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New “The Strain” Trailers Introduce Demons, Rids the World of Humans

A new species has risen… Is this the end of humanity?

FX has slotted Sunday, July 16 at 10 PM for the premiere of the fourth and final season of thriller drama series “The Strain”, which now has a pair of new promo trailers. The first, talks about mankind’s extinction, while the second introduces us to a strigoi “demon”.

Season 4 picks up nine months later, with the world having fallen into darkness and the strigoi in control following the explosion at the end of Season 3 that triggered a global nuclear apocalypse. The resulting nuclear winter liberated the strigoi, allowing them to move about during daytime, and allowing the Master to establish a totalitarian regime. Preying on the fears of the populace, the Master and his minions have created an unsettling alliance in “The Partnership.” The majority of humans are now working for the strigoi, operating with a single understanding — collaborate or die.

The ensemble cast stars Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Jonathan Hyde, Kevin Durand, Ruta Gedmintas, Miguel Gomez, Richard Sammel, Max Charles and Rupert Penry-Jones.

Based off of the best-selling “The Strain Trilogy” by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, the series, produced by FX Prods, hails from showrunner/executive producer/writer Carlton Cuse along with co-creators/executive producers/writers del Toro and Hogan. J. Miles Dale, Gary Ungar, Bradley Thompson and David Weddle also serve as executive producers.




  • Werewolf

    Quinlan is the best reason to watch The Strain.
    Great casting choice there.

    • DJV1985

      I accept that but raise you Kevin Durand. I really enjoy his character. I think those two are probably the stronger of the characters with Setrakian being my third favourite.

      • Werewolf

        Yep. In that order.

    • disqus_uPh3WDxbQy

      Quinlan does rock. I’m ready to get some hate by saying Dutch is my favorite though. 🙂

      • Werewolf

        Who wouldn’t snuggle up to Ruta during a vampire apocalypse?

        I know I would.

  • Christopher Nickerson

    So read the books. First book was great, second book was ok, and the third book was just terrible and actually made the first two books worse by its existence. If anyone else has read the books would I like the show?

    • Sky Commander

      I’ve read the first two books and I love the show well the first two seasons I saw anyway. Only thing about it I hate so far is how much of a piece of shit that Zach turns into as the show progresses to the point where for the first time I’m actually rooting for a child character to die. Like I’d rather have 100,000 Carls from TWD than even 1 Zach he is that scummy by season 3

      Also if I had to give a rating of 1-5 for the books

      The Strain 5/5
      The Fall 4/5

      The 3rd book I’m in no hurry to read because I’ve heard such bad things about it that it’s like why bother. I’d rather imagine my own ending than read it.

      • Christopher Nickerson

        Let’s just say if you rooted for Zach to die in the show the third book will also make you hate him

      • DJV1985

        To be honest if you enjoyed the first two books you’ll like the third. It won’t be your favourite and it might even leave a sour taste in your mouth but I think it’s does the best it can, at one point I actually said to my dog (single so have to talk to someone lol) that I thought the writer wrote himself into a corner in the second book and didn’t know where to go and only got a strong idea roughly half way through the third book but for me like I said you should go for broke and read the third one if anything, just to find out the end.

        Oh and my favourite moment in the books if you’re interested is in the first book where the neighbour comes over complaining about the dog barking in the shed and the woman realises he is the one beating her dog and says “Oh I can’t stop it from barking. It just doesn’t listen. You do it” and she sends him in and it isn’t her dog but her turned husband. When I read those pages I was like “No way! Holy cow!” – Just thought I’d share lol.

    • DJV1985

      I actually agree with you that the third book wasn’t the strongest and think that the first is the best of the three and second doesn’t live up to the first but I really enjoyed the books and have read them twice now within the last two years (I tend to get through about two books a month depending on the size) and love the show, I know there is a lot of hate because the first book felt like an updated Dracula mixed with a little science (my friend called it CSI: DRACULA lol) and while the series slowly went down hill I really did enjoy them and will no doubt return to the books in the next year or so.

    • Jada Maes

      The show does a better job of fleshing out the ideas and characters, mostly because they have a bigger canvas to work with. Plus the skills of one Kevin Durand.

  • Necro

    I wish this would start June 16th!

  • Dead2009

    The Strain > The Walking Dead.

    • disqus_uPh3WDxbQy

      Both are good shows but I don’t get why every time someone makes a comparison it’s at The Walking Dead’s expense.

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