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We’ve Got ‘Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen’ Sales Art Out of Cannes!

As announced last week, Neil Marshall (The Descent) is rebooting the Hellboy franchise with upcoming film Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, which will star David Harbour (“Stranger Things”) as the title character. Based on what we’ve heard so far, it’s going to be darker and more gruesome than Guillermo del Toro’s films, which has certainly piqued our interest.

Want to see the first piece of early art? Out of Cannes, we just got our hands on the Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen sales art, which is a beautiful piece from Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. What can we ascertain about the upcoming live-action movie based on the art? Well, nothing really since it hasn’t yet begun filming, but the art seems to suggest a return to the character’s early roots.

Check it out below while we wait for more!

The Millennium Films project has already been scripted by Andrew Cosby, Christopher Golden, and Mike Mignola, and the plan is to bring it to the screen with an R rating. It is being executive produced by Christa Campbell, Lati Grobman, and Carl Hampe.

Look for Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen in 2018.



  • die hippie

    Meh. Not impressed.I love the books and the last two films. It’s disappointing to know del toro was all over the place. He should’ve pushed for a third one right after 2. I don’t think this will even come close to del toros vision. Shame that we wont get to see his intended vision. Btw didnt he face the blood queen in one of the cartoons.? We shall see but im betting itll be a shoestring budget.

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    • Natureboy Kevvy Starx

      But the del toro films weren’t very good.. Not in comparison to the look and feel of the comics.. He just didn’t get it

      • dduuurrrr dddduuuurrrr

        I absolutely agree. There is some stigmas about pointing this out in the horror community. Hellboy the comic is practically lovecraftian noir, while the del toro films are closer to a goth disney movie.

        • shhh soft and wet

          Hellboy is honestly my favourite comic tbh, and I personally like the Del Toro films as standalones, but yeah they’re unfortunately not very good adaptations of the actual comic (even tho Ron Perlman is really good as Hellboy).

          I hope this is better though, apparently Mignola’s having direct influence on the script this time around and based on what I’ve heard, this is supposed to be the ‘definitive’ Hellboy movie that will stand as an accurate portrayal of the comic.

      • die hippie

        They were his own take with mikes blessing. Watch the behind the scenes on the first DVD set. A jazz riff on Hellboy. The cartoons were pretty close to the book. Either way it should’ve been finished before an unnecessary reboot. Im just kind of meh about this whole idea. We shall see.

  • biff

    Mmph, love that Mignola heavy black.

  • horus752

    Hopefully David Harbour will get a chance to punch fake nazi’s in the face in the movie instead of punching fake nazi’s in the face in real life as he has suggested.


    cant believe im thinking this but i actually am hoping this hellboy will be cgi.
    i have a hard time seeing harbour as hellboy.
    perlman just fit the mold for it so well.
    also wasnt blown away by del toro’s films so i’m interested to see how this one goes.

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