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Artist Makes Horror Icons Out of Old VHS Tapes

What to do with all those old VHS tapes?

As digital codes begin to overtake even relatively new formats like DVD and Blu-ray, VHS tapes from our childhoods are becoming more and more obsolete. Like that bad E.T. video game before them, unloved VHS tapes are filling up landfills across the world… but thankfully, not everyone has an “out with the old, in with the new” outlook on life.

Visual artists Nan & Patrick Massobrio, aka NMPM, are a couple of artists living and working in Monaco. From their official website’s bio, “they want to create an art that is respectful of the environment, using recycled materials such as vintage VHS, turned obsolete but still carrying many moviegoer’s memoriesNMPM breath new life to these objects through contemporary artworks.”

NMPM’s Video Store Memories series pays tribute to the movies and icons they discovered via VHS rental, and it includes a host of horror icons such as Michael Myers, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, and even Return of the Living Dead 3‘s Julie Walker. VHS tapes serve as the heads of each icon, with the bodies painted on a surface underneath. Coolest of all, actual VHS tape is used to add hair to each character!

Check out the awesomely nostalgic horror icon art below!



  • Lee W Dalgleish

    These are amazing! I think Pennywise is one of my favourites.


    Wow, those are awesome. Such a great idea, and such terrific execution (no pun intended).

    I also appreciate the unexpected inclusion of the very ridiculous Phantom of the Paradise.

  • Necro

    Now those are fucking cool! The one of ‘Jason’ don’t they have the wrong eye missing? Not to be critical or anything cuz I really do like these.

  • jsmoltz29

    Absolutely amazing! If they were released as collectible statues I’d have the whole set!

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    very nice

  • The chicken man

    The exorcist one looks like Predator in a dress.

    • The Horrorist

      haha, I thought the same

  • This is truly fantastic ! I love it , please do more whoever you are !

  • ToryK

    Jesus, these are fantastic! Every time I got to the next one, I let out a chuckle. This is gonna hit very close to home for a very specific set of film geeks, and I’m one of em. Beautiful work.

  • 8-bit Jason

    I love to see people being that good at something. Those crafts are amazing!

  • AdamX


    Sadly no Child’s Play but still amazing art.

  • Frank Popp Jr.

    awesome! Love the Return of the living dead 3 one.

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