did you know that Robert Bloch’s description of Norman Bates included phrases such as “plump face,” “rimless glasses” and “thinning sandy hair“?!

Check out the fascinating art below and see more over on The Composites!














  • Bryano

    This is a pretty interesting idea.

  • venerablemonster

    That’s pretty neat. Though there’s some bizarre facial structures going on in some of these. I’d totally ask Carrie to prom though.

    • Bryano

      Just maybe don’t stand too close too her all night…

    • Dr. Acula

      like BBWs?

    • Dr. Acula

      because shes fat in the novel….

  • Carl Chrystan

    F**k me! Most of these are absolute dead ringers for my exs!!!

    • venerablemonster

      Everyone’s got a type.

  • J Jett

    i thought Carrie in the book was fat/chubby and had pimples or something. and most of these look like the same person with some minor differences.

    oh, by the way, i freaking LOVE the new site format! my computer no longer freezes up whenever i visit here. whatever you did completely fixed the problem! thank you! 🙂

    • Steve Joseph

      I thought exactly the same thing! In the book, Carrie is a chubby girl with acne on her behind. Not a very pretty girl at all.

      • Dr. Acula

        Steve which is why I hate the 2013 Carrie where she is played by a super model who looks better than anyone else in the movie. How could they F it up so bad? the point of Carrie IMO is a character for girls who don’t feel very pretty themselves to be able to route for, she is like their alter ego who gets back at the assholes in a fantasy. Then we see it re-adapted with a pretty princess.. it was an insult.

    • childerolandusa

      I think it’s implied that she cleans up pretty nicely and that a lot of her unattractiveness was her clothing and the way she carries herself (no pun intended). It’s been years since I’ve read the book, though.

  • Cody Briscoe

    This was BEGGING for Pennywise to be included.

  • Charles Cumella

    That Norman Bates is a dead ringer for Dahmer haha

  • Flyingguillotine

    Interesting that Hannibal Lector looks a lot like Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman.

  • SpaceManSpliffz .

    this dude just used an old police artist program, and to be honest these are terrible

    • Dr. Acula

      download it and do it yourself

      • SpacemanSpliffz

        i would but i’m too busy fapping to your mom on chaturbate.

        also, i’d actually draw them instead of pointing and clicking at random facial features, and then calling it art

        • Boglin Boy

          and it takes you 12 days to respond and you come out with some BS like that? Are you 10 years old? What I said was true, you got upset so you had to respond with a playground insult. Don’t knock other people’s work, then explain how easy it is to do it, then not doing it yourself.

          Judging from your profile picture, you have no right to judge any art if that is the mspaint crap that you draw.

  • DarkBree

    Hannibal Lecter looks like Carlisle from Twilight movies.

    • Dr. Acula

      looks like someone with thick nordic features.

  • Dr. Acula

    everyone knew how drac looked in the book lol everyone studied it at school.

  • Isaac Clarke

    Lestat kind of looks like Tom Cruise lol

  • NixEclips

    Lon Chaney completely nailed Eric. These are pretty cool, Squires. Thanks for sharing!

  • Andrey Rebolledo

    Artist? That’s cropping and pasting stuff, they look horrible in a stetic way…

    • Aurora

      Then do it yourself

      • Andrey Rebolledo

        I can do it… That’s not the problem, the problem is the quality of the work, that is terrible. It not requires real artistic skills.

    • M. Park

      Yes because HOW an artist creates their work is super important.

      Art NEEDS to be created with paintbrushes ONLY!!! No “cropping and pasting stuff”

  • Sofie Liv

    The Phantom of the Opera is described as having no nose what so ever… So well, not entirely accurate no.

    • Dr. Acula

      yeah they had limitations with the program, but they could have easily done a photoshop afterwards, just laziness.

  • Darknut

    Frankenstein’s monster is never described visually except as “wretched.” and about 8 ft tall, male, and he scares the s&% out of people who just look at him. We don’t even know what his hair color is if he has any. The monster doesn’t even have a name.

    • Steve Joseph

      Actually, in the book the Creature refers to itself at one point as ‘Frankenstein’ and elsewhere as ‘Adam’ (in reference to the Book of Genesis), so you could say the Creature named itself Adam Frankenstein.

      • Steve Joseph

        For the record, I do agree that the portrait of the Frankenstein Creature is far too handsome; he should be far more grotesque, though I do think the sad eyes are correct.

      • Darknut

        That’s true. He calls himself “your Adam” when talking to his maker and quotes Milton. That’s my favorite part!
        I’m expecting him to be like “Unggg Fire Bad” or something and he’s actually more like, ““Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay
        To mould me man? Did I solicit thee
        From darkness to promote me?”

    • Brett

      The Frankenstein portrayal in “Penny Dreadful” was my absolute favorite. Heartbreaking and moving.

  • Steve Joseph

    I always pictured the book version of Norman Bates as far more slovenly, and a bit fatter. Basically, Robert Bloch writes the character as a whiskey-swilling slob, a peeping tom, and a wholly unappealing figure. This picture makes him look too nice.

    • Steve Joseph

      The Dracula one is spot-on though.

  • chainsaw autotune

    lol thats not dracula.
    thats actor edward norton.
    and that frankenstein monster is michael sarrazin as the monster in “frankenstein the true story”.
    and i like lon chaney’s phantom better.

    • Dr. Acula

      who? read Dracula it clearly states that is how he looks when hes in his old form.

      • chainsaw autotune

        i’ve read dracula. yeah he has a mustache.

        cmon. that pic looks like ed norton as dracula.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Frankensteins monster looks a little bit like James Franco

    Francosteins monster

  • James Allard

    Norman Bates looks like Norm MacDonald.

  • buroot

    Theres a reason we dont use sketch artists anymore

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