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‘System Shock 3’ Concept Art Revealed

Last week, it was announced that publisher Starbreeze made the call for Overkill’s The Walking Dead to be delayed to 2018. As well, the company gave a peek at the development of the game during a May 10th livestream, as well as drop a few tidbits (in the form of concept art) for a game that’s been relatively quiet on the development front, System Shock 3.

Developer OtherSide Entertainment’s creative director Warren Spector (who was involved as producer on the original System Shock) presented the screenshots, as well as stating that the game will soon be entering pre-production. The team behind developing the follow-up to the critically-acclaimed System Shock 2 consists of design director Sheldon Pacotti, art director Arturo Pulecio, and tech director Jason Hughes. All of whom have had previous work with Spector, including games like Deus Ex, Wing Commander, and more recently, Epic Mickey.

Meanwhile, Night Dive Studios’ remake of the original System Shock, unrelated to System Shock 3‘s development, is due out next year.



  • biff

    LOOVE that art. Sorta like Syd Mead as interpreted by Roger Dean.

  • Honest

    I loved System Shock, but I’m hoping this doesn’t take place on a spaceship. I’ve killed monsters in metal corridors in so many games I’d love to see a colony or a normal city under Shodan’s influence.

  • RJ MacReady

    I’m not sure what to think about that concept art other than it’s really….colorful?
    I’m holding out hope this game will be great, considering SS2 is one of the greatest sci-fi/horror games ever created.

  • The chicken man

    Looks like a mix of the sets from Alien and Event Horizon.
    I like it.

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