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Future “Channel Zero” Stories to Include “Staircases” and “Hidden Door”

The second season of Syfy’s “Channel Zero” isn’t premiering until this coming October, but the series has already been renewed for third and fourth seasons. The third season is scheduled to air in 2018 and will be titled “Staircases”.

Brandon Scott (Blair Witch) and Holland Roden (“Teen Wolf”) were the first to join the cast, with Scott playing Officer Luke Vanczyk, a young but already jaded cop, living in the shadow of his father, the Chief of Police. Luke’s world-weary exterior hides a fierce commitment to justice, and a deep love for his troubled community.

Roden will play Zoe Woods, a sharp, tough young woman whose struggles with mental illness have worn her down over the years. She hates that her younger sister, Alice, has to take care of her and she’d give anything to go back to the way things used to be.

Other brief news includes that the fourth season will be based on the “Hidden Door” Creepypasta “I Found a Hidden Door in My Cellar.”

Meanwhile, second season “Channel Zero: No-End House” is inspired by Brian Russell’s Creepypasta, telling the story of a young woman named Margot Sleator, played by Amy Forsyth, who visits the No-End House: a bizarre house of horrors that consists of a series of increasingly disturbing rooms. When she returns home, Margot realizes that everything has changed.

Nick Antosca returns as executive producer, showrunner and writer for the second installment of “Channel Zero,” alongside executive producer Max Landis. Steven Piet directed all six episodes. Harley Peyton (“Twin Peaks”) is writer-co-executive producer, while Don Mancini (“Hannibal”, creator of Child’s Play) also serves as a writer-supervising producer.



  • Necro

    I enjoyed the first season but at the same time I hope this season packs a little more excitement (tension, terror).

    • Hash-Slinging Slasher

      A great concept with an incredible first episode, bogged down by a season full of shoehorned drama. Looks like they intend to stay the course.

      • Necro

        Yeah probably.

  • Edgar Pinkerton

    Holy crap, hopefully the “Staircases” season is about the Reddit SAR stories!

  • SecretaryofBalloonDoggies

    Wouldn’t mind seeing them take on a version of “1999” that could be a really dark, and unsettling viewing experience.

  • D. Maki

    I LOVE this show. Super excited for No-End House and seasons 3 and 4!

  • Wil McMullen

    I wasnt in love with the first season, but did appreciate it as it offered a story that was a bit bizarre- in a decent way. Im hopeful the coming seasons will tighten up its stories and create something truly scary. Im really looking forward to the season 4 story.. I had never heard of this creepypasta tale before, clicking on the youtube link above, but it sounds like it could very well be a home run if done right.

  • Kristoffer Groves

    Are they talking about the random staircases out in the woods? That was one of the creepiest things i’ve ever heard about.

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