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Crytek’s ‘Hunt’ Reworked, New Teaser Trailer

While we wait for any further news on the “not dead yet” Dead Island 2, Crytek has done some resurrecting of their own with Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, now rechristened Hunt: Showdown.

Hunt was originally announced back in 2014 as the first game of Crytek’s new US branch (formerly known as Vigil Games when it was part of THQ). The game was a Lovecraftian multiplayer title where four hunters faced waves of classically-inspired monsters, and even made an appearance at E3. Since then, there’s been a big fat nothing, probably due to Crytek’s recent financial woes.

However, the game now has a new title, a new teaser trailer, and a reworked website (albeit it just has the aforementioned teaser for now). No other details have been announced, although apparently, the game is now a first-person shooter instead of third-person. With E3 around the corner, hopefully we’ll hear more about this one.



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